Sweet Southern Comfort

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Bella's Point Of View

I knew what to expect when I walked off the plane in the tiny Port Angeles airport. I knew that my family would be waiting for me. I knew that my step-sister, Alice would have some kind of sign saying 'Welcome Home, Bella'. I knew that my step-mother, Esme would hug me as soon as I was close enough. I knew that my dad, Charlie and my step-brother Emmett would stop talking about sports long enough to greet me. I knew that Charlie and Emmett would also carry my two bags to the car. I knew that the hour long car ride to Forks would be filled with chatter about everything form the best shopping spots to Emmett's spot on the football team. I knew I was moving back to Forks, but it seemed weird.

"You'll love the house, Bella." Esme said as we pulled up to a large house. This was another thing I knew. I knew that Charlie and Esme brought a new house together after they got married due to the fact the neither of their houses was big enough for our family. "I hope you like your room. I tried to make it so you feel like you're at home." That's one of the things I love about Esme, she tried to make sure that no one felt out of place and she usually did that.

"Thanks Esme I'm sure I'll love it." I said as we got out of the car.

"Well come on, Bella. I want to show you the house." Esme said as she practically pulled me to the door. "Just like before there is a key under the eve if you forget yours." She said as she opened the door.

"Okay." I said as I walked into the house. It didn't surprise me that the house was beautiful. She walked me through the first floor which included the living room, kitchen, a bathroom, and laundry room before we went up stairs.

"The second floor is just for you, Emmett, and Alice. My room is upstairs in the attic. We did a little remodeling you that you and Alice both have your own bathroom." There were four rooms on this floor. Esme pointed to Emmett's room, Alice's room, and another room that she called a rec. room as we walked down the hall. Then we got to my room. I wasn't surprised that I loved it. Everything was black and white, my two favorite colors. I was surprised that on my desk there was a laptop.

"Wow, Esme this great." I said as I looked around.

"I knew you would like it. If you look around your mom sent some of your things." She was right some of my favorite books and CD's were placed in the room. The phone rang at that point.

"Mom, Mary is on the phone!" Emmett yelled.

"I'm coming." Esme said before she left.

It didn't take long to unpack. When I was done I went to see a snack form the kitchen. That's when I first saw him; he was standing in front of the fridge. He was tall, muscular but lean, his hair was honey blond, his smile was perfect, and his eyes were a strange golden color. He was too perfect to be real.

"You're the step-sister?" He asked with a slight southern accent.

"I prefer to be called Bella, but yes I'm the step-sister." I answered.

"Well Bella, it's nice to meet you. I'm Jasper, Emmett's friend."

"Well, that explains why you are in my kitchen."

"It would be weird if I was just some strange guy standing in you're kitchen."

"To me you are a strange guy."

"Right, maybe we can change that?" He said.

"It doesn't take an hour to get a soda. What's taking so long?" Emmett asked as he walked in.

"I was just talking to your step-sister." Jasper said.

"I have a name you know." I replied.

"Well, come on Rosalie is getting tired of waiting." Emmett said.

"Let me get a soda." Jasper said as he opened the fridge and pulled out a can of soda.

"Let's go." Emmett said as Jasper closed the door to the fridge. Then both of the boys left the room. I wondered about what Jasper meant when he said 'maybe we can change that', but that didn't lead any where. I went to bed early. That was the easiest thing to do. Plus, it kept me from worrying about tomorrow, my first day at Forks High School.

A/N: Sorry It's so short, but it only a preface.