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A/N: The movie I used for this crossover was the 1980 film Somewhere In Time starring Christopher Reeve (Yes, Superman!) and Jane Seymour (Yes, Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman!). I didn't realize how well this movie would mesh with Twilight until I started writing. I hope you like it!

One more thing:The music from the movie, and subsequently this fic, is from Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (18th variation). It's a BEAUTIFUL piano piece and I highly recommend listening to it. It's perfectly Edward!



It's done.

I've finally done it. Here I am, 23 years old and I have just finished my first concert. All my own compositions. This night heralds the beginning of an amazing career. If I'm lucky. I've worked so hard for this.

My euphoria is somewhat dampened by what I am about to face. I pause for a moment to take some steadying breaths before I walk through the doors that lead into Emmett's apartment. The noise coming from the other side of the door gives me the impression that the place is packed. It's by no means a small apartment for the city, it's actually quite large. He inherited it when his Grammy passed because there is no way a recent college grad could afford anywhere near this square footage near downtown. Emmett is my self-appointed manager and he let us all know that there was no way in hell that anyone was going to throw my after-party but him -and it'd be nowhere but at his place. Emmett's motto is: Work Hard, Play Harder.

While I pace in the hall a bit, gathering my nerves for what lies on the other side of those doors, my phone rings. I look at the Caller ID. Shit!

"Hey Em?" I wince as I try and sound excited but it comes out as a question. Smooooth, Masen.

"Where the hell are you, Edward?" His voice booms so loud I hear it in stereo; on the cell and through the door.

"I'm… in the building," I answer him and run my hands through my hair. "I had some trouble parki-"

"Save it," he interrupts. "Get your candy ass in here, man" And with that the doors fly open and Emmett is there with a big grin on his face. "You deserve this Edward. The work is done and you did good. Now it's time to play, my friend." He claps me on the back and drags me inside.

The guy's been my friend for about as long as I can remember. Em's a walking ball of fun and sometimes it's hard to believe that he actually graduated near top of his class at Northwestern. He keeps me from being consumed by my own intensity. Like now. I really don't feel like a party. I'm not the unwinding kind of guy. If it weren't for Emmett, I'd probably be back at my cracker box of an apartment toiling over my keyboard already. Instead, Emmett shoves a glass of champagne into my hand and takes me by the elbow leading me around the room.

He amazes me. The after-party has the feel and look of a hoity toity reception one would expect after a piano concert but it has the spirit of a frat house kegger. Emmett even has a burned CD of me at the piano playing in the background. Nice touch, Em! He takes me from person to person so they can all get to know the 'man behind the music' for their reviews or articles. Emmett must have called every newspaper, magazine, music producer and record label for tonight. What amazes me further is, he seems to know everyone by name. I can't believe that I have respected critics shaking my hand and clapping my back telling me what a bright future I have. My mind is spinning as so many faces and names get thrown at me so fast from all directions. I can't believe it. Just to have the opportunity to perform my own pieces like this at my age is amazing -and they loved it. The champagne is flowing and spirits are high.

I've been here a while now and most of the critics have gone home, or to the office or wherever, to write up their thoughts on the evenings music and it's composer. All that's left behind are friends from school and probably some people who came in off the street. It's much less hoity toity now. The atmosphere is changing quickly and I'm expecting to see Emmett roll a keg out of the pantry and start distributing red solo cups now that the 'stiffs' are gone. It's getting pretty loud in here, so when a hushed quiet starts to form on my right, I notice and I turn curious to see what has everyone's interest. There appears to be someone heading this way as I can see people stepping back to let whomever it is through. As they draw closer, I'm surprised to see a frail elderly woman pushing her way through our small crowd in the corner. She seems very out of place here –I don't think that there's anyone else in here that's over thirty. I don't recognize her but she seems very determined to see me.

Once she reaches me, I'm stunned silent as she looks longingly into my eyes. She reaches her soft aged hand up to cup my jaw and begs in a desperate whisper, "Come back to me." She then presses something small and warm into my hand and turns away to be folded back into the crowd. Emmett, of course, makes a comment about how my first groupie is an octogenarian. I would laugh if it weren't for the unshed tears I saw in her eyes.

I open my hand and am surprised to find a beautiful antique pocket watch.

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