Twelve Quests in One

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Michelle paced back and forth. She was breathing quickly and panic was clear on her face. Her nails had been bitten down hours before and she was now wringing her hands together.

They were getting closer. There was only one task left and still they hadn't failed. No matter want she threw at them, no matter what spanners she put in the woks, they still got through it.

Nico watched as she paced. His hands were bound behind his back and he was leaning against the cave wall. He had a large black eye where Michelle had hit him and a few other bumps and bruises. But other than that he was fine, thankfully.

"You're not going to win, you know." Nico said his breathing heavy.

Michelle turned to him, eyes blazing, and said, "Shut up!"

She went back to pacing. "You're up against Percy, Annabeth and Grover. You're going to lose."

Michelle shook her head. "No I wouldn't. I can't. I thought they would quit much earlier. I mean why would they go through so much to save you. You've never been on great terms with them."

Nico frowned and replied, "They forgave me for what I did. We're all friends now. And we'd all go through the same thing for each other."

Michelle just shook her head again and went over to her pool of water. She cast her hand over it and whispered the spell under her breath. The picture became clearer and clearer and Michelle turned back to Nico. "You're friends are busy with their final task right now. Why don't I make it hard for them?"

But when Michelle turned back to the water, she yelled out in shock. That three headed monster of a dog was playing with a hell hound! Didn't that Jackson boy have a hell hound for a pet?


A voice made her turn around to see Percy standing there with his sword pointed at her, Annabeth by his side with her dagger raised and Grover untying Nico.

"Chiron had a good plan but I though a surprise attack would be better. Did you know that the final task can be completed mush faster if you have a playful hell hound handy?"

Michelle looked between all of them, panicking.

"It's over," Annabeth said, "Just give up and we'll go easy on you."

It was a going wrong. All her plans, all her schemes were falling down around her head. She never was very good with panic, even when she was a hunter. She whirled her head around, looking for an exit.

There were two exits in the cave. The one out to the sea was being blocked by Percy and Annabeth and the other led into the cliff. A huge maze of tunnels led that way. But she had no choice.

She sprinted towards the opening and disappeared into the tunnels.

"Grover, take Nico and go back to camp. Annabeth come with me and we'll track her down," Percy said as he ran towards the opening.

Annabeth sent a smile back at Grover and Nico and said, "He gets so bossy when the adrenaline gets going."

Then she ran after Percy and through the opening.

Soon the tunnels swallowed them up as they ran. Percy had waited for Annabeth, while keeping an eye on the way Michelle went. They both ran after her, hearing her footsteps echo off the wall, mixing with their own. It was like the Labyrinth all over again but this time they didn't stop, they just kept on running.

It wasn't until they had been running for a few minutes that they discovered that they had run in a semi-circle.

There was another opening in the cliff and Michelle was now standing on the edge.

Percy and Annabeth walked towards her slowly. "Ok, now calm down. Just walk towards us slowly," Percy advised.

A look of panic crossed Michelle's face as she looked between the two heroes and the choppy waves that lay below. Annabeth stood by Percy as they both tried to bring her back from the edge.

Michelle gasped and took a step backwards. But the rocks at the edge of the cliff were loose and before she knew it, her foot had slipped and Michelle toppled backwards and her scream carried her all the way into the stormy sea.

Percy and Annabeth leaped towards the edge but they were too late.

"Damn!" Percy yelled slamming his fist into the cave floor. Annabeth just leaned her forehead on his shoulder and shut her eyes tight. They sat there for a few minutes until they heard footsteps running towards them.

They turned to see Nico and Grover running up to them.

"I though I told you two to leave," Percy said.

"Dude, no offence but since when do we listen to you. Where's the weirdo?" Nico asked.

Percy motioned over the cliff. Grover closed his eyes and rubbed his face, while Nico just sighed and wiped some of the blood from a cut on his face.

"Let's go," Annabeth said softly, pulling Percy up with her as she stood up.

With one last look at the cliff, the four of them called the pegasi and they flew out of there.


Percy sat in front of the fire in the Big House.

Nico was with Chiron and Grover getting cleaned up and Annabeth went back to her cabin to get changed.

Percy heard footsteps and Nico and Grover appeared beside him.

"How can you sit here? It's boiling," Nico complained.

Annabeth appeared in the doorway and said, "Come on guys, it beautiful out there. Let's go outside."

Nico and Grover couldn't get out the door fast enough.

Percy laughed and said, "Well they're eager."

Annabeth shrugged. "Well Grover loves the outdoors and I thing Nico prefers being in open spaces after being in that cave for so long."

Percy nodded and looked at the fire.

Annabeth sighed and rubbed his arm. "It's not your fault you know. She slipped and we couldn't have saved her."

Percy looked at her and said, "How did you know?"

Annabeth shrugged and replied, "You put a lot of pressure on yourself. It wasn't hard to figure out."

Percy leaned forward and kissed her. "Let's go outside," he said with a smile.

Annabeth took his hand and they walked out of the Big House.

They stepped out into the bright sunshine and the porch of the house.

Nico was bouncing around on the balls of his feet while Grover was tapping his hooves impatiently.

Nico spotted them and said, "Come on! The beach will be great with this weather! Let's go!"

Percy said to Annabeth, "He seems more cheerful now."

Annabeth smiled, "He was stuck in a dark and cold cave for over a week. He's happy just to get out of there."

"Come on!" Grover said.

Percy and Annabeth walked over to them and together they all walked to the beach.

They were half way there when Annabeth said, "You guys are slow you know that?"

The three of them looked at her, confused. She gave them a smile and then ran ahead of them. They finally caught on and ran after her.

The four of them ran across the camp at full speed passing many other campers who gave them strange looks.

At that moment there were no worries, no dangerous quests and no problem.

It was just them, the sun and the beach.

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This is a summery of a new story I'm writing for Percy Jackson. Now it may not be out for a while because I've got other stories and I'm really busy with work and such.

It's going to have mild swearing so it's going to be a T at least.

There is only one rule at Camp Half Blood: Poseidon campers do NOT mix with Athena campers. EVER.

With fights happing between the two cabins every day, this rule was very important.

Annabeth knew this rule; she followed this rule. She had the perfect balance. Never get into the fights but never talk to a Poseidon camper. With her best friends, Grover and Nico, Annabeth has a reasonably quiet life at camp.

Trust Percy Jackson to come and screw everything up. Damn him and his good looks.

Ok obviously there is going to be a lot more of Poseidon's kids at camp but Percy is still going to be a powerful hero. I'll explain it in the story.

Please tell if I should write this.