Chapter 28

Two Years Later…

Zoro waited inside an abandoned building as he has one of his katanas slightly out of the sheath. "Where are you, you damn monkey?" He whispered as he looked around with his working eye when his ears picked up something above him and looked to see the person he was looking for. "There you are."

Luffy landed beside the other, quiet like a cat, and leaned in close to the other.

"Find out anything?"

"There's an entryway through the sewers. It's gross but it's our best option at this point. I've checked out all other entryways and all of them have one of those state of the art lasers."

Zoro nodded. "I'll follow you." He said as Luffy led the way to the large open sewer tunnel and entered.

When they reached to a ladder, Zoro went up first, looked around to see if there was anyone before getting out of the manhole and helping the other out.

"Where to Luffy?"

"This way." He said as he led the way as they ran, trying to avoid making too much sound as they closed into one building in particular that still had lights on.

"It's too quiet…"

"I thought it was strange too…" He whispered. "Ideas?"

"Charging to the door is a dumb move, but it would be the likely option. Going in separate paths around the building could cover more ground on the outside, but there's a chance that this building doesn't have a back door…" Zoro said, wondering what else they could do.

Luffy picked up a rock and threw it to the front of the house, which triggered a laser shooting it to nothing. "That answers that."

"Screw me up a tree…" Zoro said, not happy about seeing that.

"Maybe when we're done with this mission." Luffy said with a grin.

"I wasn't talking to you." He said, not amused by that at all.

"Oh well. We better find out how to get in anyway."

"And how do you propose we do that?"

Luffy looked up and grinned. "Roof."

Zoro looked up as well and saw that the other, as limber as he is, can easily get to the rooftop without going anywhere near the building. "Will you be okay once you get inside?"

"I have you as a partner. Anyone inside don't match to you." He said confidently as he leaned and kissed the other. "See you later." With that he left to get to the top of the building.

Zoro watched as the other easily climbed up to the building next to it with hardly any sound made, much like a panther in the dead of night in the jungle. He saw him jump to the roof, barely making a sound like a bird resting from flight. And like a mouse disappeared to some part of the roof, getting into the building itself and waited for a signal.

He heard some commotion inside, but he trusted his partner and was ready to run in as soon as the signal was made.


He ran to the front door, ramming open and drew out his katana to redirect a bullet from himself and took the shooter down. "Luffy!"

"Over here!"

He went upstairs and saw his partner, surrounded by knocked out men and untying a man who had survived a few hits. "Are you able to run?" He asked the man.

"Yeah. I needed to move anyway." Said the man as they ran out of the building and retraced their steps back to safe grounds.

Once they were safe, Luffy contacted Robin to have Franky pick them up and waited.

"Thank you for getting me out of there." Said the man as Zoro handed him some water.

"Don't thank us yet. We still got a long ways to base." Zoro said as he was on look out.

After a few hours on the plane to base, Robin congratulated them and were excused to rest up.

They headed to Zoro's home, which was missing its usual occupants, leaving them alone.

"My turn to cook something!" Luffy cheered as he went to the kitchen, leaving Zoro to head to the small kitchen table to watch the other, knowing the other would deny help if he asked.

Zoro watched as the other cooked. He still remembered the day Luffy signed to be hired mercenary like him and demanded to be partners. Robin and the rest of the company asked if it was okay with him, and he responded that if the other passed all his tests then he has no problems taking his best friend as his partner.

Needless to say most of his missions have become easy and quick since they've been paired together. They still get injured, but not to the point where they have to be bedridden for a month.

However, in all his time with Luffy, the other would make the slightest suggestion of liking him more than just friends or partners. It wasn't unheard of, but he was never really into that. But with the monkey-like-young-man, he was starting to have second thoughts.

He remember the other saying that he loves him a lot after that time with Crocodile, but it was the kind of love similar to between parent and child. But then he stopped saying it after Franky announced his proposal to marry Robin, which she agreed without missing a beat or bat an eyelash. It wasn't a surprise to anyone that those two would get to tie the knot sooner or later, but it must've changed the whole 'love' thing with Luffy, who learned more about different relationships from Nami, who married Sanji after years of waiting.

But even though he doesn't say the words as carelessly anymore, the gestures were still there. The close contact in when they have time to themselves. The simple gesture of kissing on the lips on every occasion before, during, and or after missions, it didn't matter.

He often thought about it, what about his own feelings about the other. He knew that, under the childish nature of his partner, there is a sincere motive to the other's actions towards him. He thought about what his life was like before he found the teen two years ago, and what he had gained after that.

"Dinner's done!" Luffy announced happily as he set the plate full of food in front of the other while he sat down next to him, refusing to sit across from the other. He was about to dig in when he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see the other, staring at him strangely. "What's wrong Zoro?" He asked, feeling his heart slightly race from that look.

Zoro looked away when the question was asked and brought his hand away from the shoulder. "Nothing… the thought went away." He lied as he took a bite of the food.

Luffy was good and knowing when someone is lying, but since this was his friend he would let it be. He won't deny that he cared about the other more than a friend, but so far the other has yet indicated a hint at being just as interested as he was. So he didn't advance farther than simple cuddling and innocent chaste kisses on the lips, which sometimes surprised him that the other allowed him to do but at the same time was thankful.

Once dinner was done, Zoro announced that he was going to pick a movie and was welcome to join. Luffy laughed, telling the other that he has yet denied an invite like that from him, which the other grinned a bit amused as he disappeared to the room. When the other joined, the swordsman played the movie and they were in a comfortable silence for a good fifteen minutes of the movie.

Luffy wrapped his hand around the other's, which he usually did and the other never questioned it, but then he felt the hand position differently. He looked to see that his fingers were in-between the other's fingers and curled to lightly grip his hand, which he returned liking the change. He looked back at the movie as he felt the other's thumb rubbing over his, which made him blush since the other never done this before but accepted all the same as he tried to focus on the movie.

Close to an hour later, he felt the other let go of his hand, which never happened and looked to see if the other just needed to go, which was strange when the other usually says so before getting up, only to see the other looking at him. "Something wrong, Zoro?" He asked, never seeing the other like this before.

Zoro leaned in, but stopped to wait to see if the other is getting uncomfortable or scared, but he saw none of that. He saw curiosity, trust, and love in those dark chocolate eyes as the other turned his body to face his. He leaned in more to kiss the other in a chaste sense like the other has done with him.

Luffy felt really happy at this point. Never has Zoro returned a chaste kiss, and was content with that. That is until the other gotten closer to him and deepened the kiss. He was a bit surprised by this, but instinct took over when he felt the other's hand on his knee. He may have been reintroduced to civilian society for a little over two years now, but that animalistic instinct is hammered into his very being as he acted upon it.

Zoro was taken aback when he felt the other shove him so that his back was on the couch as the other was over him, pinning him by the shoulders. He wondered if he took it a bit far when he heard the other make an animal-like sound and saw the cat-like grin. 'Looks like the jungle man is let loose.' He thought with his own grin and animalistic growl.

Luffy took it as a challenge as he dived down to claim the lips hungrily, only to be shoved onto his back and the other kissed him just as passionate. He didn't mind being on his back as he dug his nails onto the skin and did a scratching motion, earning a pleasured groan from the other as he felt the other's tongue lick over his lips. His eyes locked onto the other's working one and opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue like a baby bird.

Zoro didn't need any other form of verbal permission when he saw the other like that and claimed the lips once more, but this time his tongue joined the other and a dance began.

Soon they parted for air, both look at each other. Both flushed from the intense make out session that their body started to feel needy.

Zoro, being more in control of the two kissed the other's forehead as he usually does when the other needed comfort or just for the heck of it.


He looked down to see that the other is back to being the dear, carefree young man and smiled with another kiss. "I love you, Luffy." He said as they parted again.

Luffy smiled, happy to hear it from the other after saying for so long. "And you already know that I love you!"

Zoro chuckled as they nuzzled against one another, none of them realizing that the movie was already rolling the credits.

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