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Bella and her father Charlie move to Forks. Charlie's in the navy and he's works in an office in Seattle but wanted to live in a small town.

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New Life, New School, Difficult Past

High school

It's the place I'm so tired of that I just want to scream. Not because of the homework and whatnot we get from the teachers. It's the fact that this is the third school in this year that I go to and it's not even September, for Christ sake!

But this is the life of Bella Swan, daughter of an Admiral, 19 years into his servings. That just sounds like a daytime soap waiting to happen and ultimately fail. The fact that my father promised me that the move was over until I graduated meant nothing to me. He made the promise the last place we lived and look how well that turned out. I had gotten the "promise" so many times I have lost count. No wonder my mother left him. Who could one possibly stand being shoved around the country only for his pleasure and not even caring what it does to his one and only daughter.

It's just me and Charlie now. My mother left the both of us when I was just a baby and I have no memories of her. On the one hand I can't blame her but on the other, I hater her. I hater her because she made me stay with this man I am forced to call father but in reality he's a stranger to me. I don't know him and he certainly doesn't know me.

But back to the topic in hand. I was sitting in my car, staring at the building known as Forks High. With that, the knowledge that I would be forced to go to this school for any amount of time, even though small, obviously, put an even bigger damper on my mood and I left the warm confidence of my car for the rainy and impossibly wet humidity that waited outside the door. I mean come on! It's august people! It is not supposed to rain now! Gah! Ridiculous! I grumbled and slung my back overt my left shoulder and shut the door with too much force, I knew, but I didn't really care.

I was already getting looks as I walked towards the front door of the building. They weren't many, however, until I got inside. Now I had sudden respect for the animals at the Zoo, always having people watch their every move and not being able to do anything about it. It was going to be a long time before they would stop staring. In such a small town like this one, not much must happen. The new kid coming to school must be the gossip of the month. With little help, I managed to find the school office and was greeted with warmth from a space heater that was shoved into the corner.

"May I help you dear?" I looked over at the desk to the far right and was greeted with a smile from an elderly lady that somewhat reminded me of a grandmother, not mine of course, since I never met her.

"Um… I'm Bella Swan. I was supposed-"

"Oh yes." She said, enunciating every syllable, and her eyes lit up at the mere mention of my name. No doubt, people have been waiting for my, or rather, my fathers arrival. "I have your schedule right here and a map over the school. It's easy to get lost." She handed me two sets of paper. As I was leaving she yelled out. "Oh wait!" I turned and she was waving a small piece of paper and I grabbed it. "It's your locker number and combination code." I took the paper and left the small and slightly depressing office room.

Finding my locker proved to be easier said than done. There were probably more than a thousand of them! How anyone could find their own was beyond me. With the knowledge that I would have severe difficulty finding my locker again, on my own, I grudgingly left for my first class, Math. I groaned out loud; this would be murder.

As I entered the classroom my eyes swept over the place. It looked like all the others did; plain, boring and with wooden desks where you sit two-by-two. The room was filling and as I walked to the back to take a seat, away from all the eyes, all others shifted in theirs to get a better look at the new girl. I sat down slowly and as my eyes met theirs, they looked way.

"Discrete." I mumbled and looked down at the slight graffiti desktop. After a few minutes, the teacher entered the room and as he saw me, he motioned for me to come forward. Oh god! He would make me introduce myself, would he? I walked down the lane that seemed to stretch for miles, especially with everyone's eyes practically glued to my body. I finally reached the desk and the teacher smiled at me, a friendly smile you would assume but I knew better. He really would make me introduce myself to the class. I willed myself to not roll my eyes and huff in annoyance.

"You must be Isabella, right? I'm Mr. Banner, the teacher." Yeah well duh! Like I didn't know he was the teacher. I smiled a small smile and silently hoped he would just ask me to sit down again.

"Bella." I corrected. I hated it when people called me by my real and longer name. Bella was fine, much better actually.

"Well, Bella, do you want to introduce yourself to the class?" It was obviously a rhetorical question but I shook my head and silently whispered "no, no, no, no…" over and over but of course, he didn't get it.

"Class." He announced to the room and I groaned inwardly and slowly turned around. A thing you wouldn't know about me is that I'm shy, very, I might add. But after shifting schools so often you'd think I would be used to it by now, but no. No such luck here. "This is Isabella Swan." I winced ever so slightly to the use of my full name. "Isabella, is there something you would like to tell us about yourself?" I kept in the snort that was prepared to leave my lips. Hadn't I already told him I didn't want to do this?

"Not really." I said quietly and some of the kids snickered and a few giggles escaped and I just grimaced.

"Very well. Here's your book. You may take your seat now." With that I walked down the isle and took my place. I already knew I would hate this subject, cus' lets face it, no one really like's math. I mean, it is math after all and despite the teachers promise that this is education we will have great use for our entire life; listen up people! We are NEVER going to use any of this!

I pulled my face down as Mr. Banner began the class. This school is tough. Starting right away with equations and whatnot that just seems like mindless dribble.

"Hey." I heard someone whisper in a hushed voice. I looked forward and the girl in front of me turned around and apparently she was speaking to me.


"You really shouldn't feel bad. Mr. Banner does that to every new kid in his class. He's probably the only one that does that now." She smiled slightly and I smiled back.

"Thanks. I just really don't like when people stare." It sounded pathetic even to me, but it was the truth.

"I'm Angela, by the way." I smiled back at her and resumed my work. Maybe not all the students were completely hopeless. And Angela seemed nice enough.

The rest of the class went by in a slow pace. But when did math ever go by in a normal or even fast pace? I knew it was hopeless trying to find my locker within the 10 minutes break we had between classes so I gave up on that and went on finding the next room where I would have… history.

"Fan-freaking- tastic." I grumbled and flushed when I noticed that some others had heard my grumbling. I quickly walked; half ran, to the classroom. I was a bit late and the teacher was already there. But to my great satisfaction, the lesson hadn't started. Thankfully, I didn't need to introduce myself. The teacher, whom I would now know as Mr. Berger just gave me a book and told me to take my seat. He seemed like being in a grumpy mood and I was all for that.

Like before, everyone that stared at me shifted their gaze when I looked up. There was only seats left in the middle of the room; either in the middle row or by the window. The window seemed more promising and there was a weird and kind of creepy guy sitting by himself in the middle row. He was looking at me with the weirdest expression.

The remaining of the lesson was spent like a Zoo animal again. I don't know how they managed to stared at the back of the room without causing the teacher to tell them to shift their gaze was beyond me. And so the lesson came to an end. Everyone was out of their seat and practically ran out. I took my time and just as I had dropped my book in my bag, a voice brought me out of my haze.

"Isabella Swan?" The voice was slightly faint and a little stuttering but I took no notice of that and looked up. I met light eyes and I noticed it was the same creepy gut that had been looking at me before.

"Yes?" I asked, a little hesitantly and quickly added; "And please call me Bella." His eyes lit up even more at my last comment, like I was already his friend and only the closes to me called me Bella. A little pathetic but I just really hated being called Isabella.

"I'm Mike. Newton. Mike Newton." I stared at him and waited for him to continue. He stood there for a moment and it looked like he was collecting his thoughts and then he shook his head.

"I was just wondering… if… maybe… you'd, you know…" no unfortunately I didn't know. Was it that hard to say? "I mean, you're new and all, if you wanted to sit with me… and my friends at lunch?" Oh. I was slightly turned off by how he said 'you're new and all' but I didn't want to tell him that and be known as the bitch of the school and I didn't have anyone to sit with so…

"Sure." I said and I swear; he looked happier than a kid at Christmas or Disneyland. What's with the people? Am I that interesting? I had a hard time believing that.

The walk to the cafeteria was spent in quiet and Mike continued the entire time fidgeting with the sleeves in his shirt. Through his nerves I was getting nervous and as we walked into the cafeteria, I was sure every eye was going to be fixed on me… but they weren't. Obviously, not everyone had been let go from their classes and the room was only half-filled. I breathed out in relieve and both Mike and I went to stand in the line.

I was even more relieved when we sat down, that Angela was apart of the little group of Mike's friends. She smiled at me and I smiled back. It seemed like I wouldn't be completely without friends here.

"How are you holding up?" Angela asked and I laughed a little.

"Well… Math is always a bitch and History… well… it just speaks for itself."

"Yeah. Math totally sucks. I mean; we're never gonna use any of it later!" I turned towards the voice and on my right side a small girl with black curly hair sat. I hadn't seen her before and she introduced herself as Jessica. She was a talker which was kinda nice since I wasn't and she provided most of the conversation.

The cafeteria seemed to fill out more and out of habit I glanced around and I think my heart stopped when I looked at the line for the food. I stared and couldn't seem to take my eyes away. Jessica must have noticed my disinterest in the story and followed my gaze. She giggled. I turned towards her in a way that seemed like slow motion for me and I looked down at my food. I hadn't any appetite left.

"Bella?" I vaguely registered Angela's concern and forced myself to look up at her.

"Yeah." This was doomed. My voice cracked and Jessica giggles a bit more. Before Angela could ask me what was wrong, which she was, Jessica broke in and I had small notice of how annoying her voice was in that moment.

"She's fine. She's just captivated by the nature that is Edward Cullen." And I swear I visibly cringe at the sound of his name. It was the name that I had not spoken since the move, the move that was away from him.

Angela must have sensed my discomfort because she quickly changed the topic and I had time to collect my thoughts. As discretely as I could, I looked over the cafeteria and for a moment I thought I just had an hallucination and maybe I had just imagined it but as always; faith is laughing at me.

In a corner, near the windows, far away from where I was sitting, there he was, in his pride and glory. It physically hurt how he still looked just as gorgeous as he did before. I brought my hair over my face as best as I could so he wouldn't see me. Around his table I also noticed the others. His siblings; Emmet and Alice. I suppressed the memories that were threatening to flood through my mind at the moment. But I did notice two other figures which I did not know. It was a boy and a girl, having uncanny resemblance they must be twins. At that moment, as I was watching, it was like he knew, for he looked up and our eyes me. His lips parted and he was obviously surprised to se me there. I tried to look away and I saw Alice grab his attention and start to look where he was. I quickly looked down and remained like that for the rest of lunch.

I didn't want to leave before they did but again; faith hates me. My new "friends" said it was time to go and I did the best that I could to hide my face in a ruthless attempt to conceal myself. I was aware that I had gym the next period and then school was over. It took me 5 seconds to know I wasn't going to gym. I admit that I'm not the best liar but I think I can fake sickness well enough to get out of it this time. I left my new friends and went to the depressing office again.

"Um… excuse me?" I asked the elderly woman at the desk. She looked up an smiled at me.

"Yeas dear? Is there something I can help you with?" I swallowed and made my tone soft and weak.

"Yeah. I don't feel so great and I only have gym left. Do you think I could skip it, go home and rest?" I was a bit proud of myself for my lying skills. They certainly have improved a lot.

"Are you alright dear? Do you need to go to the nurse?" she must have believed me for her face was filled with nothing but concern.

"No. I just need some rest. The move was long and I guess I haven't really recovered from it yet." With that I was free to leave.

I walked slowly to my car. The weather had become softer and it was not raining anymore. I willed myself not to think about him. It was tough. Before the move, it was always about him. He was practically my entire world, how cheesy and clingy that may sound.

Once by my car, I felt like hyperventilating or fainting…. Or hyperventilate and then faint. My mind was spinning and I felt like I was officially loosing it. I can't let him have this effect on me. I leaned my head against the cold exterior of the roof and put my arms to shield the light. I stood there for a long tie, it seemed but in reality, it was probably only a few minutes. No one else was around, or so I thought.



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