Is falling in love with a married man really a sin?

For some, yes, but for others, it seems they have no other choice.

Chucky and Tiffany were a newly married couple, but they were far from perfect. They were serial killers. Chucky loved Tiffany with all his heart, and Tiffany returned all the same. They'd been together since High School, and they vowed never to leave each other, till death do they part.

Or so they thought…

They say there's always other people involved, no matter how strong your relationship seems to be. And that was definitely the case this time.

Iris was just a normal eighteen-year-old, just graduated from high school, almost out on her own. She hadn't had a boyfriend since the beginning of her sophomore year, after she'd been released from the psych ward. She had long, black hair, a curvy figure, and gray-blue eyes. She didn't really fit any of the teenage stereotypes; One day she would dress girly, and the next day she'd be wearing an ICP shirt and baggy black chain pants. You could never tell with her.

She didn't mean to fall in love with Chucky; it just happened. She'd met him one day at a club, and instantly wanted him to be her Prince Charming. People like her fell in love almost too easily, after having their hearts broken so many times.

Iris and Chucky had fun that night. They danced, they flirted, they laughed. And when Chucky said he had a fiancé, it didn't really register with Iris. She'd been turned down too many times to let Chucky go this time.

Chucky had invited her out to the movies the week after the meeting at the club, needless to say they got closer than normal that night. And Chucky said he really loved her a month later… it seemed too good to be true.

Which it was.

Iris knew she was playing with fire when she spent time with Chucky; it was inevitable they'd get caught sooner or later. But strangely enough, she didn't care. It was quite a rush to know they were taking risks every time they spent time together. It was almost…magical, in a way. The cliché of being secret lovers behind closed doors.

But the time would come when their fairy tale would end. Oh, yes it would.

Or so it seemed…

It was just a normal day in the park. Iris and Chucky were just talking and holding hands on a park bench, enjoying the relationship as it blossomed. Then suddenly, it froze like Christmas in July.

Tiffany approached Chucky with both fear and frustration. "What the fuck are you doing with this dumb broad?" She spat. Iris was a little more than offended by Tiffany's words, and socked her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

Iris's eyes were livid with rage. "Go away." She snarled, "Chucky is mine, you hear me? MINE!" And she pounced on Tiffany, slamming her head into the pavement.

Tiffany was way more than caught off-guard by the sudden attack.

Like I said, there's always other people involved, and this time, it meant Tiffany's fairy tale being cut short…