Kiss Me

By Jillian Leonhart

Disclaimer: Ich habe nicht Eyeshield 21. Nyehehehe… Just trying some Germany. Oh, and the song 'Kiss Me' isn't mine either. And the iPod is Mamori's.

The sun had setting, the after school practice had finished, and all the Devil Bats had gone home. Mamori was in the club house, listening to her new iPod through the ear phones slipped on her ears. She was making some coffee when Hiruma came in, and suited him self on the sofa. Mamori didn't know his presence, and continue making the coffee while listening to the song on the iPod.

Then the song 'Kiss Me' played. Mamori knew this song. She hummed along the tune, swaying slightly at the melodies.

Hiruma, who's currently typing away at his laptop, startled at the humming sound. His ears twitched. He stared at the manager's back. He knew this song too.

'What's wrong with her?!' Hiruma raised an eyebrow, but then shrugged the thing off and continue typing.

"Kiss me~ beneath the milky twilight~" Mamori sang along at the chorus, still not knowing the presence of the Amefuto captain.

Hiruma jumped a bit at the random singing his manager was doing. Hiruma didn't know that Mamori was listening to an iPod.

'Shit!' he cursed mentally, 'Why now?! I knew the fucking manager has something for me! And I knew she had known me so much that she understands she had to hide her feelings. But, why the hell she decided to confess now?! And, by singing!? She even wants me to kiss her! What's gotten into her?!' he ranted as he stared at her swaying back.

"Oh~ Kiss me~ beneath the milky twilight…"

She sang another chorus.

"Tch!" Hiruma got up, and walked over to the swaying manager. 'If that's what she wants…' he thought. He placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned over automatically.

"So kiss…" she didn't manage to finish the last line, as Hiruma's lips prevented her to do so. Hiruma caught her lips as soon as she faced him. Mamori's eyes grew wide, but soon were closed as the sensation of his lips on her washed over her. His hand stalked to her back, making circular motion, and that's just made her felt dizzy. The next song played on her iPod.

Avril Lavigne's Hot.

The End

A/ N: Nyehehehehe… Just some stupid though of mine… It's very short and the ending's not really good. But, please let me know what you think, and review please…

Hiruma: Fucking author! It's three in the morning!!

Jill: *gasp* Oh Crap! *fainted*