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Jasper's pov

We all stood in the defense positions waiting for him to attack. Jasper moved me behind him and that was when all hell broke loose. Bella smacked me in my head and growled. We all turned to look at her and she glared at me.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked?

Bella glared at me, before she could talk he walked over to one of the cribs. Emmett grabbed him and held him up against the wall. Esme and Carlisle both watched with venom tears fall down their eyes.

"No Emmett put Edward down." said Carlisle.

Emmett dropped Edward to his feet. I quickly grabbed him and tossed him to the ground. I was pissed he was here. Edward gave a laugh.

"You're pissed off.?" laughed Edward as he pushed Jasper off him and into one of the cribs.

That was enough to send my angel into a furry. She grabbed Edward and punched him in the stomach.

I watched as she grabbed him and drug him down the stairs and tossed him into the living room. Edward hit the tv and landed on Emmett's Xbox360.

I watched as Emmett stood there with his mouth open and glaring at Bella.

If the situation was so serious I would be laughing now.

Esme went towards Edward and helped him up. I was bit surprised at that.

"What do you want here?" I asked?

Edward looked at me and smiled freaking mind reading jackass.

"Why are you so sure she wouldn't leave you for me, I mean I am her first love?" Edward said.

I watched move in front of Bella and stroke her cheek. His hand froze.

"You bastard you fucking changed her!" said Edward.

Before I could respond three sharp cries were heard and Bella and I raced upstairs.

We saw a flash of red hair and noticed that Isabel was gone. Before anyone could react Bella was out the window and I quickly followed her. We followed as quickly as we could I was concerned for both my baby and Bella. Bella was a newborn after all and then top that off with overprotective mother and that's an equation for some ass kicking.

Bella's Pov

That bastard had the balls to push me behind him. I mean what the hell, it's not like I'm a weak little human anymore.

I reached up and smacked Jasper in his head and glared at him. Everyone turned and looked at me like I lost my mind. Okay so maybe I was a little pissed that the bastard that kidnapped me, raped and hurt me was standing there looking pissed off. I guess I should have slapped him. Before I realized it Emmett had pinned Edward to the wall. That bastard was looking at my babies. ~normally I would just recap everything but I'm going to speed this up a little. ~

After that red haired slut took my precious baby I was beyond pissed. I mean what the hell I just gave birth and completed my transformation I hope I got the whole turning into a vampire thing right this time, because there is no way in hell I was doing it again. I chased after her and along the way I smelt some humans. I found my way heading towards them. I tried to make myself go the other way, only the smell of what was pulsing their veins made me want them even more. I was almost to their campsite, when I realized my baby was gone. I felt myself fall to the ground. What was wrong with me, some chick took my baby and I was going after some freakin humans. I took a deep breath and that was my mistake, it the smell of their blood more desirable and I could hear their hearts beating so softly. If they only knew what was waiting for them. I laughed as I stood, my steps bringing me closer to them. I was no more than 6 feet away from them. Jasper tackled me to the ground. I growled at him. How dare he stop me from catching my pry.

"Bella babe listen to me, you don't want to do that." said Jasper.

I looked into his eyes and the next thing I felt was lust. I reached up and pulled him to me and kissed him. My hands moved around his neck and then I tossed him into a tree.

"Really Jasper?" I asked?"

I walked slowly towards him and smiled. That was when I realized my baby was gone. I picked up the nearest tree and tossed it. With my lucky throwing skills the tree landed on the tents the two campers were using. Jasper grabbed me raced to his house. Once there I noticed Edward was gone. That bastard left again. Well I guess that's what he was good for, leaving when things got intense. I made my way back upstairs and into the baby's room. Rosalie was holding one of the boys. I watched as she rocked him and sang. I move to the empty crib that once held my little girl. I felt my body shake as I dry sobbed. I felt a hand rubbing my back. I looked up it was Jasper, the rest of the family stood in the doorway looking on with a sad expression. Jasper pulled me into a hug.

"We'll get her back and make them pay for taking our little girl." said Jasper.

"Yeah I swear I'll rip off body parts and everything." said Emmett.

Edward's Pov

Everything happened so fast. Once Victoria had taken one of the babies then led them into a trap. One that would destroy my family, leave Bella all alone with babies. Then I would comfort her and convince her that she should be with me and leave the babies to stay with Victoria and Tanya. If I'm lucky I might be able to talk her into live with us and then I can have all three girls. I smirked at the thought of having three girls giving me pleasure. What can I say I like what they do to me. I made my way back to the place I share with the two girls. When I got there they had the baby lying on a blanket while they were making out and I grew hard with the images of Bella involved in that kiss. I made my way over to them and stood behind Tanya and grinded my hard on against her. She giggled and we made our way to our room.

"What about the baby?" asked Victoria?

I walked over to the baby and looked down at her. I noticed she looked a lot like Bella. I looked into her eyes and smiled. She was a pretty little thing, I bent down and stroked her cheek, and she turned her face and started to suck on my finger. I smiled and stood up.

"She'll be okay but we are going to have to find her something to suck on later." I said.

The girls laughed and we went back to the room for some fun.

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