Birds of Altered Feathers
By Allronix
Summary: As different as their alterations are, their stories are similar
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At first, it seemed so innocent.
It just seemed like the right thing to do.

I was only six. I wasn't old enough to understand.
Fifteen minutes. That's all the time I had to think about it.

"You want to be smart don't you, Jules?"
"Dax will die without a Host, Ensign Tigan."

Not knowing what it meant at the time...
Not understanding what I was getting into...

I said, "Yes"
I said, "Yes"


The treatments - injections, bright lights, my body changing...
The operation - cold metal on my belly, the squirming as Dax settled into place...

Noises were louder, colors brighter! I couldn't block it out!
All these people pushing into my mind! I was going to lose myself!

All I can remember is the pain.
It felt like I was drowning.

I died there.
I died there.


The person that came back was different
I didn't recognize myself in a mirror

When I realized what happened to me, I was scared.
After it was too late, I realized what I'd done.

My enhancements made me a pariah, a terrible secret.
An unlawful Joining. I condemned the Symbiont as I saved it.

I was an abomination
I was an abomination

Later, I found a home on this station.
I returned to the only place that felt like home.

Even among friends, no one could understand. They ignored or feared it.
"How could she be Dax?" they'd say, "She's not like her predecessor at all."

And I meet this young woman. Oh, Dear God, her eyes...
And I see a friendly face. Oh, her memories didn't do him justice!

Hello. Do I know you?
Hello. Do I know you?


Can I get to know you all over again?
Can I be your friend in this life?

If you are whom you say, then you already know.
If you are him, then you'll understand.

So, you're in the same boat, eh? I sympathize.
If we're both freaks, can we be ones together?

I'm so glad you're here
I'm so glad you're here