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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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The Drill

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As Aang reached the top of the wall at Ba Sing Se, he saw the massive fire nation drill slowly making its way towards the stone city walls.

Inside the drill, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee sat in their throne like seats, waiting impatiently for the drill to make it to the wall. War Minister Ching, commander of the drill paced confidently around the deck, sure of their impending success.

"How long is it going to take to make it to this stupid wall?" complained Mai.

"Be patient Mai, the walls of Ba Sing Se are legendary" responded Azula.

"We've got at least two hours before we make contact with the wall Princess, would you like some refreshments while you wait?" asked one of the four elite fire nation soldiers on the command deck.

"I know what we could do to pass the time!" responded Ty Lee with a devious look on her face. Ty Lee was looking at the four fire nation soldiers and the War Minister with a twinkle in her eye.

"Good idea Ty Lee!" said Azula, also eyeing the soldiers with her hand creeping towards her pussy. "You four, take your clothes off" demanded Azula, "and you too" she finished pointing at War Minister Ching.

The four soldiers removed their helmets and looked at each other with huge smiles on their faces. They knew what kind of reward they were about to receive from the three gorgeous beauties and took no time to pull off their armor and uniforms. War Minister Ching was an elderly man, and although he was happily married, having a chance to plough the Princess of the fire nation, was far too good an opportunity to give up. He therefore removed his uniform, lining up with the other soldiers in front of Mai, Ty Lee and Azula, who had all, began rubbing their pussies through their clothes.

"Ty lee, Mai, you can have those two" said Azula, pointing at two of the soldiers, "I'll take the other three".

Ty Lee and Mai were a little shocked at how greedy Azula had become. They knew she was just as big of a slut as they were, but she usually was a little reserved when it came to having sex. Ty Lee and Mai cared little about Azula's new slutty behavior though; one for each of them was good enough. They stood up and took the hands of their two selected soldiers before leading them over to the other side of the command center.

"Undress us" said Mai as she and Ty Lee sensually kissed the guards.

Obediently, the guards slowly pulled off the girls' clothes, kissing their soft skin as they removed the garments one at a time. Ty Lee and Mai moaned in satisfaction as the guards ran their tongues up and down their inner thighs. It took them only a couple of minutes before both girls were completely naked and obviously ready for a little more. The soldiers, knowing of their inferior rank, and therefore subservience, began moving their tongues closer and closer to both Mai and Ty Lee's pussies.

As Mai and Ty Lee were being pleasured by their two guards, Azula, was getting an even more intense pleasuring from her three partners. They lifted the young princess from her throne and placed her on the floor gently, while they began removing her armor and garments. War Minister Ching was the one removing her armor while the two soldiers began massaging her young pert tits. Minister Ching finished pulling off Azula's armor and continued to remove her boots and the rest of her uniform. As the Minister pulled off her pants, one of the soldiers stopped rubbing her tits and made his way down to her feet where he helped Ching pull off her pants so he could make his way to her tiny yellow thong. He could tell that Azula was already wet, he could both see and smell her juices pooling in her panties. As Minister Ching pulled off Azula's shirt, the other soldier quickly ripped of her bra in only a second, revealing Azula's perfect teen tits. The soldier smelling her panties began licking her pussy through her panties as Azula began to be molested all over. The soldier could hear her moaning with each lick. The smell and taste was too much for the soldier, he had to pull off her panties and get a nice look at her teenage pussy.

While Azula was getting the royal treatment from her three horny men; Ty Lee and Mai were getting eaten out furiously by the other two soldiers. The soldier licking Ty Lee's pussy had his tongue as far into her as possible, while the man licking Mai was lightly licking the edges of Mai's pussy, to her obvious satisfaction.

"Ooooh" moaned Ty Lee as she came all over her partner's face; squirting it on his tongue and chin, while she groaned in satisfaction.

"Yesssss!" responded Mai only seconds later as the constant tickling of her pussy, put her over the edge for the first time. She didn't squirt like Ty Lee, but her partner could faintly taste her juices as she finished sighing.

Azula hadn't quite made it over the edge like Mai and Ty Lee, but she was just getting started. One of her partners was sucking on her tit while another was slowly removing her panties. All three of her partners were both surprised and stunned to see that Azula no longer had a bald pussy; she was now sporting a nice trimmed bush, in the shape of the fire insignia.

"What a whore!" murmured the soldier under his breath, as he pulled off her panties. Without wasting any time, the soldier slid two of his fingers into her sopping wet pussy. While Azula was getting fingered, both her tits were being assaulted by the other soldier and Minister Ching. Azula was so close to an orgasm, and the strain in her face was an obvious indication to her partners. Seeing this strain, all three men picked up their intensity, wanting to make her explode in orgasmic pleasure.

"FUUUUUCK!" screamed Azula as she started to spasm. She exploded her pent up juices all over the fingers in her pussy and onto the floor. As she finally calmed down, her attention was taken by the two other girls only feet away.

Ty Lee was lying on her back and Mai was on all fours as they were about to be penetrated by their horny partners. Azula was staring with interest written all over her face.

"Unnnn" both Mai and Ty Lee groaned as they were both penetrated simultaneously.

Both their partners were about 8 inches long, and in complete ecstasy as they pushed more and more of their cocks into the beauties. Ty Lee's partner was the first to make it all the way in; with a grunt, he felt his hips hit hers. Only a few seconds later, Mai, who was on all fours, felt her partner's balls slap against her pussy as his entire eight inches made it inside of her.

As the two men fucking Ty Lee and Mai, Azula was about to receive her first cock of the day. Before that, one of the soldiers got onto his back and made Azula sit on his cock. Azula slowly inched down onto his monster 10 inches with hesitation. Unfortunately for Azula, the other soldier now behind her, was far too horny to let her slowly inch down on his cock. He grabbed her by her shoulders and slammed her down on the entire ten inches.

"UNGGGH!" screamed Azula, looking back at the man who had just forced her down on ten inches of thick cock. "What the fuck do you think you're do-" stammered Azula as the man forced her down, exposing her ass to him in the process.

The man fucking her pussy was a little shocked and in pain after having his entire cock slammed into Azula. After the shock however, he began to piston his cock in and out of her faster and faster. Just as he was beginning to enjoy himself, Azula had been pushed forward so her tits were flat against his chest. Her body warmth was exhilarating to him, but what really intrigued him, was the fact that his fellow soldier was pointing his raging hard 7 inches at her virgin ass hole.

"Don't you fucking da-" started Azula, just before her mouth was filled by War Minister Ching's 6 inches. Azula could only mumble the rest of her sentence as Ching continued to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Azula had wanted to get fucked by the three men, but she had always envisioned it one at a time. As she began to think about the trouble she was in, she felt the other soldier begin to prod her ass hole with his cock.

As Azula ass was being probed for a serious double fucking; Mai and Ty Lee were having the times of their lives. Both were getting slammed hard, one slamming his cock down in Ty Lee while the other was slamming Mai from behind. Five minutes of hard fucking wasn't enough to get the men over the edge; it was however, enough to get Ty lee and Mai over the edge. Both girls groaned again in pure pleasure as they both came for the second time that day. The sudden rush of their fluids was almost enough to get both of the soldiers off, but they had both decided to end things a little more dramatically, so they held on for dear life.

While Mai and Ty Lee came for the second time, Azula was about to receive her second cock of the day, this time in her tiny ass. With a single thrust, both Azula and her partner screamed in pain and pleasure as Azula came from the sudden double penetration. All she could do was to mumble as War Minister Ching's cock was still jammed down her throat. It took a painstaking five minutes, but after some real determination, the man in her ass was able to fit his entire cock into her. With that, every single one of Azula's holes were being fucked at full speed. Azula was getting fucked out of her mind, but she was in just the right position to see both Mai and Ty Lee on their knees, ready to receive their creamy reward. 'That's what I want' thought Azula as she continued to get triple fucked.

Ty Lee and Mai had gotten to their knees at the request of their partners, both ready to receive a face full of hot sticky cum. They each had one hand around wrapped around their partner's cock, stroking it at full speed while they looked into their eyes, urging them to cum.

"UNGGHHHH!" grunted both soldiers as they blew their loads at almost the same time. The man cumming on Ty Lee, hit her with four thick streams right in her mouth, with one hitting her right in the left eye. Mai wasn't as lucky; her partner, sprayed her face with a massive amount of cum, spreading it all over her face and getting some into her hair. Both men sighed in obvious relief as they finished painting their slutty partners with their hot seed.

As Azula started to crave for the cum bath Ty Lee and Mai had just gotten, she felt the man fucking her pussy begin to shutter. Before she could make him stop, she felt him release a very large hot load of potent semen directly into her violated pussy.

"God dammit!" shouted Azula as she pulled off War Minister Ching's cock. "They always have to cum inside me" she finished as the man's orgasm finally subsided. As mad as she was that the man had just left his seed deep inside her womb, she had started to like the warm sensation of having her pussy packed with hot semen. She enjoyed it so much so that she decided that since she was going to need take a vial of birth control potion anyway, she might as well let the other soldier blow his load inside of her pussy as well.

"I want you to cum in my pussy too" pleaded Azula as she lifted herself off the deflated cock that was in her pussy, "You might as well fill me up". She moved just high enough off his cock to allow the man still fucking her ass to pull out with a pop and slide it into her cum slicked vagina in a single thrust. It was a smooth sensation that Azula felt as the man started sliding his cock in and out of her with a little more speed. It took only a minute for him to reach his end too, and to Azula's delight, he unleashed an even larger load of cum into her already cum filled pussy. Azula felt him spew four warm streams into her pussy before falling backwards and collapsing from exhaustion.

'And just think' thought Azula, "all I wanted was a good facial'. Just as Azula closed her eyes in pleasure from the warm cream still flowing from her pussy, she received her wish.

"UNGGHHHH" grunted War Minister Ching, the forgotten partner, as he unloaded two smaller loads of warm cum onto Azula's face. Ching had been rubbing his cock for the last few minutes as Azula was receiving a double stuffing of warm cream. Just as she'd closed her eyes though, he had reached his breaking point, pasting her cheek with a couple of warm loads of semen.

The fuck session over, all parties cleaned themselves up and got dressed, now ready to penetrate the wall of Ba Sing Se. Azula quickly downed her vial of birth control potion, safely storing her final four vials under her armor for safe keeping. With that, business got back to usual, just as if nothing had happened.

"This drill is a feat of scientific ingenuity and raw destructive power. Once it tunnels through the wall, our troops will storm their city; the Earth Kingdom will finally fall and you can claim Ba Sing Se in the name of your father. Nothing can stop us!" recited War Minister Ching confidently.

"mmmm, what about those muscley guys down there?" responded Ty Lee looking through the periscope. Even though Ty Lee had gotten a serious fucking only minutes earlier, she was already thinking about her next fuck.

"Please" interrupted Minister Ching, "The drill's metal shell is impervious to any earthbending attack".

"Ohh, I'm sure it is War Minister Ching, but just to be on the safe side… Mai and Ty Lee, take the earthbenders out" ordered Azula.

"Finally, something to do" responded the bored Mai, as she and Ty Lee made their way off the drill. Mai licked her lips as she made her way towards the exit.

After seeing the giant drill making its way towards Ba Sing Se's wall, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Momo found their way to the General in charge of the Ba Sing Se outer wall.

"It is an honor to welcome you to the outer wall young Avatar!" exclaimed the earthbending General Sung, "but your help is not needed".

"Not needed?" responded Aang with uncertainty.

"Not needed!" replied General Sung. "I have the situation under control. I assure you, the Fire Nation cannot penetrate this wall!"

After explaining the situation to Aang and the group, General Sung assured them that the Terror-Team would be disabling the drill at any moment.

"In the off chance that they fail, I have several back-up plans. Your help will not be needed!" said General Sung triumphantly.

Katara looked over at Toph and whispered into her ear, "One of us has to loosen this guy up or the Fire Nation is going to conquer Ba Sing Se".

Toph knew exactly what Katara was thinking, "Well… If it's for the good of the Earth Kingdom, I guess I can loosen him up a bit" Toph responded, licking her lips in anticipation.

General Sung made his way to his command centre to set up the attack. Toph followed him to his office where he was sitting alone at his desk reviewing some notes. The General did not hear or see Toph make her way into his office.

Using the element of surprise, Toph crawled underneath General Sung's desk. The General had no idea what Toph was about to do; his mind was set on completing the task at hand. Toph slowly reached up and grabbed the General's belt, unclasping it quickly and pulling his pants down seconds later.

General Sung was surprised by the sudden touch of Toph's small hands around his waist. The sudden shock almost gave him a heart attack, "What are yo-" started General Sung as he felt Toph's hands pull his underwear down.

"I'm going to give you the time of your life for a little consideration in letting us help take down that drill" Toph said as she took hold of the General's soft cock.

General Sung was taken off guard by the coldness of Toph's hands. "Sure, I'll give you and your friends a little consideration if you do a good enough job" the General replied with a twinkle in his eyes.

Toph smiled as she felt the General's cock begin to grow in her hands. She began rubbing it to get it to full hardness. In only a few minutes, the General's cock had reached its full size, a respectable 8 inches. Feeling confident after getting the General hard, Toph moved her lips ever closer to his cock. She licked the tip of his cock to get a little excitement out of the old man. She heard him moan at the sudden touch of her tiny moist tongue on his cock. Soon Toph was licking up and down the General's cock, getting the entire flavor the General's cock had to offer.

Enjoying the sensation of having his shaft licked like a lollipop, General Sung decided that he wanted his balls to get the same treatment. With one hand, he lifted up his cock and made Toph lick his balls with his other hand.

Toph didn't resist in the slightest as she was forced to lick the General's sagging balls, the flavor was even better than his cock. As she continued to lick his balls, Toph used one of her hands to grasp his eight inches and began to stoke him back and forth. She could tell that General Sung was enjoying himself by the constant moaning he was eliciting. After five minutes, Toph lifted her head and placed the General's cock at the entrance of her mouth. She forced nearly half of his cock down her throat before gagging and removing it. Back and forth she jammed his cock deep down her throat until she had engulfed six inches.

All of a sudden, the General placed his hands at the back of Toph's head forcing his entire eight inches down her throat. The General was unceasing in forcing more and more of his cock down her throat. He could hear her gagging from the pressure, but it felt so damn good that he didn't really care about the young blind girl.

"GU UGNN GUG UNGNG" gurgled Toph as she struggled to breathe.

All of a sudden, the door creaked open and a lower ranking officer came in to report the situation. "The Terror-Team is ready to begin its assault. Should we begin?" said the officer puzzled at the sounds coming from under the General's desk.

"Yes, Yes! I'll be right out" replied General Sung with strain all over his face.

The officer left, closing the door behind him, leaving the General slamming Toph's head down on his cock at an increased speed. His stamina was slowly ebbing away as he felt his orgasm approaching.

Toph on the other hand was struggling to breathe after the continued throat assault given to her by the old General. She tried to pull off to catch her breath, but the General had no intention of letting her hot little mouth off his cock. Toph however, could feel the General's cock begin to spasm and knew that her face fucking was about to end in creamy goodness.

"UNGGGGGHHHH" grunted General Sung as he started to cum down Toph's throat. Just before cumming, the General had forced his cock as far down her throat as possible. The General pumped four thick warm loads of semen down her throat, directly into her stomach. Toph, suffocating from both the General's cock and the amount of cum he had fired down her throat, pulled her head off his cock to receive his final two loads onto her face and into her hair.

Toph felt sick to her stomach after receiving such a large load of cum down her throat. It was difficult for her to catch her breath after the furious face fucking she had received. "So… How about it? Will you let us help you" commented Toph as she wiped the cum from her face and licked her fingers.

"If the Terror-Team fails, you'll get your chance" replied General Sung with contentment plastered on his face.

The General got dressed and both he and Toph made their way back to the wall and the rest of the group.

"I see it went fairly well" whispered Katara to Toph after seeing a long strand of white cum in Toph's hair.

"I sure did!" replied Toph, with grin on her face.

The Terror Team was quickly defeated by Ty Lee and Mai, and although General Sung had a few back up plans, both Toph's motivation and the fact that he had underestimated the drill, made the General ask for the avatar's help.

Aang accepted happily, hoping to stop the Fire Nation from conquering the last great Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se. Before Aang and the group took action against the powerful drill, they had to formulate a plan. But before that, the wounded Earth Kingdom soldiers needed to be healed, and it would be up to Katara to mend them.

"What's wrong with him" asked General Sung, "He doesn't look injured"?

"His Chi is blocked" responded Katara, as she worked on one of the soldier's arm. "Who did this to you?" she asked the soldier.

"Two girls ambushed us" responded the soldier, "One of them hit me with a bunch of quick jabs and suddenly I couldn't earthbend, and I could barely move. And then she cart wheeled away" finished the soldier, now eyeing the beautiful tanned teen massaging his arm with warm water.

"Ty Lee, she doesn't look dangerous, but she knows the human body!" Katara replied now eyeing the soldier's crotch area, "and so do I!" said Katara as she began to massage his cock.

Everybody looked at Katara with an expression of shock; they watched as she tried her best to get some kind of reaction out of his cock. Normally, the soldier would have been hard as a rock, but his Chi was still blocked and he could barely move an inch. It was killing him, not to be able to flip her on her stomach and fuck her like the slut she was, even in front of all those people.

Before anybody could ask Katara what she was doing, Katara said "The best way to loosen the muscles and help the blocked Chi flow again is to get the injured person to cum! I found this out after I watched Ty Lee and Mai fuck Sokka until he was able to move again".

"All I have to do is to get him hard, and then the rest is as easy as hot teen pie!" said Katara with a devilish look in her eyes.

Sokka, Aang, Toph, General Sung, and all the nurses and soldiers were both stunned and turned on at the sight of Katara pulling the soldier's pants down and removing his shirt. Katara quickly removed her cum-stained and torn dress before lifting her leg over the man's body and straddling his upper waist, just above the soldier's cock.

"Okay ladies" said Katara as she sat on the man's waist, "all of you nurses are going to have to watch and learn in order to heal these men as quickly as possible".

Sokka, Aang, Toph and General Sung were all standing behind Katara and the soldier as they watched her grind the soldier's cock with her trimmed teen pussy. They had a perfect view of her pussy as she worked it like a pro over the man's still flaccid cock. Her obvious plan of attack was to grind his cock until she got him hard.

The soldier was in both pain and pleasure; pain because he could barely feel the hot teen grinding his cock with her pussy, and pleasure because he knew, sooner or later, that he'd be plowing this young slut. Slowly but surely he started to feel a little more, and after five minutes of sexy grinding, with Katara whispering into his ear about how hard she wanted to get fucked in front of all these people, the soldier was able to get it all the way up. His cock was now 8 inches of rock hard manhood, and he was ready to wreck the sexy teen. The only problem was that the only extremity he could feel was his cock and balls; he was still unable to move his arms and legs and he was worried that he'd be unable to pleasure the seductive temptress to her satisfaction.

Lucky for him, Katara knew she'd be doing all the work, and didn't mind in the slightest as she reached back and took hold of the soldier's rock hard cock. She looked seductively back at Aang as she placed the tip of the soldier's cock at the entrance of her tiny wet teen pussy.

Aang would have done anything to get up on that table and stick his cock in her ass at that point, but knew that this sexual exploit of Katara's was medicinal and not for pleasure alone.

Unbeknownst to Aang, Katara could care less about the medicinal value of what she was about to do to the soldier underneath her; all she cared about was getting her pussy stuffed and getting off as much as possible.

"Ohhh Godd! It's so big!" cried Katara as she started to ease herself down on the soldier's long and thick cock. Katara lifted herself off momentarily, realizing that it was just too thick and dry to fit into her tiny pussy. She spat on her hand and lubed up his cock before placing it back into her pussy.

"Much better!" said Katara as she began to inch more and more of her pussy down on his cock.

Aang, Sokka and General Sung had a hand down their pants, as they watched in fascination. The nurses were also turned on at the sight, but were more concerned with taking notes in order to duplicate the young waterbender's healing efforts.

The soldier underneath Katara was in heaven at this point; if he was paralyzed for the rest of his life, he would die happy after getting his cock worked like a pro by this young teen slut.

Katara, almost reading the soldier's mind, began to work even harder to get herself off. She was moaning like a whore after five minutes of hard fucking, and after one hard thrust, she screamed in pleasure as she reached her goal of release. She could have stopped there as she felt her juices roll out of her pussy and onto the soldier's lap, but she knew she could off one more time before it was all over, and she wanted it badly.

The soldier, after feeling Katara's warm juices roll down his cock and drip onto his lap, started to feel some sensation in his hips and legs. Eventually, after a couple more minutes of fucking, he was able to move his arms and hands a little; just enough in fact to grab a hold of Katara's hips and slam her harder down onto his cock as he moved his hips up and down.

By this time, both Katara and the soldier were reaching their climax; a couple more minutes and they would both be blowing their loads. It was just a matter of who would get their first.

Katara was the winner for the second time in a row as she felt herself spasm and squirt all over the soldier's cock again.

The added sensation of Katara's orgasm was almost enough to get the soldier to blow his load inside the young teen, then and there. However, it was Katara whispering into his ear that finally got him over the edge.

"Cum inside me! Fill me up with your hot sticky cum!" Katara whispered sexily into the soldier's ear as she continued to ride him.

"Unngggghhhhh! Take it you whore!" grunted the soldier as he unloaded six long thick strands of potent hot cum into her clutching teen pussy.

Katara could feel the man's warm sperm flood her womb as she continued to orgasm herself. Katara had started to love the feeling of cum filling her womb, even more than the taste of it. Besides, after having her pussy crammed full of the hot white goo, she could use waterbending to swallow the entire load, getting the best of both worlds.

Everybody that was watching was horny as hell after watching the sex scene unfolding in front of them; especially the nurses, who knew that they were about to be treated to the same fun by the rest of the wounded soldiers. The wounded soldiers all had huge smiles on their faces as they too knew what was to come and how much fun it was going to be.

"And that…" started Katara as she got up off the soldier with his and her cum dripping from her pussy, "… is how you heal someone with blocked Chi".

Katara did some waterbending moves and removed the man's cum before streaming the large load into her mouth and swallowing.

The soldier was up, on his feet, and dressed before Katara had finished, slapping her ass to thank her and leaving to take up his post as if he'd never been injured.

Katara looked around in shock to see that every single man, even the injured soldiers, all had a raging hard boner.

"Well Sokka, do you have a plan yet for taking down that drill?" asked Katara as she rubbed her trimmed pussy in front of everyone.

Sokka's plan was to enter the drill undetected and destroy it from the inside, where it was most vulnerable. Sokka had formulated this plan as he watched his sister's womb being filled with potent seed. Just like the drill, her unprotected womb was Katara's weakness.

Sokka, Aang and Katara made their way into the drill under the cover of a dust cloud created by Toph. She would remain outside to try and slow down the drill. Realizing that they would get lost quickly in the giant drill, the group stole a set of maps from one of the workers and made their way to the support frame where they would cut the large metal beams with waterbending.

"We're going to have to work pretty hard to get through that!" said Sokka in a determined tone of voice.

"What's this 'we' stuff?" replied Katara, "Aang and I are going to have to do all the work!"

"Look" sniped Sokka, "I'm the plan guy. You two are the cuts stuff up with waterbending guys. Together, we're Team Avatar!"

Katara and Aang looked at each other and rolled their eyes before setting to work. Katara pulled all the water she had from her water bag and passed it between the large metal beam and Aang in a continuous motion, slicing the beam ever so slightly with each stroke.

"Oh no!" moaned Katara, "I dropped all the water" as she, on purpose; let the water fall to the bottom on the drill, irretrievable.

"I guess we're going to have to make some more liquid" said Katara sexily as she removed her dress in a flash, surprising both Aang and Sokka, who were completely focused on the job at hand.

It was like turning on a switch; both Aang and Sokka got hard immediately, tenting their respective tents in a hurry.

"I guess, if we have to, we have to!" said Aang with a smirk forming on his face. Aang looked over at Sokka, who had remained silent, but had undressed in seconds. Aang quickly followed suit, removing all of his clothes and revealing his 7 inch cock.

Sokka had already made his way over to Katara, who had gotten on her knees to give both boys a quick blow. Sokka was sporting his usual giant cock, 11 inches in total, and one of Katara's favorite to suck on. Sokka shuffled over to the kneeling Katara, who grabbed his manhood and began rubbing it slowly, looking into his eyes with lust.

Aang made his way to the other side of Katara, as she stroked off Sokka silently. He moved closer to her until she used her other hand to fondle his cock, stroking it softly and eliciting moans from both Aang and Sokka.

Katara took Aang's cock into her mouth first, to get her throat ready for Sokka's giant. She licked the tip like a lollipop for a minute before engulfing the entire eight inches in only a few strokes. While she sucked on Aang's member, she continued to fondle Sokka's cock and balls with her other hand, keeping him primed and ready for her. Katara had been deep-throating Aang for five minutes before she decided to change subjects and work on Sokka's monster. She started off by gently licking his balls, making him moan even louder while she was still stroking his long pole. She then worked her way up to the tip of his cock and sucked on the head for another minute, simply prepping herself for the difficult task of engulfing his entire eleven inches. Katara then slowly worked more and more of Sokka's thick cock into her warm mouth. It took five minutes before she was nearly deep-throating Sokka's entire rod. It was so deep down her throat that she was drooling and gagging with each successive in-thrust until she finally deep-throated his entire cock. While she worked on Sokka, she continued to rub off the already lubed Aang.

Both Aang and Sokka were enjoying themselves, but knew that more was needed before they would be able to supply a decent amount of liquid for cutting the metal beams.

Katara was thinking the same thing as she let go both of their cocks and got onto her hands and knees, presenting herself to both of the boys.

"I call her pussy!" yelled Sokka first.

"Good!" replied Aang, "I've always wanted to fuck your ass Katara" he finished smiling at Katara.

Katara was stunned at how possessive they had gotten over her; she was a sex object to them. Being treated like an object and not a person was fine with Katara, as long as they were going to give her the fuck of her life. Katara was a little nervous about having both of them inside of her at once, they had never fucked her at the same time before (to her knowledge), and she wanted to make sure it was memorable for all parties involved.

"I'm waiting!" said Katara impatiently, shaking her ass seductively at both Aang and Sokka as they quarreled over who got what.

Sokka moved out in front of her to lay on his back, making her crawl over on top of him. Sokka felt Katara, crawl up his legs, brushing her perfect tits and body against both his cock and chest, before getting in position to receive his eleven inches.

Katara was a little nervous in taking Sokka's entire cock, but because she had done it before and had just recently gotten fucked, she knew it wouldn't hurt that much. She slowly moved her ass up, so Sokka's manhood was pressed against her still tight pussy. She slowly eased her way down on top his cock while Aang waited behind her, ready to slam his cock into her ass.

Sokka was getting a little impatient with how slow Katara was moving, and decided it was best if he took charge. Without even warning his little sister, Sokka grabbed hold of Katara's waist and pushed her hard down onto his eleven inch cock. Seven inches slid into her pussy without much pain, but as Sokka continued to push, both he and Katara began to groan in considerable pain.

"Ahhhhh! Sokka!" cried Katara, "Not so hard!"

"Shut the fuck up, slut!" responded Sokka in a hurry.

Instead of responding, both Sokka and Katara smiled at each other as Katara accepted her role as group slut. Without anymore complaining, Sokka rammed the rest of his cock into Katara. With that, Katara began to bounce up and down on Sokka's rod with glee on her face. After conquering the initial pain, the rest would be a lot smoother. Katara grew accustom to having Sokka's entire eleven inches inside of her for five minutes before she realized that more pain was probably about to come.

Aang had been rubbing his shaft, watching and waiting until Katara was ready to receive the next cock. He spat on his cock, lubing it up further before placing the tip of his cock near her tight teen ass. He knew it was going to be one hell of a tight fit, but he wanted to fuck her ass so badly. Just as Katara was getting ready to cum, Aang placed the tip of his cock at her ass hole and rammed three inches into her incredibly tight ass.

"AHHHHH" screamed Katara, as she came all over Sokka's cock, and squirted onto Sokka's lap.

"Holy shit!" cried Katara, "I don't think I can take all that" she whimpered as her orgasm subsided and the gravity of the situation came to light.

"Oh, you're going to take it, and love every inch" replied Aang as he pushed harder and harder, forcing another two inches into Katara's ass. Sokka had stopped fucking Katara, in order to let Aang fit his cock into her. Sokka remained still, with his entire eleven inches inside her pussy as Aang finally was able fit the last two inches into Katara, sighing in obvious relief.

Now that both Sokka and Aang had their entire cocks in Katara, they were ready to get into a rhythm and really give it to her. Katara was thinking the same thing as she slowly but surely got accustomed to the feeling of having two huge thick cocks penetrating her deeply.

Sokka began to move his cock in and out of her as Aang remained firmly in her ass. It took a few minutes, but eventually, all three were in perfect rhythm; grinding, bouncing and slamming.

Katara came three or four times in a matter of ten minutes, plastering both Sokka's legs and the metal beam they were fucking on with her cum. There was probably enough liquid from Katara alone to cut the beam, but both Sokka and Aang were going to make sure they had their chance to cum.

After fifteen minutes of double penetrating Katara; Aang pulled out of her ass with a plop, allowing Katara to slide off Sokka's cock and get onto her knees. Sokka got up and moved to the other side of his sister to allow her to stroke both his and Aang's cock. Both Aang and Sokka were moaning, primed to cum on Katara's face, as she stroked them as hard and quick as possible.

"Unngghhh" grunted both Aang and Sokka as Katara opened her mouth just in time to catch a large load of cum from both boys. Aang and Sokka groaned in pleasure as they unleashed an inhuman amount of warm cum onto Katara's pretty face; splashing it in her mouth and eyes, and plastering her cheeks and hair with copious amounts of their hot semen.

Katara swallowed a small amount of the cum that had made its way into her mouth, just to get a taste, before using her waterbending to collect the entire sum of their exploits in her waterbending bag. It was so much, the bag nearly burst, so Katara, being as efficient as possible, swallowed the excess remnants as Sokka and Aang got dressed.

"Thanks!" Katara said cheerfully, "I think we've got enough to get the job done".

With that, Katara got dressed and started slicing the support beams with Aang, using the accumulated cum. It was going to take time, but with luck, they would finish before the drill made it through the wall.

Azula suspected something was wrong after an engineer was discovered frozen, with his drill maps missing. Deciding to be safe, rather than sorry, she, Mai and Ty Lee made their way to the drill superstructure to investigate possible sabotage.

Upon reaching the support beams, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee found the Avatar with his friends. Azula shot lightning at Aang as Mai and Ty Lee attacked Katara and Sokka.

After escaping the relentless attacks of Mai, Ty Lee and Azula, the group made their way towards the exit to finish destroying the drill.

"Guys, get out of here, I know what I need to do!" yelled Aang to Katara and Sokka as he made his way in the opposite direction towards the outer shell of the drill.

"Wait, you need this cum, more than I do" yelled Katara back at Aang as she threw her waterbending bag at Aang.

"Follow them, the Avatar is mine!" commanded Azula as she chased Aang, and directed Mai and Ty Lee to follow Sokka and Katara.

Aang made his way to the outer shell of the drill to finish destroying it. The drill had made its way to the wall and had started penetrating it. Aang dodged some large stone boulders being thrown by the Terror-Team and General Sung. Aang started slicing the outer shell of the drill with the cum from Katara's bag in order to wedge a piece of stone in it and collapse the entire superstructure, effectively destroying the drill.

Aang finished slicing the outer shell of the drill just as Azula made her way to the outside of the drill and blasted some fire at the tired Aang. Aang and Azula sparred for a couple of minutes before Aang was able to get the upper hand, knocking Azula on her ass.

Realizing that she was too tired from her recent fuck session and unable to defeat Aang in her current state, she decided on a different, sneakier tactic. She would tire the Avatar out with some hot sex, delaying his attempts at stopping the drill and tiring him out in the process.

Instead of getting back up and fighting Aang; Azula turned around and wiggled her ass at Aang. She pulled off her armor, pants and shirt, getting naked on the spot, presenting her pussy to Aang, tantalizing the young Avatar.

"You know you can't resist!" said Azula sexily wiggling her ass even more at Aang. She knew she had to bait the trap, or he'd attack her and stop the drill. Lucky for her, Aang couldn't resist such a beautiful piece of ass.

"Fuck, I guess I can do a quickie!" replied Aang as he removed his pants and shirt.

Azula turned around and grabbed his flaccid cock in order to harden him up and waste some more time. She could tell that he had just had sex, but she knew she could get him hard in seconds. Azula had to delay him as long as possible, but as soon as she engulfed Aang's hardening cock in her mouth, she was consumed with lust and forgot all about her plan.

Aang slowly started to get hard as Azula massaged his balls with her hands while sucking his growing cock. In two minutes, he was fully hard, and bucking his hips into Azula's face, making her gag.

Unable to take the throat fucking any longer, Azula pulled off of Aang's cock and got onto her back. She spread open her legs as wide as possible, revealing her trimmed pussy in the shape of the Fire Nation symbol and winked at Aang, who was still conflicted on whether to fuck the young princess or finish destroying the drill.

The drill had made its way through most of the wall but Aang was far too concerned with the pussy he was about to drill to be worried about the wall at this point. Aang got onto his knees and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Azula's sopping wet pussy. Upon entering her pussy easily, Aang realized that she had probably just gotten fucked and was still slick from the cum that had been fired into her. He slid his entire 7 inches into her in a couple of strokes and began to pick up his pace.

Azula was enjoying herself immensely, letting the Avatar slam his cock into her as hard as he could. Azula had totally forgotten her plan by this point, enjoying the entire length of Aang's cock penetrating her.

Aang was now lying on top of Azula, pressed against her perfect tits, kissing her neck while moving his hips up and down, driving his cock into her.

Azula wrapped her legs around Aang's waist as he continued to kiss her neck and pound his cock into her. Azula was really turned on by Aang kissing her neck and decided to reward the Avatar by making out with him. She started kissing Aang, sticking her tongue into his mouth while Aang continued to nail her as hard as possible.

The drill had almost made its way through the wall, and Aang was aware of it, as he slammed his cock into Azula. They were getting closer and closer to the wall and were in danger of getting crushed between the wall and the drill.

As Aang continued to fuck Azula; Ty Lee had gotten into quite a predicament; stuck in a revolving current of slurry from the drill, as Katara and Toph continued to bend it into the drill, increasing the pressure and trapping Ty Lee.

The drill was about to explode from the pressure and so was Aang as he was ready to blow his load inside Azula. Aang plunged his cock into Azula one more time before he exploded.

"UNNGHHHHH" yelled Aang as he fired off four thick loads of his cum into the young princess. Azula didn't even protest as Aang fired off his last stream of semen into her and collapsed into her arms.

Azula, loving the sensation of cum filling her womb, didn't resist in the slightest as Aang finished blowing his load inside of her.

Realizing how close the drill was from breaking through the wall, Aang got off of Azula and quickly created a wedge from one of the stone boulders being thrown at the drill by the Terror-Team. He ran up the wall as fast as he could and turned around before running back down the wall towards the stone wedge lodged in the drill.

Azula, still enjoying the sensation of Aang's cum leaking out of her pussy and onto the drill, didn't even realize what Aang was doing. Aang was just about to destroy the drill as Azula shot a fire ball at him in order to stop him.

Azula missed and Aang was able to strike the wedge, collapsing the drill and saving Ba Sing Se. Azula was blown off the drill still naked with a pussy full of Avatar cum.

Aang got dressed and with Katara, Toph and Sokka, made their way to General Sung and the city of Ba Sing Se.

Azula, still naked, found her clothes and her birth control vials as she made her way to the fire nation outpost a few miles from the city walls. She took one of the vials, leaving only three left before she met up with Ty Lee and Mai and started their long trek to the outpost, cursing the Avatar and his friends the entire way