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The evening was dark and only the light of the full moon filled the dark abyss of the night. The sounds of the passing winds were all that was heard, until a large boom was heard and the colors of the flames filled the small space in the dark abyss. The source of the disturbance was the ship that was up in flames. Broken contents were scattered everywhere on the ocean's surface as the ship let out another booming explosion, causing it to sink little by little.

Among the chaos floats a yellow raft with a child, no older than three, crying as he watched the horror before him. He placed his hand where blood was staining his left cheek, under his left eye as he looked around to find that he was the only one around. The poor child kept crying throughout the night as the current lead the floating raft towards an island, miles off the distance.

The next morning came and the raft washed up on the shore, the small boy missing but the foot prints in the sand lead up to the jungle.

From there, the small boy, with hair black like ebony and eyes brown like chocolate, looked around for his curiosity of the jungle got the best of his small mind. While he was doing that, he was unaware of the danger behind him as yellow-golden eyes were eyeing him. He looked up, saw a small monkey and a mother monkey, and giggled. "Monkies!" He said as he pointed to the said animals.

That's when the mother monkey screeched in alarm as the form of a huge feline crept out slowly out of the thick bushes to the still unsuspecting child.

The small boy tilted his head to the side, confused at the mother monkey's screeching. "What's wrong…?" He said when he heard a growl. He turned to see a jaguar, and both eyes locked on for a moment before he uttered a word. "Big kitty…" Thus making the huge feline start to lunged, but was knocked off to the side by a huge gorilla.

The child, scared from the huge cat coming at him, fell back on his rear and stared at the intense fight between ape and feline, and it almost seemed forever until the big cat was on the ground, unable to move. He stared at the cat, then at the gorilla before starting to cry again.

The gorilla looked up at the mother monkey and grunted, which the said monkey chirped and screeched before looking at the crying boy again, who hiccupped a bit. The animal went up to the child and sat down in front of him, watching as the said child calmed down.

The boy looked up at the huge, black creature as he sniffed and wiped away the tears. "I'm Luffy…" The boy said.

The gorilla, unsure of the language that was spoken, but saw the boy getting up and raised his arms up.

"I'm lost! I'm lost!" The boy said as he started to cry again. "Hold me… hold me…"

The gorilla, understanding body language, lifted the boy up and held him close, letting him cry until he fell asleep. It then looked up at the mother monkey and her baby, wondering what to do with the child now.

The mother monkey simply let her baby on her back and went back up into the trees where she and her family live.

The huge ape looked at the sleeping child once more and managed to get the said child on it's back and headed in deeper in the jungle.

How was that? More to come, but I have to get some things done before doing that. Life before Virtual.

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