The Red Eye'd Tied

DISCLAMER: I own nothing the characters are own by S.M. This story is a join wok with twihead22296 and the plot was her idea.



We were all gather in our house, waiting for something or someone, Alice´s vision wasn´t accurate and all she could pick out of it was that we were expecting company.

I needed to get out of there fast, she was waiting for me as always, her father surely asleep by now and I didn´t have the strength to stay here, not after seeing her face again after all the time that we spent apart.

I walked to the door, letting my family know that I was going to met her; I opened the door and was greeted by four pairs of blood red eyes…

This was the longest run ever, I kept pushing harder and harder to get to her, to get to my love; I finally reached her house and stopped in front of her window How was I going to explain this to her without scaring her?, should I tell her at all?, should I leave again?.

She was already sleeping; I could hear her steady breath and her heart beat, as I turned around to go back I heard her calling my name, she was having a nightmare again.

I jumped inside her room, she was tossing and turning on her bed, her cheeks stained with tears; I walked to her side and kneeled by her bed, she called for me again and again, shifting her gently I laid next to her, and as in on instincts she turned around and to rest on my chest and sighed.

"I love you Edward, please don´t leave" she said in her sleep, looking at her I realized that I couldn´t leave her again, not now not ever, I would find a way out of this mess, a way to stay with her and protect from them but most importantly from me…