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He watched her sleeping form, time seemed frozen in the nights of the Dark Hour. In, out, in and out she breathed, rise and fall rise and fall went her chest. He continued to watch her…much like he did his blue haired friend.

She seemed so at peace, safe in her dreamless dorm. No monsters hiding under her bed, no shadows to scare or ensnare her, at lest not at the moment. Not while she rest her weary head on her soft pillow, while her blankets encased her and many a soft plush watch over her and watched every moved he made with unseeing eyes.

He gazed as the light of the yellow half moon lit up her room. Each wall and ceiling had a poster, picture, photo, letter and post cards on it. On selves books, DVDs, manga, cds and plush toys were perched until their master needed them. Her uniform hung on her chair to be used another day and books laid on her desk for learning.

He used his pale hand to gently brush her hair from her face, he marvelled, childlike, at her soft features, her lips and her long dark eyelashes that hid her (eye colour). He felt connected to her, not just because the (hair colour) girl used persona's of the death arcana and not just because of Minato. It was something else…he was not the same as he was ten years ago.

Soon the end will come, they chose not to close their eyes or cover their ears, they chose their path and he could not stop them, her from fighting a lost battle. (Your name) and Minato had the chance to kill him and forget everything about the fall and live in blissful ignorance together, yet they fought for a slim hope, the will to live. He hoped against hope that they will live to see the year after this.

(Your name) was the one Minato liked best and she was the one the harbinger of the fall could not bear to lose. She was the first one besides Junpei to become his friend, he felt…something for her, he realized by now what it was, but it was too late for her to know. For her to have a chance to live she could not know, she needed to fight without clouded judgement.

The person concealed by the darkness of the room leaned down and kissed her forehead and whispered into the night…

"You're the one I like best (your name)-chan…sweet dreams, goodnight and goodbye…"


The next morning (your name) woke up to find herself holding close a long yellow scarf…