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Previously: He turned the key in the ignition, causing the car to roar to life. He started slowly, picking up speed as he hit the road.


Castiel kept both eyes on the brothers from up above. This was turning into an impossible task where they were all at an impasse. From his garrison, he received looks of contempt. The relationship that he had been forming with his charge was frowned upon and the other angel made sure that he knew about it. Walking around, he received glances of pity and whispers of him becoming a fallen angel were occurring more and more.

'Castiel's going to fall soon,' one of them whispered as he flew by. Turning his head to confront them he saw that they had gone.

'The angel who is Dean Winchester's protector carries feelings for the man...I heard it was love,' another said. Castiel dipped his head lower as he walked past as to not draw attention to himself.

Taking it all in his stride he continued to do his job though. Protecting Dean Winchester was easier said than done though. The scars from his battle with the supernatural were becoming more and more apparent and those new scars marred his otherwise unscathed body from after he was pulled out from hell.

Uriel had been quick to put a stop to those rumours, protecting his brothers came first, especially Castiel. He did not condone the relationship with the human or mud monkey as he like to call them, but understood the doubts that Castiel felt...even though his opinion of heaven remained high...those little doubts, the things Anna had said before her departure to the world below heavily placed questions in the angel's mind.

'Actions reflect strongly on yourself Castiel, and I have done what I can to make sure that there is no talk about you. But you must stop what you are doing,' Uriel told Castiel as they walked through the heavens together.

'No actions have been taken and nothing has been done. Therefore is nothing to dispel,' Castiel said taking in the scenery and checking on their other charges amongst other parts of the world.' And therefore I am not doing anything.'

'Brother, you feel something towards Dean Winchester do you not?' Uriel rounded Castiel, parting the clouds aside so they could see Dean check the motel room for Sam. 'Perhaps love?'

Castiel scoffed staring down at the frantic brother. 'Towards Dean Winchester I do not feel love. I cannot describe it, but I've heard it being labelled as friendship."

"Friendship is a type of love my brother."

Castiel tried to come up with something but found that his mind had left him empty with nothing to explain himself. "I feel sympathetic towards him...and his brother.'

It was now Uriel's turn to scoff. 'The brother, the man with the demon blood has gained you sympathies?' He asked with a scowl. He looked at Castiel and wondered how much of an understanding did he feel for humans, their emotions and forms of punishments or even the hurt that they afflicted on themselves and others.

'Yes,' Castiel looked at Uriel blankly. Couldn't he see that this wasn't their fault? 'Uriel, Sam didn't ask to be fed demon blood, he didn't ask for his mother to be pinned to the ceiling, we can't hold him responsible for those actions,' he said angrily.

Uriel looked at Castiel in disgust. 'You've bonded with the other brother as well.' Shaking his head he walked away quickly, leaving Castiel to close the gap in the sky. 'Humans are low creatures my brother. That is why the live below us. Demons are worse than humans, that is why they live where they live. This is the order of the worlds.' Uriel shouted over his shoulder. Castiel ran to catch up to his brother. 'Do you remember Anna?' Nodding his head Castiel looked at the ground. 'She fell because she didn't believe in our systems, not only that but she felt something more for them than we are allowed.'

'I know that. I was there, I watched her fall. They made me - make her fall!' Castiel cried out in anger. 'You can't blame her for wanting something different. Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like.'

'Castiel!' Uriel whispered harshly, 'Talk like that, they'll force you to fall.' Castiel shut his mouth immediately. 'Tell me about your feeling towards them?'

Castiel's eyes brightened a little, talking about chargers were always fun. 'They care about each other a lot...but in the process of caring for each other, they always get hurt, not physically either. Emotionally, they can't deal with everything that they are learning. Dean is...being difficult, he is closed minded. He carries deep regrets for what he's done and it haunts his dreams. Sam's tie with the demons like Ruby, is clouding his mind, he truly believes that he's doing good in the world. This is all hard to accept.'

Uriel looked amused, 'Hard for the Winchesters or hard for you?'

Pondering the thought for a moment he didn't know what to say. 'I don't...I don't know...I don't understand how this has happened. Sam, he carried demonic blood in his veins but he's prayed for years. Dean he stopped praying the day his mother died, overall I would've thought that he be the child whom carries the end of the world on his shoulders.' Uriel patted Castiel's shoulder in understanding, listening to Castiel babbling about how great humans was disgusting, but it made Castiel happy and made him feel lighter. Learning their customs and ways were interesting to someone who hadn't walked on earth in over 2000 years. 'I should go now.'

'Remember brother, actions matter.' He warned before flying off into the distance.

Castiel went to witness Sam's past actions just hours before. He watched Sam pack his bags...

Sam had made the decision earlier in the morning to leave Dean's side, he was going to follow his prayers and he hoped that they would be fulfilled. 'Should I leave a note?' He wondered aloud looking at Dean's un-slept bed. 'God Dean I'm so sorry, for doing this,' he apologised, 'If I could take it back I would but it is the only way to save you. And end this whole mess.'

The sound of the cars that passed his room made him jump. His mind kept playing tricks on him, hearing Dean's voice, hearing a knock on the door, hearing the unmistakable rumble of the Impala's engine. He even missed the sound of his cell phone ringing. They were all familiar sounds to him, the slow introduction to land of the living, because Dean was back. Now silence filled the room and Sam's senses had hurtled back making up for the months that he had ignored using them.

Shuffling over to Dean's bag he pulled out a couple of his weapons. The shirt that he buried Dean in sat atop of his other clothes and started to scream at him. He lifted out the sacred item, smelt in Dean's sent and packed it into his own bag. This way a little piece of Dean could always be with him.

Taking a final glance at the room where truths had come to light and the final bonds of brotherhood broken Sam walked out of the room into the new day where he would start his journey alone.

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