After a month, Ace had loosened his over protectiveness, but still kept a wary eye on the green haired man that lived with him and Luffy. But of course Luffy would continuously surprise the two by kissing the ex-sharkman out of the blue and the elder brother would have to pick his jaw up from the ground.

Zoro, though enjoyed the unexpected kisses, wanted the brother to be okay with being in the same room with Luffy without the other being there to make sure he hasn't done anything to the other.

Luffy, of course does things at the spur of the moment, even if it caused his brother to have an issue and Zoro to tell him, once again to try to keep it bottled up until his brother finally let up on the over protective brother persona. But of course he can't help to want to feel the other's lips on his before going to school or going to bed.

The rest of the group were surprised to see that Zoro decided to be human, which the blonde teased that the other wasn't all that unique anymore, which would shut up when Luffy started to argue that he was still special to him. But when Luffy wasn't around the two would fight and argue.

Usopp gave up trying to make sense of the whole thing, but it made a great tall tale for him to tell to the kids, which the other didn't mind as long he didn't point him out as the main character in the tale.

Franky and Robin were very helpful of getting Zoro a job, at least he wouldn't be seen as a freeloader to the elder brother, and enjoyed doing things that he wasn't able to because he wasn't able to be on land.

Bon Clay was living happily along with his students and was glad to hear that he will no longer be bothered about the company ever again as he, with Luffy's help, taught the class dance routines.


Even with everything going on, Luffy and Zoro would go to their secret cove and have their time alone together without anyone to bother them. And when Luffy came to the age of adulthood, the only thing he asked of the other was to be his first.

If Ace ever knew, which he probably did, Zoro would've lost something that would cease him to being a man. But then Smoker, who visited the island now and then, would distract Ace's attention while the two finally have their time together.


Ten years passed and Nami returned to the cove with her wife, Vivi, and had to be careful before reaching the surface, only to see that the two were just getting to the cove.

"Oh! Nami!" Luffy said, twenty-seven, and showed proof that he was married on his left hand.

"Hey." Zoro said, twenty-nine, and is obviously married to the other.

"I see you two are still here."

"Yeah, Zoro had a dojo now and is teaching swordsmanship."

"Really?" She eyed the other as her wife came up shyly and they were introduced and caught up.

"So, Luffy what do you do?"

"I'm a dancing teacher. Clay-chan is in New York right now to teach temporarily."

"I see. And does Zoro come by and see you?" She asked, a hint of suggestion in there.

"Yep, but only after class." He said as the other blushed.

"You didn't have to tell her that…"


"What kinds of dances do you do?" Vivi asked innocently as Luffy showed them.

"Does Zoro dance?" Nami asked.

"Yeah! Come on Zoro, let's show them!"

Zoro agreed to one dance and they did beautifully in front of the two.

"Well, we better get going." Nami said. "We'll see you around." She said as she and Vivi went out of the cove.

"Bye, bye!" Luffy said as Zoro started kissing his neck. "Zoro!"

"What? It's been months since we've done it."

Luffy giggled as he turned to look at the other. "You're so right." He said as he kissed the other passionately.

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