"So let me see if I can get this straight," Harry said, then he held up a hand.

"I'm dead."

Fate nodded and the members of his family stood nearby watching anxiously.

"Voldemort won the war because you screwed up. The power he knows not was supposed to happen when I turned fifteen, forcing Dumbledore to change every plan he had for me."

Fate nodded again.

"And because it didn't kick in, I died at the ripe old age of twenty after losing everyone that mattered, all because you slipped a digit and fifteen became thirty five?"

"And now you want me to go back in time," he said, ticking off a finger.

Fate nodded happily.

"You want me to repeat everything all over again, the Dursleys, Hogwarts, Malfoy, the chamber, all that. And while that's happening, you'll try to fix it with my power, but you can't promise you'll succeed."

Fate nodded and prepared to perform the magic that would move Harry's soul back to his six year old self.

Harry looked around. His parents stood nearby, along with Hermione, Sirius, even Tonks and Dumbledore were watching eagerly, waiting for his decision.

He sat down and looked up at Fate who started to frown at him.

"So, all my family is here, including the woman I love. Voldemort is out there," he said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. "And I'm to go back in the hopes that I might be able to do things differently and change the outcome. Oh and yeah, you're willing to send my soul back, but not send any knowledge, or powers. Just my soul. Right?"

Fate nodded. Harry was smarter than he expected.

"So... everyone I love is here and their not in any pain. Voldemort can't reach them here. And I get the chance to redo everything on the off chance that something might happen differently?"

Harry gestured Fate to move closer.

She bent over, placing her head close to his, waiting to hear his acceptance."

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? Here's my thoughts. FUCK NO!" he shouted.

Shocked and surprised Fate fell over. Harry bounced to his feet and with a powerful kick to her head, sent Fate sprawling amidst the ethereal mist. He pounced on her, pinning her hands underneath her and his fist pulled back, aiming for her throat and what would surely be a lethal blow.

"You're Fate," he hissed. "You fucked up my life, I'm not going to let you fuck it up again. My family is here and here is where I'll stay. You agree that you owe me a favor?"

Fate nodded fearfully and whimpered. Never had anyone treated her so crudely!

"Drop a meteor on the blighter and put an end to him," Harry snarled, then he relaxed his fist and stood. "I'm going home."

He walked over to where his parents stood and for a moment they seemed frozen by his actions, then Sirius started clapping and Lily pulled him into a tearful embrace.

Back in the real world Voldemort looked up and wondered why it had gotten so dark in the middle of the day. And what was that roaring noise?

Fate buried her face in her hands. The other immortals were going to spend eons ribbing her over this.