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The sun was shining and the sky was clear light blue, but it wasn't the same for the island, for it shows the aftermath of the storm that the people on the island survived. Among the debris of palm leaves, wood planks, trash, torn parts of small ships, and some seaweed and dead fish, a young boy of seven with ebony hair, a white shirt and blue shorts looked around the shore.

"Where is it?" Said the boy worriedly as he lifted every palm leaf and other scrap. "Hat… Have to find Shanks's hat…" He hurriedly lifted anything that was in his path until he lifted a piece of cloth that was once used for sailing and saw the straw hat on a palm leaf. "Hat!" He grabbed it, lifted it up from the ground, and saw a boy. Taken from the sudden shock of seeing another human being, dropped the damp cloth and backed up.

He looked at the cloth for a moment before lifting it up again to see the boy again. "Are you dead?" He said as a groan was heard. "Whoa! You're alive!"

The other boy, who had very short light green hair and a bit of a darker tan than the other, was barely conscious.

"Oi… are you okay?" The boy asked as he got a closer look and saw cuts and bruises. "I'm gonna get help, okay…"

"…N… No…" The other boy said.

"Why? You're hurt." He said when he got a closer look at the boy. "Why are you not wearing a shirt?" He moved the leaves off to see a pale light green and white shark-like tail. "W-Wha…"


He looked back to see a fisherman that he knew.

"Is everything alright? Luffy?"

The boy, Luffy, was thinking quickly on how to keep the man away. "Yeah! I was uh…" He looked at his hat. "I was just looking for Hat!"

"Oh! Okay then! Just be careful now!"

"I will!" He sighed as he looked at the boy again, only to see that he was unconscious. 'I have to take him somewhere that no one will find him…' He thought as he seemed to have an idea. 'That place would work!' He put the cloth over the boy again and lifted the limp body. 'He's heavy…' He thought as he started his way up the path to the dirt road, which was also covered in similar debris.

It took him about an hour to reach to a thick jungle of plants, which then took another half hour to get pass the vines to a small shore with a pond like cove and reef.

"Finally!" Luffy said as he dragged the body further towards the water before setting the cloth and palm leaves hiding the other and opening to see that the boy was still asleep. He went behind the boy, placed his hands under the other's shoulders and easily dragged the limp body over to the small lapping water. Once he positioned the other's body so that the tail was exposed in water, which looked like a shark's tail especially the fin that was on the lower back of the boy's back and the fin was vertical, but the upper body was on the shore, he waited for the other to wake up.

After an hour, the merboy woke up, light green eyes were seen with the sun on his face. At first, he was in a daze until he remembered what happened and shot up. He looked around his new surroundings and found that he was in some kind of cove that connects with the ocean through a tunnel somewhere on the cove's floor. He then looked at the boy, who was asleep on the warm sand with the hat close by. Not wanting to wake the other boy, he went into the water and explored the area.

'Wow… this place is a lot bigger than it looks.' He thought as he saw the reefs some yards down and meters across. He saw some of the fish, which scattered away due to his tail. "Oi! Wait! What is this place!?"

"And you are…?"

He looked to see an octopus, about the size of an average man in a dark, red wine color and cloudy eyes.

"You're not from here…"

"No… That land boy brought me here… I don't know why though."

"This cove has no name, but we referred it as the young boy's cove, for he takes care of us."

"Takes care of you? A human?"

"Why not talk to him yourself and see?"

"Oi!" Came the distant call from the said boy.

"Go on… You got him worried…"

The merboy didn't look too sure, but he did owe the small human for not making him into a display piece. So he went up, seeing the boy smile widely.

"There you are! I thought you might be around here!"

The merboy went up to the shore, but didn't get too close. "Thanks for helping me, but where am I?"

"You talk!"

"Yeah... So do you, so where am I?"

"This is my super secret spot!"

"Secret spot?"

The boy nodded. "I'm Luffy! Monkey D. Luffy! I'm seven years old and I live here on this island! You?"

The merboy blinked but responded. "I'm called Roronoa Zoro. I'm nine years old and I don't live anywhere."

"How come?"

"No one wants me…" He looked at his tail. "Because of my stupid tail…"

"I like your tail, it looks like a sharks!"

"Exactly! No one likes sharks!"

"Not true, there's some that like sharks."

"What would you know?"

The boy shrugged. "Dunno…" He then smiled. "Well! Since you don't have anywhere to go, how about you stay here! You and I can be friends and no one knows about this place, except me of course!"


"Let's do that!" The boy said as he held out his hand so that his pinky was erect. "Let's make a promise!"

"Oi! You can't decide that on your own!"

"Why not? You said you don't have anywhere to go, so what better place than here? And I'm here most of the time, so we'll be friends! What do you say?"

The merboy looked at the boy and at the hand. He lifted his hand and looked at it. He sighed as he looked at the boy. "Whatever…" He said as he hooked his pinky with the other's.

"Yay! From now on, we're gonna be friends from this point on!"

"I heard you the first time…"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"As long as it's not a dumb one."

"Do you poop?"

The merboy bopped the other on the head. "What kind of question was that!?"

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