AN: Ok, I have discovered a resounding lack of Seiner fics and so I have decided to write this little thing as a starting point for me to get a little bit more into the mindset I imagine for them so I can (hopefully) write more and help to get the numbers up a little. Cos I really think it's such a sweet little pairing that doesn't get enough attention. ^^ Enjoy, endure and never forget the meaning behind Emblematic Implements.

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Hayner growled low in his throat as he glared at his blonde rival. Seifer just smirked and flipped his cigarette at him. The brown-eyed boy felt his stomach clench with anger at the other male's flippancy. He hated him. He hated that bastard, with his stupid cronies and that idiotic hat.

But sometimes, when Seifer had him pinned and was grinning triumphantly down at him, when their bodies were pressed so close together, like lovers, as they sparred… Sometimes Hayner had to remind himself that he detested that blonde bastard. Had to remind himself exactly why he had to despise him. Remember that even if he did sometimes wake up sweaty and panting after dreaming about him, even if he sometimes wanted to crush his lips to that smirking mouth, even if he sometimes found himself idly imagining what the taller boy was doing, whether he was thinking about him; that he hated him. Otherwise, he got scared. Thinking about him all the time, having time to wonder what these strange, unknown feelings inside him were; it all terrified him. Because he knew, deep down, why he wanted so badly to hate him, why he wanted to compete with him so much. Why he wanted to be able to scream out that name in ecstasy. But he couldn't, because he hated him. Because he had to. Because that's all that Seifer would accept from him: his hatred. So he would give it freely, willingly, collecting and giving the bruises and scars that seemed to so delight the older teenager, just so long as he could see that self-satisfied smirk one more time; just as long as he could feel the zinging energy and life radiating out of Seifer as they fought. Just as long as he could see him one more time.

So he would hate him, and keep his knowledge to himself. Prevent himself from ever showing how he really felt, taking what he really wanted, and he would never look back over his shoulder to see those hard eyes soften as he limped away, never quite catch the way the older boy's breath caught when they got close enough to kiss. Never know that Seifer wanted Hayner as much as Hayner longed for him.

Never know if they could love each other.

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