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My head was spinning furiously, I knew Edward was fast but knowing and experiencing it are to completely different things; he let me down gently by the bed and I took a seat instinctively knowing it was either that or hitting the ground hard.

He wasn´t making a sound, as soon as my eyes could focus I started looking for him, but when I found him my heart skipped a beat, he was leaning on the wall in the further end of the room, head down and visibly shaking.

"Edward, are you ok?" I asked him worried, but he doesn't even acknowledge me, instead he just shook his head, I stood up and walk to him "Edward are you ok, why won´t you talk to me?" he raised his head and stared at me angrily "am I fine? Are you serious Bella? How do you want me to be, that mutt had his hand all over you, and you just…" he trailed off "he was trying to help me Edward I was freezing out there, he was just protecting me" his eyes grew wild and I could feel his erratic breath on my face, what a mistake I made

"Protect you? From me?" he asked "Edward… it's not like that you know what I meant" I said taking a few steps back, fearing him for the first time in my life "You smell like him... you were with him… Don´t you love me anymore?"

I was more shocked than hurt at his words, how could he doubt me "Edward, you know I love you more than my own life, he is just a friend, you know that, Edward you are the best part of my life" I couldn´t hold the tears anymore, and they started to run freely down my face.

Edwards took me in his arms, and I rested my face in his brood chest, "I´m sorry Love I should never doubt you, but I can´t help myself" he said calmly to me "You know I love you Edward, that will never change no matter what" he lifted my chin with one of his hands and smiled kingly at me "I love you too my Bella"

He leaned closer to me, his cold lips brushing lightly against mine, It was a sweet and gentle kiss, the Edward I fell in love with, was back, tender and caring, there was nothing of more importance to me right now than the fact that he was my Edward and he was back so I kissed him back.

My head started to spin due to the lack of air, and as always he pulled back releasing my lips, so I could take a much needed breath and he could attack my neck, He straighten up and gave me his crooked smile that never sees to dazzle me and I lean in to kiss him again.

It was a long passionate kiss, and I kept waiting for the time when he would pull of and give a lecture about boundaries, but that moment never came, that when I started to realize that I needed this, I need him and his kisses and his arms around me, so I gave into the kiss with all my might.

Then, something changed; It was as if a switch or something clicked within him he was different, he wasn´t my Edward anymore, he was the one I ran away from two days ago; he was stronger, and rougher.

He squeezed me by the arms "Edward, you're hurting me" I said while I pushed myself away from him as much as he allowed "I'm sorry Bella, I… just need you so much, I don´t want to stay away from you any longer" he said before kissing me again, bt this time there was something in the kiss that scared the shit out of me.

"Edward, stop it, now" I try to free myself, but he wasn´t having that "Edward, please you´re hurting me, let me go" He didn´t stop, he couldn´t stop kissing me anymore, I was terrified he wasn´t even listening to me like I wasn´t there, he wasn´t Edward right now, he was a vampire claiming his mate.

His kisses became more urgent and frantic, he started to kiss my neck fervently my heart was beating his way out of my chest "Edward, I don't want this. Please, stop it, stop it now!" I kept yelling at him but he wouldn´t hear me, I tried to push him away but he was stronger.

Even knowing that this creature in front of me was Edward, I needed to free myself; his kisses were too cold and ungentle with me, I knew that this was wring but I also knew that there was nothing I could do to stop him so I did the only thing I was capable of, I let go.

I kept talking to myself like a mantra he needs this, I love him, he needs this I keep remind myself that this was the love of my life, and maybe soon the love of my existence.

His hands start roaming my body, out of control, desperate, I managed to speak again "Edward, I don't want this" I begged him one last time "I love you Bella, you're all I need" he said, but not to me, never to me, he doesn't even look at me.

His hands felt like iron press against my skin, and I knew that he would hate himself as soon as he found out what he was doing,It was like he was searching for something within me, and suddenly he found it.

He started to pull up my blouse as I struggled to push it down and keeping it in place, but he wasn't having that, he wasn´t going to let me win that easily. He pressed himself against me, his hands trailing his way up my blouse, I was speechless and shaking madly, when with a quick swift movement he ripped my blouse off of me, and I cried tears of acceptance rolling down my cheeks.

Suddenly, Alice and Rose appear in the room Rose took a hold on Edward while Alice launched at me, tearing me out of his embrace. "Bella are you ok, Bella talk to me" Alice said, I looked at her and nodded "I'm…. f… fin…e…" I said shaking, "Bella I'm so sorry I didn´t see until a moment ago, I'm so sorry"

I wipe my tears, as Alice pulled a new blouse out of thin air, "Put this on Bella, and lets go somewhere else" I nodded at her, and obliged.

I took a look around me and so Rosalie, pinning Edward to the wall, "What the hell where you thinking Edward, you could have killed her" she kept screaming at him while he just hung his head, without even glancing up occasionally "Are you stupid, how could you?" she continued.

Alice offered me her hand and o took it to stand up, my legs felt like jelly, "Ed…Ward" I managed to say, he immediately snapped his head up and looked at me, guilt clearly written in his eyes.

"I´m fine, you…you didn´t… hurt me" I managed to chook out, he looked down again and spoke to me, directly at me for the first time "Bella, you should go, please go back to… to the … to Jacob, he´ll protect you," he said without looking up.

Alice dragged me out of the room and hugged me tight "Bella I know you´re freaked out right know, but you need to understand that he never meant to…" "I Know, Alice, he would never he loves me" I cut her off.

"Still what he said is true, the safer place for you, is as far away from him as possible, Bella at least for the time being" I nodded at her and starter to walk slowly down the stairs, while she reentered the room clearly to help rose with him.

Emmet was standing at the lower end, he looked at me worriedly, but I smiled at him and put a hand on his arm "Promise me that you will, protect him Em, please don´t let him get into trouble, he isn´t himself right now" he looked at me dumbstruck and nodded eagerly "I promise little sis, I'll have mister know it all, all wrapped and cozy for you when you get back" he said wide smile on his face.

I kept walking and found Jasper by the door way "I think I told you, you´ll be safer away from us" he said to me "I can´t stay away from him Jasper" he looked at me amused "I figured as much, but hey at least now you know, what I was talking about" he said opening the door for me.

Outside of the door Jacob was standing warming smile and all "Hey squirt, lets go home" he said to me putting a protective arm around me, I stop in my tracks and turned to met Jaspers eyes "Jasper, you do know that I won´t stay away right?" I ask him playfully.

He nodded at me and smiled widely "That's the least I expect form you little sister" I smiled back and turned to go with Jacob.

I was sure that he had no idea of what went on or almost went on inside the house, and sure as hell I didn´t want him to, but telling him that I felt when he found one of the bruises that I was sure to have by tomorrow.

Hell that will have to be quite a fall…

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