Epilogue: In The End

2 months later…

2 months later, Tamaki's injuries are fully healed and he was shortly discharged from hospital. Haruhi and the other host club members are all delighted for their leader's full recovery.

Three more days later, it was Haruhi Fujioka's birthday. And to celebrate her birthday, Tamaki and the Host Club went to a beach at Okinawa, just like he promised to everyone months ago.

Hunny and Mori are playing volleyball together, Hikaru and Kaoru are building a huge sandcastle, Kyouya was lying on a lawn chair, while drinking a bottle of water while Tamaki and Haruhi are sitting together on a mat and under a huge umbrella.

"So, Koji got arrested and sentenced to 20 years life imprisonment for rape and attempted murder?" Tamaki asked Haruhi. Haruhi nods her head. "Great, that bastard finally got what he deserves."

"Tamaki, you swore!" Haruhi said in shock.

"Yeah, but you swore too when you attacked Koji from behind, right? And it was the 'f' word too!" Tamaki laughed. Haruhi laughed as well while Tamaki wraps an arm around her. "So, are you still with Kyouya?"

"Not anymore. Kyouya told his father that he doesn't wish to marry me anymore. He also said to him that you will be a better man for me, and his father agreed his decision." Haruhi explained.

"I see. Anyways, happy birthday, Haruhi." Tamaki smiled as he took out a small wrapped box to Haruhi. Haruhi widens her eyes and smiled.

"Thank you, Tamaki." She took the box and quickly unwraps it. It was a small red box. She slowly opens the box and finds a small diamond ring inside it.

"Tamaki?" She said as she looks up at Tamaki.

"Haruhi, will you marry me?"

Haruhi simply smiled at him. "Of course."

Both Haruhi and Tamaki then wrap their arms around and hugged each other tightly. "Promise me Tamaki, that we will always be together." She whispered.

"Of course, Haruhi. Forever and ever…for all eternity." Tamaki smiled. They both stared at each other for a few seconds, and then Haruhi pulled him into a long, affectionate kiss.

Meanwhile, Hikaru and Kaoru laughed mischievously as they are recording everything with their camcorder.

"Are you getting all of this, Kaoru?" Hikaru asked.

"Yup, this video will get millions of views on YouTube." Kaoru smirked. But suddenly, Kyouya came over and smashes the lens of their camcorder with his fist.

"AAAAHHH!!!! OUR VIDEO!!!!!!!" Hikaru and Kaoru cried in horror.

"Sorry guys, but it's wrong to interrupt someone's privacy." Kyouya smirked as he lifts his glasses up.


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