Winchester West

Disclaimer: I have no claims to the show Supernatural, the characters or themes. I also mean no insult to any and all Indian tribes, people etc. I just like to play with the characters, tease, torture, caress and the rest!


Previously: A copy was treasured by the White family, as their history and it alone held the final notes that where written upon White Stag passing. He said he dreamed of a land with golden corn and Indians riding with no quarrels. Of a man and woman who smiled and beckoned him to come to them. He said, he was told that one day Black Wolf would be reborn and would fulfill the ancient prophecy, that he was destined to do. He would be the sword to battle the darkness. It was his grand-daughter that wrote the note. She wrote it not because she believed him, or believed in the prophecies of her people, she wrote it because she loved her grandfather and knew his time was coming. That night a wolf howled, and looking young and strong he walked into the arms of his friend and brother, Black Wolf, and found his place in the hunting ground.

His name was Charles Running Bear White and he was the Spiritual leader of his tribe, Indian agent and sheriff. Now driving his battered truck towards his friend's Junk Yard. He wondered what had pushed him to visit, for he rarely left the reservation, now that amongst his people he was called a long hair. He gently patted the pile of old books on the passenger side seat. He was the great great grandson of White Stag. He had a wife and two sons, but there was really noone who he could leave these to. His sons had moved into the whiteman world. One had worked his way through medical school while the other had studied law and now had his own office in town. Both where well respected but neither believed as he did.

He sighed, he had hoped that one would grow to be the next shaman, but neither had showed any interest after they had grown a little. Oh yes, when they where young, they loved the stories but that was it. For them, they where just stories. Fables to tell children at bedtime. They where not to be believed or even remembered. He reached into his jacket, touching a old book. It was really this one that he was delivering. The others where just books of stories and legends. They showed ways of defeating the creatures of the dark. Symbols where written and explained in them. But the book he touch was the only one he truly cared about. The one he wanted to protect.

Time had passed quicker then he had thought, or his musings had taken up longer. Either way, he was in shight of the junk yard. He stopped the truck at the gates, pausing a moment and withdrawing the book from his jacket. Placing his hand upon it, he said goodbye to it as if he was parting from a old friend, which he was really. The book had been passed from father to son for generations. Now it was going to a stranger. One he trusted but still not of the bloodline. He sighed. How he wished that his sons had taken a interest in becoming his successor but unfortunately that was not the path they had chosen.

He started the engine and drove into Singer's Yard. He parked and walked upto the door, and was about to kick the door lightly (as he was carrying a pile of books), when he got hit by a sucker dart and turning saw a young child trying (and failing really) to hide in the shadows. His first thought was, Singer does not have a kid. Then he bent down slowing, putting the books down while reaching for his knife. Only to be met by another one being placed against his back. It was only then that he realized that there where two of them.

It was at that moment that Bobby opened the door having heard the car drive in. Immediately he smiled. At that the knife that had been poking Running Bear in the ribs got withdrawn a little but not much. It was now nudging him instead. Also the boy who was trying to hide in the shadows came out into the light given off by the now open front door. Running Bear was surprised to see that the kid was so very very young, and very gentle by the huge smile that he gave Running Bear as he passed Bobby and went in the house.

Bobby, "Sammy where's your brother." Well that answered the other question thought Running Bear. "I believe he is just behind me."

Bobby voice changed slightly into a questioning tone. "Dean"

Running Bear, "Ah, So that is the name behind the knife." Bobby's eyes opened a little wider, and then he shook his head. "Yes, it's Dean. Come on in boy. Supper's Ready." The knife vanished from his back and he waited for what he thought to be maybe a teenager but was again surprised when a 10 year old snuck out from behind him, and headed for the door. Running Bear was struck by how silently this boy moved, and how his head was down fearing he was in trouble, for threatening one of Bobby's friends. He smiled the boy was good, but something inside him, made him sad that one so young should be so good, and well, be in this life at all.

Bobby motioned for Running Bear to enter and after passing all the usual tests, they all sat down for supper. The younger boy called Sammy, Running Bear now knew, was full of questions and wide eyed to actually meet a actual Red Indian, but the elder one, Dean had not spoken much, if at all. Running Bear knew that he was listening and watching him, every move he made Dean watched like a Hawk ready to attack should he try to hurt either Bobby or his brother Sammy. In fact, it was only after Bobby had put Sammy to sleep and they where drinking chocolate or coffee downstairs, with Running Bear now trading stories of hunts, instead of folklore (when Sammy was there), that Dean seemed to relax. Still he sat between Running Bear and the stairs, but to Running Bear this was a step forward. It was after Dean went upto bed that he spoke to Bobby about staying a few days, just in case Bobby needed help with the boys. Bobby saw through Running Bears offer and snorted but he agreed. As Running Bear lay down infront of the dying fire in the grate, looking forward to tomorrow, he smiled. He now knew that coming here had been the right decision.

During the coming few days which turned into some two weeks Running Bear learnt all about why the boys where with Bobby and how they and their father had come to hunting, but he also saw that Bobby thought of the children as his and he ideal wondered why a father, hunter or not, would allow such a thing to happen. But then over the first week and before he knew it had happened, Running Bear felt the same. He only understood this when he and Bobby had taken the kids hunting. After setting up a small tent to use as a camp, he had gone for fire wood. He returned on hearing Dean call his brother's name, and found that Sammy had vanished, and suddenly his heart felt as if a piece was missing from it, and he realised he too loved the boys as his own.

Dean was though beside himself and Bobby was starting to set up a search when he stepped in and told Bobby to start supper and he would find the boy. Dean of course glared at him so, Running Bear waved for him to follow him. Bobby was good, but with his eyes now full of worry he missed the small things that told Running Bear much. He knew Dean was watching his every move so he showed him the tracks where his brother had, while supposedly helping collect twigs, seen a deer and silently lead it away from the camp. Fearly rightly, that it might become dinner, if the adults saw it. He tracked the deer, showing Dean what to look for, and then on finding it alone, settled him showing him where Sammy's tracks went off in a different direction. Running Bear explained that Sammy had obviously got a little lost and did not know which way back to camp. After about an hour more Running Bear moved his fingers to his lips and pointed towards a clearing where silent tears could be heard. Now he let Dean go ahead of him, to his brother. It was the first time Dean had smiled at Running Bear. Now Dean saw him as a friend, and that made Running Bear very happy.

He watched as Dean quieted his brother and reassured him that Camp was not far away. In fact Running Bear watch as Dean pointed in a direction and said "It's about forty-five minutes that way, Right." Dean looked at Running Bear for confirmation of his words and watched as Running Bear nodded. Running Bear nodded because he was shocked, Dean was right in both direction and time. He covered his shock well though mentioning that he hoped dinner was not burnt by the time they got back. He decided never to mention food again, as both boys took off in the direction Dean had pointed. Now Running Bear was now over-weight elderly man, he was considered very fit for his age even amongst the whitemen, but as he followed the children back to camp, he decided he had got older. He arrived five minutes after they had crashed into camp looking for dinner.

It was the last day, when Running Bear was packing up to leave the next morning when the boys decided in his honour to rig up a tent and try roasting part of a deer on a open fire. The evening was rounded off by a game of Cowboys and Indians played across the entire junk yard. For once Running Bear was playing the cowboy, with Bobby alongside in one team and Dean and Sammy in the other as Indians. For the whole two weeks Running Bear had been teaching them to hide and track, and this game was to see how they did. Well that's how the adults explained sneeking around the junk yard at night. Really, they all agreed it would be a lot of fun. Of course Running Bear had earlier in the day casually mentioned that the boys should maybe think up some indian type names for themselves. He let this slip within earshot of Sammy, knowing he would love the idea and that his brother would go along with it. He laugher and Bobby snorted as he heard soft padded footsteps heading up the stairs. "Now, you've done it." was Bobby's only comment on the matter. Then Running Bear looked at him seriously, "Bobby, there is another book, I wish you to keep for me." Running Bear reached inside his jacket and half draw out the old book, then he put it back into his jacket. "Tomorrow, just before I leave." Bobby asked, "Is it that hard to part with."

Running Bear, "Yes. I have kept it on me since I arrived and it is very hard to leave it now, but leave it I must. Tomorrow, I will give it to you tomorrow." Running Bear went silently outside and removed the book from his jacket. He had been trying to give it to Bobby for two weeks but with teaching the boys, and enjoying the company, there had always been a excuse not to. Now he had to return to his village, there had been news of some disappearances that he had to look into. It was time, but still it was hard to part with such a family treasure. He smiled as he heard the door open. It was Dean calling him for Lunch. This evening they would play games and he would see how much the children had learned. After lunch, with a cup of coffee in his hand, he laughed to himself while listening to the different suggestions that Sammy came up with for their indian names. Bobby was right, He had started something, but it was not until that night that he saw the truth.

That evening supper had been magnificent. Deer was best cooked outside over a open fire. Running Bear decided that he should definitely do this more often. Then he laughed as the game of Cowboys and Indians started. The boys in the makeshift tent while the adults started in the other end of the yard. Each team hoping to capture the other.

Bobby fell first. Captured while trying to sue a scrapped knee on a tearful and totally unrepentant Sammy. Running Bear could have heard him his rage filled yells from a mile away. Running Bear laughed as he let Bobby down. "These boys will be your downfall, old friend." Bobby snorted, "I'm going to get myself a beer. Caught by a six year old. Bring back his head." Bobby chuckled and headed to the house for his beer. By the rules of the game, he was out. Ideally, he wondered how long Running Bear would survive. Fifteen minutes later he watched as Running Bear lowered a tied and gagged Sammy onto the house front steps, and then disappeared into the darkness. Now it was just Running Bear and Dean. Running Bear was looking forward to winning, when he heard a car driving into the yard, and saw a shadow part from the darkness and rush to the house.

Running Bear rightly concluded the mysterious father John had returned and sadly headed back to the house. Now John did not rightly understand why his youngest was unhappily drinking chocolate, wearing just his trousaurs, socks, shoes and what looked like a indian headband around his head, and was just about to ask Bobby what was going on when his eldest rushed in (stopping abroatly infront of him) in just about the same state. Looking at Bobby, John crossed his arms, "And what part of training is this."

From behind him, Running Bear answered. "It was a final exam on tracking and hunting. Which you interrupted." He said poking his finger in John's chest, forcing him to step backwards. John did not notice the wink Running Bear quickly gave Sammy, or the quickly coverd smile he got in return. But he caught himself quickly and stepped right upto Running Bear, "And who are you to test anyone especially my children." This time it was Bobby who stepped inbetween and answered. "John, this is Running Bear." It was then that John stepped back, "The Running Bear."

Bobby, "Yes, the Running Bear."

John, "Wonderful, I have been hoping I would run into you. I need some information."

Running Bear, "Later." John was about to say something but at that point Sammy yawned, so instead John said it was bedtime for both of them as they all had to leave later the next day. Running Bear was not happy at this, he had hoped to return in a few weeks, but now he knew the boys would not be there to greet him. He was about to get himself a coffee when the children stopped going up and whispered to each other, then they continued upstairs, but not five minutes had passed when Dean snuck down, avoiding the room where his father was going through the books Running Bear had just brought, looking for the information he needed. He watched as Running Bear shook his head sadly at his father's actions, and walked into the living room to finish packing.

Dean quietly knocked at the door. "Sammy wanted to make sure you knew what we decided on as indian names.". Running Bear smiled halfheartedly, he really wasn't that interested in the names, but he sat down and motioned for Dean to sit next to him. This might be the last time he saw Dean and his brother as he did not know if they would be at Bobby's next time he came. Heck, he did not know the next time he would come. On a impulse, he reached for some paper, and a pen, writing down his name, address and telephone umber. Also the new mail thing that the whiteman used. What was it called... e-mail. He decided to check his more often then ever six months or so. He turned to Dean and handed him the paper, "If you ever need help, or just to visit. This is where I am." Dean took the paper smiling.

So, asked Running Bear laughing, "What Indian names did you two midgits choose."

Dean looked kind of shy suddenly, and ducked his head, "Sammy was White Stag, and I was Black Wolf." Running Bear nearly stopped breathing. They could have seen the book. No-one not even Bobby knew the story. He forced a smile "Good names. Why did you choose those." Dean, was only too happy to explain. "Well Sammy thought of Ghost Stag, he was rather upset over killing and eating it, But I thought White Stag sounded much better."

"And Black Wolf" asked Running Bear. Dean smiled proudly, "That was all mine. Wolves are really cool, and a Black wolf sounds even cooler. Anyway the Impala's Black so why not." Then he turned suddenly worried for Dean realized that Running Bear had gone quiet and seemed sad. "Do you like them."

Running bear forced a smile, "I love them." Then he heard noises from the kitchen and sounds of footsteps coming slowly this way. "Now get to bed before your father catches you." Dean smiled and headed for the doorway and the stairs. Then suddenly he stopped and dashed back, hugging Running Bear he said, "This has been the best time ever." Then he ran upstairs smiling, waving at Running Bear, as he went. He did not see the tears welling in Running Bear's eyes. For now he knew the boys would face a hard life, with many sacrifices to come. He prayed that they would remain strong throughout all that was to come.

The next morning Running Bear had gone, but he left two very nice Indian knives for the boys and his contact details. He had left before the sun was up, He had given the book to Bobby as he walked out the door, telling him what it was and asking him to keep an eye on the children.

Later that same day, the Winchesters left to another hunt in another state. That night Bobby sat down to read the book and then it went into his storage. I mean he shook his head. If it had not been one of Running Bear's treasures, he would have given it to a library. It didn't hold any helpful spells or incantations or sigils just the store of a family and maybe one of the first hunters. A woman, who knew. thought Bobby, but Bobby could not part with so as I said it went into his storage.

Two weeks later Bobby was woken in the middle of night to a wolf's howl, that sounded too close for comfort. But though he watched and was weary when he hunted, no wolf was found or seen in the area by anyone. It was two months later that a young man knocked on Bobby's door. His name was Running Fox. He was the eldest son of Running Bear and he viewed it as his duty to personally inform the few friends his father had, that Running Bear had passed from this world. When Bobby answered the door, he suddenly saw that the young Doctor eye's had grown suddenly cold. A cold he recognized. Running Fox explained that his father had vanished while looking into some disappearances, so he and his brother had gone looking. They had found the Wendigo and they had some the bodies. The young man cried at the memory of carrying his father's body out of the cave. His younger brother (the lawyer) had returned to his life wanting to know nothing more of how their father had died, but he had taken his vacation fays to tell all father's friend what had happened. During this, he smiled sarcastically, I have repaired and bandaged more people then I have tended in the past six months. He put down the glass of whiskey, "Your the last one. So I'll do what I've done with al the others. I'm a doctor. Here's my card. If anyone in this (he waved his hand in the air) business needs medical help. I'll help as much as possible. With that the boy turned and left.

Bobby finished off the bottle and another one after that, toasting A Friend. A Colleague. A Hunter.

Note by the Author. This story was hard to write because it tried and I think succeeded to ask and answer the question... HOW DOES ONE BECOME A VESSEL FOR A ARCH-ANGEL OR LUCIFER?

The answer is that a soul does the right thing, makes the right decisions. and is willing to make sacrifices others will not make. But not just in one lifetime, but in all lifetimes. For each lifetime that you do this, your soul (vessel) becomes able to hold more and more grace. The story "Winchester West" is just the beginning. The souls moved on and increased in ability to hold such power. I have not told the stories from the War of Independence where each brother choose a different side, or the Prohibition Gangster who choose a half-brother fbi agent over his father - a local godfather. Those are just amongst many. But they and others where not included in the book. I must finally ask if "Winchester West" was the beginning of the story, or just another story in the growing legend of Sam and Dean Winchester!

The End of The Beginning