"Got an ID Flack?" Mac asked as he peered over the dead body on the floor.

"Name is Sarah Milligan; she works in the hotel as a concierge."

"Was the room booked in her name?" Stella asked as she looked round the room.

"No. The room was booked in the name of a guy called Juan De'Megas"

Mac rolled the girl over onto her back and found a knife protruding out of her chest.

"Found the weapon," Mac said as he eased it out of her chest," I'd say it punctured the main cavity wall in her heart but let's just leave that bit to Sid."

"I'm gonna head and see whether I can get anything out of this Juan character, seems like he has a history. Now I am going to trust you two children to behave yourself, so any naughty business and it's no supper for both of you."

Mac and Stella glanced at each other before smiling at Flack.

"I'd say she was stabbed when she was standing up beside the bed. Fell onto the bed and then her killer pulled her onto the floor. Judging by the high velocity blood spatter on this wall here," Mac said, patting the wall that ran parallel with the bed.

"Seems like our killer should have a hefty amount of blood on him."

Stella moved a cushion of the floor and found a lipstick under it. Brushing it for prints she managed to pull a print off it.

"I got a print Mac," Stella smiled.

"Good work Stell," Mac smiled as he stood up and pulled his gloves off.

"I think we have all we can get."

"Yeah," Stella nodded in agreement.

"Would you like a lift?" Mac asked as he ushered her out in the corridor.

"Oh yes please Mac," Stella gushed as Mac leaned into her mouth once they were in the lift.

"Let's make tonight special," Mac whispered, kissing along Stella's collar bone which sent a shiver along her whole body.

Letting a soft moan escape her lips, Stella ground her hips into Mac's making him whisper a soft moan into her ear.