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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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The Serpent's Pass

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Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, and Momo were relaxing in a small pond; Katara and Aang were playing in the water, while Toph was splashing her feet in the water and Sokka was reading a map of the earth nation. The scene would be perfectly normal and innocent if it wasn't for the fact that Katara was completely naked and Toph was wearing only her thin yellow over-dress and belt which had open slits on either side. Both Aang and Sokka were staring at Katara and the near naked Toph as they frolicked away. Aang and Sokka were tried to hide their major hard-ons while they continued to watch the girls.

Katara got up on top of a very high cliff and jumped thirty feet to the water below yelling "Waterbending bomb! YEAHHHHH!" as she jumped off the cliff, creating a huge splash which hit everyone, including Sokka and his map.

Everyone laughed but Sokka who scolded them by saying, "Sure, 5000 year old maps from the spirit library. Just splash some water on them".

After apologizing and drying the map off with waterbending, Katara got dressed and the group converged to discuss their options for traveling to Ba Sing Se in order to find and rescue Appa.

Just as they started to discuss traveling across the Serpent's Pass to make it to the city, a group of three refugees came into view with one saying, "Hello there, fellow refugees".

The small group of refugees consisting of one man and two women was also traveling to Ba Sing Se so they could be safe from the fire nation. Apparently, the pregnant woman, Ying, her husband, Than, and her sister were traveling to Ba Sing Se to deliver Ying's baby in safety. Katara could see Than's eyes move up and down her thin, but clean waterbending robes. She knew that her sexy form and the fact that her robes were clinging to her damp skin revealing her hard nipples was really turning on the married man. After deciding not to go over the Serpent's Pass because of its danger, the entire group decided to got to Full Moon Bay, where they could travel across the bay by ferry to Ba Sing Se.

Upon arriving at Full Moon Bay, Toph used her status as a member of the Bei Fong family to get four passes across the bay. After getting the passes, one of the security guards came up to Sokka and kissed him, revealing to the group that she was in fact, Suki, who had left Kyoshi Island and taken a job as a security officer for the ferry service. Sokka hadn't fucked Suki since he'd been on Kyoshi Island a long time ago, and upon seeing her, he got horny as hell for some Kyoshi warrior pussy.

Just before the group was about to embark on the ferry; Ying, Than and the sister pleaded with Katara and the group to find a way to help them get on the ferry. Unable to get passes for their fellow refugees, the group gave up on going on the ferry and decided to help the three refugees across the Serpent's Pass. Before embarking on the dangerous journey, Suki showed up again in full Kyoshi warrior paint and armor to help everyone across the dangerous pass.

After having a hard day on the Serpent's Pass, the group decided to camp for the night in a small barren opening. Suki had separated from the group to sleep in seclusion but was interrupted by Sokka, who was concerned for her safety.

"You shouldn't sleep there, who knows how stable this ledge is, it could give way at any moment" protested Sokka as he picked up Suki's sleeping bag.

"Sokka, I'm fine, stop worrying" responded Suki.

"You're right, you're right, you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself" replied Sokka.

"You could keep me warm tonight. If you wanted" said Suki sexily as Sokka started to set up her sleeping bag in a secluded corner away from anyone else.

Sokka's demeanor completely changed with Suki's new tone; he knew that she wanted a little Sokka tonight, and he was going to make sure she got a lot of Sokka.

"Sure baby, I'll keep you warm tonight" said Sokka as he eyed Suki's tight body in the failing light. Suki was still fully clothed in her Kyoshi warrior armor, but Sokka knew he could get her out of that in no time at all. He dragged their sleeping bags off into a more secluded corner of the sleeping area.

Suki started to pull off her clothes while she walked to where Sokka was setting up the sleeping bags. She had removed everything but her slutty underwear when she hugged Sokka from behind. She squeezed him tight before letting her hand slide down Sokka's stomach towards his rapidly growing cock. In only seconds, Suki had untied and removed Sokka's shirt and slid her hand underneath his waistband, grabbing his enormous 11 inch cock.

Sokka moaned in ecstasy as he felt the cold touch of Suki's fingers grasp the width of his cock. He could feel her begin to move her hand up and down his shaft. Sokka could also feel Suki use her other hand to pull down the waistband of his pants over the cock she was rubbing.

After five minutes straight of pumping Sokka's cock, Suki let go and made Sokka turn around to get a good look at her.

Sokka was a little perturbed that she had stopped giving him the fantastic hand job, but was overwhelmed with excitement when he turned to see Suki in a skimpy tight green bra and an even skimpier green thong.

"HO—LY SHIT!" Sokka said fairly loudly. His eyes opened wide in anticipation of ripping off the skimpy undergarments to see the real prize underneath.

"Shhhhh, Sokka! We don't want to wake up your sister" said Suki while she pointed at Katara who was only a few feet away and had shifted after Sokka's outburst.

Sokka wanted to say 'yes we do', but he didn't know how Suki would react and he knew it was best not to push his good luck. Sokka wasted no time ripping off both her bra and thong and throwing them to the side. Sokka was amazed at how fit and perfect Suki was; he had seen her naked and fucked her before, but it looked like she had developed even more since their last meeting. Suki had ample breasts with small but cute nipples and a very tight pussy with a small patch of brown pubic hair just above her clit. Sokka didn't want to waste any time in impaling the beauty before him on his monster cock, so he got down to lie on his back on the sleeping bags.

Suki made her way down to Sokka, but instead of letting Sokka fuck her right away; Suki glided over his eleven inch pole and sat directly on his face.

"Me first" said Suki as she put her full wait directly on Sokka's face.

'This again' thought Sokka, eager to fuck Suki. He had just eaten out Toph a few days earlier, and he was more eager to stick his cock into her pussy, rather than his tongue. He was a little shocked at her forwardness, but after sticking his long tongue into her pussy, he was overjoyed at the taste he got. Not only was she smoking hot, Suki tasted great too.

Suki could feel Sokka worm his tongue further into her pussy and after five more minutes of straight tongue fucking and some rather large moans from herself, Suki decided that Sokka deserved a special treat. She got up off of Sokka's face and shuffled her ass back to his still erect cock. Lifting up just high enough to reach the tip of Sokka's cock, Suki used her right hand to grasp Sokka's cock and direct it to her soaking wet pussy. Knowing that there was good lubrication from the tongue job, Suki slammed her pussy down as hard as possible on Sokka's cock making both Suki and Sokka grunt in pain and pleasure. Suki squirted immediately, all over Sokka's cock and waist.

The combined groaning of Sokka and Suki had awoken Katara; she opened her eyes to see Suki riding her brother in a secluded little corner. She was probably the only member of the group who could see them going at it and she was glad of it. Katara was turned on immediately by the shafting Suki was getting. She got out of her sleeping bag and hiked up her skirt while she was lying on her back. Because she had no panties, she simply dug her fingers into her trimmed pussy and in no time, she had three fingers in her pussy. Katara was quietly moaning while pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy, attracting the attention of another member of the group.

Than, the husband of Ying, the pregnant woman, woke up at Katara's shuffling and was thrilled he had after seeing what she was doing. Than knew that she was turned on by something, but couldn't tell what it was? He slid his hand down his pants and began massaging his soft cock without alerting his wife or sister-in-law. He wanted a piece of that young pussy, but he needed to wait for the right time in order to avoid waking up his wife.

While their fuck show was being ogled at by Katara, Sokka had started to ram more and more of his cock into Suki. She was not quite as much of a slut as Katara and needed more time to get accustomed to his large cock. After about ten minutes of hard fucking, Sokka had finally fit his entire cock inside of Suki. Upon reaching this goal, he sat up with his cock still in Suki and pushed Suki backwards so that she fell onto her back.

"My turn!" exclaimed Sokka, seeing the lust in Suki's eyes. Sokka wanted to be able to control the speed of their fuck, and he knew that if he was on top, he would be able slam into Suki without hesitation.

Immediately after being slammed on her back, Suki knew that she was in trouble; the carnal lust in Sokka's eyes told her that he was going to fuck the living shit out of her.

"Wait! Wait Sokka!" pleaded Suki before Sokka began to slam his cock all the way into her.

Sokka took heed of her warning, and slowed down to hear what she had to say.

"Just promise me you won't cum in me, no matter what!" Suki demanded with concern in her eyes. "I don't want to get pregnant".

"FINE!" agreed Sokka in disappointment. With that agreement Sokka slammed his entire eleven inches into Suki without remorse.

Suki was taken off guard by the sudden change of pace and the depth that Sokka had reached, so much so that she blacked out immediately.

Noticing that Suki had fainted from the extreme penetration she was receiving, Sokka simply continued to pick up his pace and slam into her even harder, disregarding her well-being completely. Sokka simply used Suki like a fuck doll for the next ten minutes, contorting her body to increase his own pleasure. Eventually, he felt his balls start to tingle and the pleasure begin to take him over. He remembered what Suki had said, but thought that since she was unconscious, there wouldn't be any way to prove that he had came inside of her. Sure, she might get pregnant, but Sokka was living in the here and now and he wasn't so worried about the future.

"UNGGGGHHHH" Sokka grunted loudly, jamming his cock as far into Suki as possible, unleashing a large amount of pent up cum inside of his beloved Suki. The fact that cumming inside the Kyoshi warrior was taboo, only made Sokka cum even more. Sokka unleashed several large streams of his hot sticky cum inside of the unconscious Suki, plastering her womb with his potent seed. Neither Sokka nor Suki knew it then, but they were making a baby at that very moment. Realizing that his orgasm was subsiding, Sokka decided to pull out of Suki and deposit his last stream of semen directly onto Suki's lifeless painted face in order to prove that he hadn't came inside of her. Sokka pulled his cock out of Suki's pussy just in time to unleash his final load onto her face and open mouth, smearing her Kyoshi warrior face paint.

Proud of what he had accomplished, Sokka wiped his cock off in Suki's hair, cleaned any excess cum from Suki's pussy, stood up straight and walked over to his vacant sleeping bag where he lay down and closed his eyes in relief.

Suki remained unconscious, naked, with a wicked grin plastered on her face, and her legs spread wide open. The evidence that Sokka had deposited his seed inside of her womb had been removed and the taste in her mouth and cum on her face would back up Sokka's story. It would be several weeks before Suki would learn the truth, and by that time, Sokka and Suki would be nowhere near each other.

Katara had had a front row seat to the long and wild fuck show put on by her brother and the sexy Suki. She had been fiercely digging her fingers in and out of her pussy when Sokka had started to fuck the unconscious Suki like a common rag doll. She was so close to orgasm when she heard Sokka grunt and eventually plaster the Kyoshi warriors face with his cum. The abrupt end to the show had left her hanging and she was unable to reach the release she so desperately wanted. Luckily, Katara had noticed that somebody else was keenly interested in what she was doing and that that person could be easily tempted to help her reach that release.

Than, the husband of Ying, had been watching Katara intently, rubbing his now fully erect cock inside his sleeping bag. He had removed his pants and underwear inside of his sleeping bag and was now just waiting for the right time to make his way over to the waterbending slut. That moment he was waiting for was about to happen when he heard someone grunt only feet away. He looked to see where it had come from and when he couldn't find its location, he had looked back at the young waterbender to enjoy the rest of the show. To his amazement, Katara was looking right at him and his obvious erection tenting his sleeping bag. To his utter shock, Katara didn't scream or call him a pervert, she raised the hand that had been in her pussy and motioned for him to come to her.

Katara's initial shock of discovering the peeping Tom only feet away subsided quickly when she saw the substantial tent in his sleeping bag. After motioning him to come to her, Katara pulled off her tattered dress, got up and made her way to a shallow cave opening, where they wouldn't be heard or bothered.

Than followed Katara obediently, anxious to get some pussy from someone other than his wife or his sister-in-law. Than had to be extra careful not to wake anybody, he didn't want to be caught, especially not by his wife. Than treaded carefully over his wife and her sister, but unbeknownst to him, he had accidentally woken his wife's sister. She remained groggy and did not immediately alert Than. Than made his way past where Katara had been sleeping and looked over at what Katara had been pleasuring herself over. He was amazed to see the young painted warrior, unconscious, naked and covered in cum, with the man who had fucked her sleeping soundly only feet away. Than quickly caught up to the now naked Katara, who was hiding in a small cave opening. Than could tell that that the cave was nothing more than an indentation in the rock wall, but it was enough to conceal what he knew they were going to be doing. The full moon and bright stars made it possible for Than to make out Katara's perfect figure, her firm ample breasts and ass, and even the thin strip of pubic hair located just above her pussy.

"Like what you see?" questioned Katara in her innocent voice as she turned around to show Than her ass. She bent over slightly so Than could get a good view of her perfectly shaped ass and her tight dripping wet pussy.

As soon as Than had made it to Katara, he squeezed her tits from behind and rubbed her inner thigh and pussy. Katara could tell that Than was easily over 25 years old and had considerable experience. Than twisted her nipple with his right hand while he lightly stroked her sensitive pussy.

Katara was also hard at work pleasuring Than; she had grabbed his large 9 inch erection and had begun moving her hand up and down his shaft. Katara had already warmed herself up for Than, and his crafty handiwork led her to an intense orgasm in only minutes. She sighed as she came, squirting her juices all over Than's hand and down her legs. She shook violently, but was able to keep her moaning low enough not to alert anybody.

Than was able to keep himself from cumming by telling himself that the real show was about to come.

Even though Katara was still shaking from her orgasm, Than wasted no time in bending Katara over so that she had to use her hands to brace herself against the wall. Than spit on his hand and wiped his cock to make sure it was lubed up enough to fit into the young teen. Than had no idea how big of a slut Katara was, even without her cumming, Than could have easily fit his entire cock inside of her with ease.

Katara had needed to take her hand off of Than's cock to brace herself against the wall. She was still on a high from the orgasm and really wasn't thinking about what Than was about to do to her.

Than slid his cock into Katara's pussy with ease, there was almost no resistance, owing to the fact that Katara was a common whore by now and the fact that her pussy was hot and slick from her recent orgasm.

"Wow, my wife isn't even this loose!" Than whispered into Katara's ear as he bent over her back, still moving his cock in and out of her. 'She must be some kind of whore or something' thought Than as he began to ram her a little harder.

Katara was a little perturbed by being called loose, but she didn't really care that much; she knew that she was a slut, and she liked it. Katara had finally come down from her orgasm and was starting to feel Than's immense member penetrating her deeply. Katara could tell that Than was a pro; he didn't miss a beat and continued to hit the perfect spot with every in-stroke.

Than continued to pump Katara from behind for several minutes, eliciting quiet moans of pleasure with every in-stroke. Than knew that he could only hold on so long, and he wanted to try one more position on the young hot teen before he came. Keeping his cock inside of Katara, Than lifted her flexible long left leg over his head and turned her around so that she was facing him with her left leg pinned straight up over his right shoulder.

"Ungh" grunted Katara as she was unable to keep herself from cumming for the second time that night. The change of position was enough to trigger her orgasm and squirt her juices all over Than's cock and legs.

While Than started to pump his cock into Katara, his sister-in-law was now fully awake and alerted by the quiet grunting of Katara. She made her way over to the sounds and was shocked to see her brother-in-law, the future father to her nephew or niece, plowing a hot young stranger only feet away from his pregnant wife. She was both pissed and turned on by the situation. She wasn't pissed that he was cheating on his wife, she was pissed that he wasn't fucking her. Sure, she had let him fuck her several times before in secret, but the fact that he picked this adolescent stranger to fuck was insulting to both her and her sleeping sister. However, seeing him slamming his cock in and out of the strange sexy girl was hot enough to make her want to either play with herself or join in. She decided it was best to simply remove her clothing and get a front row seat to the exhibition. What she didn't know was that her peeping on her brother-in-law wasn't the only peeping being done.

Sokka, who had been sound asleep after exhausting himself with Suki, was woken by someone shuffling about close by. By the distance and location, he first thought it was Katara, but after his eyes had adjusted to the moonlight, he realized it was the sister of the pregnant lady. To his amazement, she was fully nude by this point and had one of her hands massaging her right tit while she stood watching something else in the distance. Sokka could just make out a couple of figures in the distance, engaging in some sort of sexual activity. Sokka surmised that the sister was pleasuring herself to the two figures in the distant. Sokka had nearly recovered from the pounding he had just given the still unconscious Suki. The sight of the naked and sexy stranger was just enough to give him his second erection of the night.

Katara was taken off guard by the sudden change of position and subsequent orgasm, but after coming down from her second orgasm, she realized the great a position she was now in. Her left leg was still draped over Than's right shoulder which allowed Than to get deeper inside of Katara with each thrust.

Than continued to slam his cock into Katara for another five minutes before feeling the familiar sensation in his cock. He knew that he was about to cum, it was now just a matter of where to cum. He decided that the best course of action was to ask the young slut what she wanted, seeing that she had given him the night of his life and a brief respite from his looming fatherhood.

"Where do you want it beautiful?" said Than thoughtfully as he continued to slam his hips into Katara.

"Give it to me on my face baby!" Katara whispered in here sluttiest tone.

Than was caught off guard by how dirty the young girl was, she wanted him to paste her face with his cum and he had no reservations to meet her demands. Than picked up is speed as he felt his balls tingle and his cock swell. With one last in-stroke, Than pulled his cock out of Katara and made her spin around and get on her knees. Than looked down to see Katara looking right into his eyes with lust written all over her face. Than only had to pump his cock with his hand a few times before he felt the flood gates open and a torrent of cum erupt from his swollen cock all over Katara's pretty face.

Katara was determined to catch every drop in her mouth, but knew after the first two strings of cum, there was no chance to get it all as Than sprayed her entire face in only a few long streams of his seed.

Than wanted to make sure that Katara was completely covered, so he directed his cock to hit every corner of Katara's face. He could tell that she wanted to drink as much as possible but Than didn't really care. Than finally finished cumming and left the pasted Katara sitting on her knees as he took a deep breath and made his way back to his sleeping bag.

Katara slid back onto the wall and stayed sitting there with her face covered and dripping with cum. She slowly scooped the thick cum off her face and licked each of her fingers. Katara put on her tattered dress and fell asleep against the wall with her legs wide open and her pussy visible to any passer-by.

When Than started to cum on Katara's face, his sister-in-law took that as her cue to hide before Than made his way back to his sleeping bag. She ran towards the secluded little corner where she knew the Kyoshi warrior was still unconscious and Sokka was still sleeping. She ran past Suki and dove onto the ground, naked, on her stomach, right beside Sokka who remained still.

Sokka had watched the whole scene take place; he had seen the sister get naked and pleasure herself and also her frantic decision to hide right beside his own sleeping bag. By this point, Sokka's erection had returned in full measure, tenting his sleeping bag. He was still entirely naked inside his sleeping bag and when the sister slid to her stomach and covered her head to stay hidden from the man returning to his sleeping bag, he knew it was his chance to get some more pussy. With Suki still very much unconscious, Sokka quietly snuck out of his sleeping bag without alerting the hiding sister. After he had full gotten out of the sleeping bag, he took a look at the two perfect asses, side by side. Sure he could have fucked Suki again while she remained lifeless, but screwing this stranger would please him far more. He knew she wanted it, being completely naked and having her ass sticking up for anyone to have his way with her. Sokka thought about nudging her before simply sticking his cock inside of her, but after re-thinking his options, he decided to stealthily sneak up right begin her and kneel down on top of her without touching her. Sokka thought about sticking it in her pussy, but he'd already done that once tonight and he thought slut but wanted and needed a serious ass fucking. Inching slowly with his cock, Sokka held the tip of his cock in his right hand and pointed right at the sister's tiny asshole. She looked like she'd never had a cock in that little opening, and Sokka was glad that he'd be her first. Knowing that the only way to catch her off guard and make sure he didn't meet any initial resistance; Sokka half of his cock into her without hesitation.

"UNNGHHH" screamed the sister fairly loudly, almost waking up everyone in the camp. Aang was the only one though who woke at the sudden scream. The sister was surprised to say the least at the very sudden intrusion of something extremely large in her ass. She looked back to see what it was, and was surprised to find that the sleeping Sokka was sleeping no more. After getting over the initial shock of being violated by a stranger, the sister smiled back at Sokka, enjoying the intense pressure and sensation of having something driven into her ass. Sure it still hurt, but she knew it wouldn't last very long, and the real pleasure would come after.

Unfortunately for the sister of Ying, she'd never reach the point of pleasure because after Sokka pressed even harder into her tiny ass, the sister blacked out just like Suki had, just a few inches away from her. With a stupid smile on her face, the sister fainted and her head fell to the ground with a thud.

"Shit!" said Sokka, "another bitch can't handle the Sokka". 'At least this will make it easier to fuck her tight ass' he thought positively before slamming the rest of his 11 inches into the fainted slut. Sokka showed even less remorse than he had for his beloved Suki when she had fainted. He knew it was going to take even longer to blow his load this time due to the fact that he had just cum only minutes earlier. The tightness of the sister was unbelievable, Sokka knew that no one had had the pleasure of filling her ass.

Sokka looked over at the unconscious Suki thinking that maybe Ying's sister deserved the same treatment Suki had gotten. Sokka reluctantly removed his cock from the Ying's sister's ass and lifted up her waist so he could have easy access to her hot little pussy. Sokka took a good look at the sister's pussy in the moonlight, seeing that it was completely bald, with no pubic hair at all.

"Ohh yeah!" exclaimed Sokka, at the sight of the soft bald pussy in front of him. Sokka wasted no time in finding the entrance of her pussy with the tip of his cock and nudging the tip into the entrance of her pussy. Sokka was a little shocked to discover how tight her pussy still was, seeing that she was a big enough of a slut to shave her pussy. The slight resistance to Sokka's mammoth eleven inch cock didn't last very long though; Sokka was persistent enough to wiggle his entire cock into her before beginning to pick up a steady pace. Sokka continued ramming his cock into the unconscious sister for another twenty minutes; his own stamina was beginning to fade at the strain he had put on himself.

Aang had been the only one who was woken by the Ying's sister scream of pain. Initially he had thought she was in trouble, so got up quickly and made his way silently to the secluded corner it had come from. On his way to the disturbance, Aang noticed that Katara's sleeping bag was empty and upon looking around to see where she was, he could just maker her out in a small indentation in the rock wall in the opposite direction of the noise. He could see her legs wide open and her face gleaming with cum, and he knew that she had probably just received a creamy reward from either Sokka or the other male member of their group, Than. Aang contemplated going over to Katara and fucking her with her legs wide open, but remembered that there were more important tasks. Aang turned around quickly and looked to where the noise had come from. He could just make out Sokka, plowing some girl from behind. From her figures, it was clear it was the sister of the pregnant woman. It also looked like the woman was unconscious at this point and Sokka was having his way with her. Aang could also see the sexy Kyoshi warrior, Suki, who also was naked and had a face full of cum, and her legs spread in his direction. Aang realized that Sokka had had a busy night and his handiwork spoke for itself. Aang couldn't help but be turned on by the fact that Sokka continued to fuck both of the unconscious sluts with no remorse or hesitation at all.

Meanwhile, Sokka continued to slam his cock into Ying's sister as she lay unconscious with her ass sticking up in the air. Sokka could feel the strain and pressure building in his groin. He knew what was coming, and he knew where he wanted it to happen.

"Ahhh" groaned Sokka as he felt his last measure of resolve leave him and his cock erupt inside the unconscious sister. Again, Sokka spilled several strings of his still potent seed into Ying's sister, filling her virgin womb with copious amounts of warm semen. It may not have been as much as he spilled into Suki, but Sokka knew that if he had just impregnated Suki, he had surely impregnated the strange refugee. Again, Sokka cared little that he impregnated another slut; he knew he'd probably never see this woman again, and the baby would be her responsibility.

Sokka finally finished filling his unconscious slut with his seed and as he started to feel his cock begin to soften, he himself lost consciousness and slumped over Ying's sister's ass, falling into a deep sleep.

As Sokka grunted and filled his second unconscious partner full of seed for the second time of the night, Aang was watching intently from Katara's empty sleeping bag. He had his hand down his pants and was massaging his semi-erect cock and balls until he saw Sokka slump over the woman he was fucking, and faint. Aang looked back at Katara, but decided that he wanted something different that night; he could fuck Katara anytime he wanted. Aang made his way over the unconscious trio and pulled Sokka out and off of Ying's sister so that he fell backwards onto his sleeping bag snoring loudly. A massive amount of Sokka's cum poured out of her pussy as soon as Sokka's cock was dislodged. Aang knew right then and there that Sokka had probably just impregnated her without her even knowing.

'Which should I choose' thought Aang as he removed his pants and underwear in anticipation of getting some pussy. Upon looking at both the sluts carefully, his cock had grown to its now impressive 7 inches. Aang decided that it would be best not to commit to any one hole, deciding that he would at least warm up in the Kyoshi warrior. Suki's legs were still wide open and her face covered in cum from the fucking she had recently gotten from Sokka. Aang grabbed both legs, lifted them up to raise up her ass a little, and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"What the fuck" yelled Suki as she woke up to see and feel Aang getting ready to place his pole into her hole. "Aang! What in the hell do you think you're doing?" protested Suki as she rubbed off Sokka's cum from her face and looked over at the unconscious stranger a few inches away from her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh…" stuttered Aang as he kept his cock near her pussy. "I was trying to revive you. Yeah, revive you" Aang finished.

Suki smiled all of the sudden and replied "Since I'm already conscious, don't you think we should try to revive Ying's sister?"

"Definitely!" responded Aang with a sinister smile on his face. Standing up straight, Aang made his way over to Ying's sister while Suki opened her legs even wider to Aang and started rubbing her pussy to try to excite Aang even further. Amazingly enough, Aang needed little encouragement to fuck the smoking hot, unconscious stranger. Ying's sister was in the perfect position for Aang, he simply stepped behind her, squatted low, and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Her pussy was slick with Sokka's cum; he could feel Sokka's cum still at the entrance of her pussy. Aang was a little disappointed at getting sloppy seconds, but on the bright side, her pussy would be slick and primed for Aang.

"Ohh yeah!" moaned Suki as she watched the avatar probe the stranger's pussy for the best entrance. "Do it! Fuck the living shit out of her!" encouraged Suki with her fingers slamming in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

Aang didn't need to be ordered, but the encouragement only helped him find the right entrance to Ying's sister's pussy. Aang slammed his entire cock into the sister in one movement. Sokka had made a lot of room for Aang; Sokka's eleven inches were a lot more than Aang's modest seven inches. He slid in and out of her cum coated pussy with no resistance at all.

Suki was extremely turned on by the odd situation she was in; she was starting to feel a little left out and knew that she needed a little cock to feel included. She looked over at the unconscious Sokka and knew that there was no chance of waking up that rock, so she looked at Aang who was now in full motion, pounding the stranger with all his might.

Aang had no idea that Suki was giving him a once over; what he did know, was that he was loving the pussy he was fucking at the moment. Somehow the slut was still unconscious, even with the extreme fucking she was getting. Aang was now at top speed, putting all his effort into getting as deep into Ying's sister as possible. Aang was so focused on slamming his cock into Ying's sister; he had totally ignored Suki, who by now was eyeing his cock with jealousy. Aang wouldn't have even looked over at Suki if he hadn't heard her squeal in pleasure, obviously going through an intense orgasm. Aang looked over at Suki in surprise and lust as she shook out of control.

"Enough with this pussy" exclaimed Aang, "I'm getting a piece of that". Aang pulled his cock out of the young stranger's pussy in a hurry so he could make it over to Suki as quick as he could.

"Unnnnhhh! Come and get it big boy!" said Suki in her sexiest voice. Suki laid on her back, spread her legs and invited Aang to stick his seven inches into her juicy pussy.

Aang only had to take a step to his left and lie down on top of Suki to start fucking her. Aang knew he was nearing his end after slamming the strange refugee girl for nearly ten minutes. The only way he was going to be able to enjoy fucking Suki for as long as possible was to take a minute and let himself cool off. The only problem was that Suki continued to urge Aang on to fuck her, and because she was so damn fucking hot, Aang had trouble keeping his composure. The techniques for self control and meditation that he had learned under Monk Giatso meant very little in this situation. After about a minute of restraint, Aang got on his knees, pointed the tip of his cock at the entrance of Suki's moist pussy and pushed with all his strength into Suki.

Suki winced at the sudden penetration of something as large as Aang's cock. She had thought she was ready, but after the dangerously deep fucking she had received from Sokka, she was a little wary. Lucky for her, Aang wasn't as big as Sokka and instead of blacking out like the first time; she felt Aang's cock penetrate her deeply. Instead of the pain she'd expected, Suki felt pure pleasure.

Suki was nice and slick for Aang; so after the first deep penetration of her, Aang was able to pick up where he had left off with Ying's sister, slamming her pussy as hard as possible. Aang was holding up his upper body by placing his arms at either side of Suki's head. In this position, Aang was able to get considerable leverage and was able to penetrate Suki deeper than he had ever penetrated anyone. Aang could feel his balls slapping the entrance of her ass hole with each thrust, and the sensation was amazing. He was glad he had taken a couple minutes to cool off; it was definitely worth it as he continued to grind his hips into Suki.

If Aang thought he was in heaven, it was nothing to the sensation Suki was going through; with every thrust, she could feel the avatar go deeper and deeper into her. She knew there was no way that he could last very much longer, but she was so close to her second orgasm, she pleaded with Aang to hold on.

"Please, hold on Aang!" pleaded Suki. "I'm so close to cumming again".

"I don't think I can last any longer" panted Aang as he neared his end.

"I'll let you cum on my face" bargained Suki. "I'll even help you cum on this other slut's face".

Aang's ears perked up at the thrilling and favorable news. Sure, he'd like to fill this little Kyoshi warrior up with his seed, but plastering both of the sluts' faces at once sounded just as good at this point. As Aang thought over the proposition, he heard Suki groan again before squirting all over his cock. The sensation of Suki's hot juices running down his swollen cock was enough to bring Aang over the edge. He pulled out of Suki's shaking pussy and gripped his cock tight to prevent himself from cumming until Suki had recovered and had flipped Ying's sister onto her back.

"It's time to take your reward" panted Suki as she lay down beside Ying's sister with their cheeks touching. Before Aang was able to release his load onto their faces, Suki opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue at Aang.

"YESSSSS" grunted Aang as he lessened the grip on his cock which had been stemming the flow of his cum. He kneeled down just low enough to have the perfect angle at both of their faces. Aang's pent up cum was massive as he fired five large loads onto both of the girls' faces, painting them white with semen. Aang made Suki's mouth his prime target, but because of his massive load, he was able to hit both girls sufficiently with a large amount of his sperm.

"Now lick it off of her face!" ordered Aang as he looked directly into Suki's eyes. Suki first licked the cum off her own face before very delicately licking Aang's warm cum off of Ying's sister's face.

"That was great!" exclaimed an exhausted Suki as she finished licking off the sister's face. "We should definitely do that again".

Aang had nearly fainted after doling out a substantial amount of cum onto the two beauties in front of him. When Suki suggested doing it again some time, Aang nodded 'yes' lazily before slowly walking back to his sleeping bag with his clothes.

Suki on the other hand, made her way over to the sleeping Sokka and got under his sleeping bag covers still naked; falling asleep holding him tightly, not knowing that she had a little Sokka growing in her womb.

Morning came after a long night of hardcore fun. Everybody had gotten into the action except Toph and the pregnant Ying. Somehow, Katara had made her way back to her sleeping bag, as well as Ying's sister who had woken up with a somewhat sticky face and an irregular taste in her mouth. Ying's sister had gotten dressed and slipped back to her sleeping bag without anyone noticing.

The entire group was exhausted from the previous night; everybody but Ying.

"Why are you so tired Toph" queried an obviously fatigued Sokka.

"I was up almost the entire night listening to you, Aang, and Than fucking" Toph said nonchalantly.

"What?" Sokka said obviously surprised.

"Yeah, I was rubbing my pussy for like three straight hours!"

"Cool" said an eavesdropping Than.

Toph had been most excited when she felt Than fucking Katara; she could feel how powerful his thrusts were and how much Katara had enjoyed it. She wanted to try it badly, and she had a feeling that he wanted her too. Toph just had to drop some subtle hints to make sure he was checking her out. The first hint came, when she on purpose, bent over with her ass sticking out right at Than. Toph had no panties and only a simple yellow overdress and belt. She had lost her green underclothes the last time she had gotten fucked and now she was left with a thin yellow overdress with large slits on either side of the dress. The belt was only thing holding the dress together at the sides. Everybody could see her naked body through the side strips of her dress, as well as a portion of her small tits. When Toph bent over, everybody, especially Than, could see her tiny pussy and tight white ass. After standing back up, Toph gave a little wink back at Than who she could tell had gotten hard immediately.

Than remained hard until they made it to the submerged area of the Serpent's Pass. The entire group had made it across the ice path Katara had made to the other side of the pass except for Toph who couldn't see anything on the water. A giant serpent had attacked the group, so both Aang and Katara made their way out into the bay to deal with the dangerous sea serpent. Toph made it most of the way until the ice bridge was broken and she fell into the water. Moments later she was rescued by someone and upon grabbing hold of her savior, she thanked him.

"Oh Sokka, you saved me!" thanked Toph, "I'm going to let you fuck me so hard tonight" she added in a whisper.

"Actually, it's me" replied Suki, who had dove into the water and saved Toph.

"Oh… well… you can go ahead and drown me now" responded Toph who was mortally embarrassed.

"Don't be, I just may take you up on your offer" Suki said naughtily, sticking two of her fingers into Toph's pussy and squeezing one of her small tits.

"Ooooh" crooned Toph at the sudden penetration.

Toph seriously considered finishing her little escapade with Suki upon reaching the shore. However, she was helped to her feet by Than, who lifted her up out of the water by her ass, giving her a secret ass grope, undetected by the rest of the group. Then and there, Toph knew what she was about to receive when she and Than were finally alone.

Everybody was enthusiastic after Aang and Katara had defeated the giant serpent and after they had joined the rest of the group. It was decided that Aang and Ying would go ahead and make it to the end of the pass and to safety while the rest of gang took a short break to recover from the ordeal.

As Aang and Ying started to travel the last part of the Serpent's Pass to safety, Toph was still soaking wet and needed to dry her clothes off before continuing. She decided to find a secluded cave to undress and let her clothes dry. Her other purpose for making her way to a cave and getting undressed was to further excite Than.

Than would have gone ahead with Ying and Aang, but because he was so horny for the little blind earthbending girl, he saw this opportunity perfect for getting more pussy. He saw her sneak away undetected to a small cave opening, and like her, he too snuck away to find her and reward her for the little show she had given him earlier. Than was still rock hard as he made it to the cave. He peered inside to see the soaking wet Toph remove her belt and pull off her little yellow overdress to reveal pert little tits and a bald pussy.

Toph could obviously feel Than sneaking up on her and spying on her, but she had planned on it and welcomed his attention. Toph, turned around to give Than a good view of her little white ass before bending over again to excite him further.

"Is this what you're looking for?" said Toph with lust in her voice.

Than walked into the cave immediately, sporting a huge hard cock underneath his pants and a smile on his face.

"You know it" replied Than excitedly. He made his way over to Toph, who was still bending over. Than got onto his knees before pushing Toph face forward onto the ground so her ass was sticking up in the air and her face was flat against the ground. Than leaned forward and planted his face in her ass, sticking his tongue deep into her tiny pussy.

Toph let out a little moan when Than jammed his tongue into her pussy, but because she was ready for his little tongue fucking, she had shifted backwards to make sure he got his tongue as deep into her as possible.

Than licked and licked until his tongue got tired. It took five minutes of this before Toph let out a squeal of pleasure and unloaded a thin stream of her juices onto Than's tongue. Toph's juices ran down his chin where he lapped them up hungrily.

Toph, after coming down from her orgasm, knew that it was her turn to pleasure Than.

Than had different plans; sure a blowjob would be great, but he was horny to get some of that sweet pussy he had been licking. He removed his pants and underwear and got ready to fuck the little girl harder than she had ever got fucked before. Instead of getting a well-deserved blowjob, Than stood up and picked Toph up by her waist. He lifted her right off the ground and positioned her ass at cock level.

Toph was taken off guard by Than's forwardness in picking her up like a rag doll and positioning his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She could see very little when her feet left the ground and the initial darkness frightened Toph. Toph was light enough for her to be picked up like a common doll, making it easy for anyone to fuck her like a slutty doll.

Obviously Than had this idea in mind when he grabbed her hips and lifted her up. It took no time at all for him to find the entrance of her tiny pussy with his 9 inch cock. He pushed hard into her, finding less resistance than he thought he would with such a tiny hole. Than had gotten most of his cock into Toph in the first plunge and the rest of his nine inches only moments later. He could tell she was liking it by the constant moaning coming from Toph as he began to slam her back and forth on his cock like a rag doll.

Toph felt like a rag doll as she was manhandled like a dirty slut. She was able to see everything every time her ass came in contact with Than's hips and because he was slamming his cock into her so fast, she could see almost perfectly through Than's own feet. Than's deep penetration was helping Toph come closer and closer to her second orgasm of the fuck session.

Than was moving his hips faster and faster, and just before Toph came, he twisted her around so she was facing him with her legs rapped around his waist. He lifted her up so she could wrap her arms around his body as well, when he felt her juices squirt down past his cock and onto the ground.

Toph squeezed Than hard with both her legs and arms in order to help Than get deeper into her with each thrust. Toph rested her head against Than's chest as he continued to thrust into her, faster and faster with each passing minute. After ten minutes, Than began to pant with strain on his face and an obvious need to unload etched into every line of his face.

"I'm going to fill you up so full, my little fuck doll!" shouted Than right before his cock began to swell and his balls tingled.

"UUUNGGHH" yelled Than as he sent stream after stream of his warm cum into his little rag doll. Than had wanted to cum in Katara like he was now cumming in Toph, but feared he would have gotten Katara pregnant. There was no threat of that with this adolescent whore, and because of that, he expelled a copious amount of his seed directly into her tiny womb.

"What!" responded Toph, too late to stop Than from cumming inside of her. She wasn't quick enough as she felt his sticky ropes of semen plaster her insides.

"Damn" Toph screamed, "I wanted to taste your cum" she confessed.

Without responding, Than continued to pump his cock in an out of Toph, spraying her womb with the rest of his seed.

"Ahhhh" sighed Than as he dropped Toph onto the ground roughly.

"Owww, you asshole!" Toph responded after falling hard on her ass. Before she could finish though, Than had pulled up his underwear and pants and left without saying a word.

Toph remained on the ground for the next five minutes with her legs wide open, letting Than's cum drip out of her pussy and licking it off the ground to satisfy her desire for his tasty cum. Toph then got dressed into her wet clothes and returned to the group, who were just ready to leave, not knowing what Toph and Than had just done only meters away.

Aang and Ying had gone ahead in order to make it to safety and to someone who could deliver Ying's baby as fast as possible. As they reached the end of the Serpent's Pass; Ying stopped and looked at Aang.

Aang had been walking behind Ying, looking right at her ass for about ten minutes. Aang had no idea that Ying knew he was checking her out. Aang could tell that Ying would be smoking hot if she hadn't been pregnant. She still had a decent ass underneath her dress and even though she was married and nine months pregnant, Aang still wouldn't have minded getting a piece of her ass to cheer himself up.

Ying was looking right at Aang for ten seconds before he realized she had stopped and was staring at him. Ying had a crazy look in her eyes, a look that Aang had seen on several occasions lately.

"My husband never looks at my ass anymore" sighed Ying.

"Wha-" stuttered Aang, obviously flustered.

"Don't worry, it's a welcomed change, my husband hasn't touched me in months" confessed Ying.

"You know…" said Aang now reassured, "The monks use to tell me that they would fuck the pregnant female airbenders in order to induce labor" Aang continued with hope in his eyes.

"Sounds like a good plan, should we try it out?" responded Ying as she got on her knees.

Aang had no time to respond as Ying got on her knees and pulled down Aang's pants and underwear in a hurry. She grasped his hardening cock and began to rub it slowly. Ying wasn't fooling around as she opened her mouth and started sucking on Aang's 7 inch fully hard cock. She hadn't tasted a good cock for months, and the taste brought back happy memories for her. Ying's head bobbed back and forth as Aang stood still with a look of shock and pleasure plastered on his face.

Aang just stood still and enjoyed the ride as he felt Ying's warm mouth move back and forth on his cock. He could feel her hands move up to his naked ass and grip it tight in order to jam his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Aang could feel his cock slamming into the back of her throat repeatedly, and it felt amazing. Not wanting to blow his load before getting to the good part, Aang pulled back out of her grasp after five minutes of throat pounding.

Ying could hardly breathe after throat fucking herself for over five minutes. She was almost glad when she felt Aang back off, any more and she would have throat fucked herself to death. Ying knew what was coming next, and like so many times before, she got on her hands and knees and turned around so her ass was pointing right at Aang. Ying lifted up the back of her dress to reveal her white, naked and slightly chunky ass to Aang before he got onto his knees and ready to fuck her.

Upon seeing Ying lift her dress and present herself for him, Aang got onto his knees and took hold of his cock. He placed the head of his cock at Ying's wide slit before he slowly and easily pushed the rest of his cock into her.

"Ohh Yeah" both Aang and Ying moaned at the same time. Aang could tell she was near delivery; there was a lot of room for Aang's seven inches after he pushed into her completely. Aang took very little time to pick up a frantic pace, trying to make sure he could finish before the rest of the group caught up to them. Aang however, knew it would take a long time of fucking her loose pussy before he could cum. Ten minutes of hard fucking was still not enough to get Aang over the edge.

Ten minutes however, was enough to finally get Ying over the edge, and with her orgasm, her water broke and she finally went into labor.

"Oh… my… god!" screamed Ying, realizing she was going into labor. "Stop! Stop!" Ying pleaded Aang.

Aang had no intention of letting up until he had his chance of cumming. Ying's water breaking and her orgasm were enough to get Aang excited enough to nearly make him cum. Aang knew that he needed to make sure there was no evidence of him ever fucking her. Cumming inside her or on her face would not work; the only way to get rid of the evidence was to make sure Ying swallowed the whole load. Aang pulled out before cumming, and after Ying sighed with relief and rolled over to her back to get more comfortable; Aang moved over to her face and jammed his entire cock into her mouth.

"YESSSS!" grunted Aang before Ying had a chance to recover and pull Aang's cock out of her mouth. Aang felt Ying's mouth tighten around his cock just before he blew his entire load. Aang fired four large hot loads of his cum down the struggling Ying's throat. Ying had no way to avoid swallowing his entire load and after Aang grunted for the last time and pulled his cock from her mouth, she gasped for air and felt Aang's cum slither its way into her stomach.

Aang instinctively pulled up his underwear and pants as he heard the rest of group running in their direction. Aang gave Ying a significant look to tell her not to say anything to them before he pulled down her dress and propped her head up to make it look like he was helping her deliver her baby.

Katara and Than helped deliver Ying's baby inside a rock tent Toph had made for the occasion, and after the baby girl was delivered successfully, Katara made Aang come inside the rock tent and hold the baby.

Aang was instantly cheered up by the sight of a new life being brought into the world. Katara looked at Aang and the baby and at that moment, she knew that the next time she fucked Aang, she'd let him cum inside her and make their own baby.

Aang left the group after the delivery, since the danger had now passed. It was now time to start searching for Appa in Ba Sing Se. As he flew up the giant walls of Ba Sing Se, he saw a most displeasing sight, a fire nation drill heading directly for the wall.

"Sorry Momo, Appas going to have to wait" said Aang dejectedly.