this is pretty much all direct speech- sorry. but i couldnt think to write it another way.

"What was it?" Wilson raised an eyebrow.

"You're going to have to be a little more specific with me, House..."

"What made you stop eating?"

"What?" silence. "What ever gave you the impression that I stopped eating? I eat with you every day-"

"No, you let me steal food off your plate every day-"

"And I eat what you don't steal-"

"Its ingenious really- you keep me distracted with your babble and lectures about my lifestyle choices and general health- whilst nursing your very own-"

"How do you even get these things into your head? Its crazy, why would I-"



"You want control over stuff- you tell yourself you let me steal your food- you want it to happen-"

"Why would I want it-"

"You figure the best thing you can control is your own body-"

"House, you're making no sense-"

"I'm thinking someone had power over you as a kid, am I right?"



"No- at least not in the way your suggesting- just the normal parent- child thing-"

"Is what you tell the people who get too close-"

"Its what I'd tell anyone who suggested that, house- because its not tr-"

"Don't think its the parents- more likely a teacher..."

"House, you're taking this way too-"

"...Or a brother."



"L...look- you need-"

"Why so nervous? If its not true then why are you getting so worked up?"

"Because you're're insinuating... I.. I'm not getting worked up, I'm just..."

"I need a trigger... obviously something happened that triggered you to get worse- you've obsessed about your appearance for years, that's not new- but probably a psychological response to years of abuse... maybe you felt inadequate-"

"Will.. would you stop with this? I.. it's irritating."

"I know you weren't bad four months ago because I saw you change your shirt when some kid puked on you, then what happened... what could have made this-"

"House. Get out."

"What? Can't stand me-"

"I'm have a migraine, I'm tired and- oh yeah I was stabbed yesterday."

"I got shot a few years ago-"

"Fine, you win. My stabbing is nothing- just a minor flesh wound- you've been worse off. You, as always, are the lord of pain-"

"No need to get snippy."

"House, get out- I want to sleep." a short pause. "Please."

"Fine." but I'll be back, and I'll have done my homework.

apologies for this chappie.. this entire story really... will try to write more soon.