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I want your mouth, your lips, your surrender.

I desire your body, your taste, your trust.

We play by my rules.

"Did you really think I was done with you?" a look of disbelief raced through his face and I was breathing heavily as he held me to his lap. He kissed me hard on the mouth, his tongue invading mine as I once again opened up to him, letting him take me as he wanted.

"You are going to pay Isabella." My heart was racing, he gripped my hair and forced my head to turn to the side.

A moan escaped my throat, he chuckled. "You like it rough do you?" he asked, his voice dark with lust. I answered with another moan as I leaned into his rough hand.

He lips roughly pressed into my ears as he whispered roughly, "You are going to pay for every day that you teased me." His teeth grazed my earlobe. "For every time you made me fantasize about you," he sucked on my neck. "For every time I wanted to fuck you and I couldn't." His grip on my waist grew tighter. "For every time you made me hard…in class," He leveled my face with his and looked me in the eyes. "For two years, I closed my eyes and saw you, heard you, smelled you."

His hand, rough two seconds ago, was now caressing my cheek. "I've wanted you for so long."

I was speechless. I kissed him roughly and felt him moving beneath me.

He moved so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed. I felt his hands trace my back and his hard waiting dick pushed into my sensitive core. The fabric of his underwear was separating me from him and it needed to go.

My hand reached between us and I found his hard waiting dick and squeezed him roughly through the white fabric. Fuck he was so hard and I just wanted to wrap my mouth around him… to please him…

I looked him in his eyes, my confidence building and I licked my lips as his eyes eyed my mouth. I released his dick and lowered myself onto the thin white fabric, pushing him into my hot core, as far as the fabric restraint would allow. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as we both reveled in the delicious friction.

Suddenly he lay back and his hands pushed my ass towards his face and forcing me to hover over his mouth. "I'm still so sensitive… please let me…" I moved to get on my knees.

"Oh no, Isabella, it's my turn to do the teasing." His hand smacked my ass as I tried to distance my throbbing clit from his eager tongue and the sting elicited a moan from my lips.

"Ah, Ah Isabella," he chastised. His teeth nibbled the inside of my thighs as my hands once again reached for him and stroked his hard dick. "Mm… " his mouth devoured my wet core. His humming was sending a vibration throughout my body and it was driving me insane.

I felt an emptiness in my mouth that needed to be filled. I release his dick and gripped his hand and brought his finger to my lips and licked them gingerly.

A moan escaped his lips as I took two of his fingers in my mouth, letting my tongue circle them and tease them. Letting him imagine what my tongue could do to his cock. Just let me get on my knees for you damn it.

I continued teasing his mind as no doubt the vision of his cock in my mouth recurred in his thoughts. He let out a frustrated groan and tore his hand from inside my mouth, gripping my waist and pivoting me on his mouth, turning me so that I was facing his dick straining in his briefs.

His tongue swept over my clit as my fingers reached out to the waist band of his underwear. "Give me," I pleaded… turning my neck to look at his face buried in my pussy underneath me. "Please Edward. Give me… I want to taste you."

His hands released their grip on my waist and moved to lower his underwear as his tongue continued licking and sucking and teasing. I let my back lean against the sturdy wooden headboard as he discarded his briefs on the floor.

His dick sprang to attention, no longer constrained by the fabric and his hands snaked around my thighs, anchoring me to his mouth as I leaned forward and licked my lips in anticipation.

The feel of his tongue was exhilarating. His hand reached up and grabbed my tit, squeezing my nipple between his fingertips. Fuck.

I eyed his dick, hard for me, and I let my mouth wrap around his tip, thoroughly enjoying the feel of his head pushing past my lips. The well defined veins straining against his skin.

"Fuck Bella. You get me so hard…"

I swirl my tongue against his head as I let my mouth engulf him. The taste of his pre-cum on my tongue sent a moan through my body, and I feel his reciprocating moan on my clit.

My one hand grips his balls as the other steadies myself against his thigh, his hard muscle flexing under my hand. I let my fingers massage and pull and tease his balls as my mouth massages his dick against my tongue.

He was delicious, his skin making my mouth water with each taste. I suck hard, angling my neck to ensure I can get as much of him in my mouth as possible. My moans were escaping my throat from the pleasure I was receiving from his mouth and the taste of his dick in my mouth.

My mouth stilled as he entered two fingers into me, curving them slightly, letting them drag over the sensitive area inside of me.

"Edward, I am so close…" I let myself push harder against his fingers as he sweeps them inside of me one more time.

My release was cut short as he pulls me underneath him, and in one swift movement, he is above me. I feel his arm wrapping around my torso, holding me tight to him as he positions himself at my entrance.

"Are you alright?" he asks. He takes his dick and rubs it against my entrance, coating himself in my wetness. He rubs his dick against my clit and I groan at the sensation.

"Yes. " I nod, as I grow impatient by the feel of his dick on my pussy. I search for his eyes. "Slowly please. Im…"

"You're what?" he breathes as he kisses my jaw, his dick slowly pushing into me. Agonizingly slowly. His breaths escape his lungs. He pauses right before my barrier. My heart is pounding in my ears.

The pressure builds inside of me as I feel his large dick stretching me inside.

"… virgin." I whisper into his ear as I lick his earlobe.

He lifts his face and looks me in the eyes. Surprise and lust and … adoration? He kisses me softly on the lips and my nervousness flits out the window. "Trust Me." He whispers against my lips.

My heart still pounding, he slowly pushes through the thin barrier and the stretching and pain and stretching to accommodate his large size is overwhelming. I whimper at his girth and he kisses the few stray tears escaping from my eyes. I look up at him, his eyes clenched shut as he concentrates to keep in control, "Fuck. So tight." He buries his head in my neck as I regain my composure. I see the muscles in his arms tensing and releasing to distract from the tightness. Pain, was my sensation.

"Breathe Bella." He whispers as he brings his face back to mine. I exhale deeply.

I nod to signal that I am ready, and he shifts slightly, pushing himself further into me. Fuck that wasn't all of him?!

I moan; this time relishing the feeling of his dick reaching deep inside of me. Loving the feeling of him buried deep within me.

"Ok?" he asks nervously.

"Yes…" I respond, and with that approval, he pushed in to the hilt and I moan in ecstasy.

He pulls out and pushed in slowly, and deeply. I let out a throaty "Fuuuck" as his dick hits my spot as he enters me. Dragging friction over my g-spot slowly and torturously.

"Oh Mr. Cullen. Fuck me please." I beg, wanting to feel the length of his dick pushing inside of me.

"Don't say that Bella. I don't want to hurt you." He says as he enters me slowly.

Frustrated, I push into his hips, meeting him halfway, and my hands grip his ass shoving him in deeper than before.

"Fuck Bella. Don't… just… hold still… fuck!"

He flips me over and has me on all fours.

Yes Mr. Cullen, fuck me from behind.

His hand comes back into my hair, pulling my neck back towards him as he brings his lips to my ear, "Is this what you want Isabella?"

"Yes. Yes please Mr. Cullen…" I beg.

I feel his dick at my entrance and he grabs my waist, pulling at me, pushing himself into me, roughly and hard and fuck if I didn't fall over the fucking edge at that moment.

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to be continued…..