Hey! My first Coraline fanfiction. Thought the whole Valentine's day thing was a perfect idea, since it's tomorrow! Originally was going to put it all together in a oneshot sorta thing, but instead, I decided to post one short little 'prolougue', I guess, and see how all of you like it. Mainly, I put in Wybie's thought process, explaining the vague vocabualry. Haha! It explains the format, but it should be different in the next chapter. Please, tell me what you think, what I should improve, and most importantly, REVIEW. I love 'dem reviews, more I get, faster I'll update. I'm babbling too much, so, enjoy the story, and Happy V-Day!

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything either belongs to Neil Gaiman or Henry Selick

So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. You know, the day meant for lovers, and parents, and couples, and every other two people that have passionate feelings about one another .

I really don't care for it, maybe it's just because I'm a boy. Or maybe it's 'cause I have no one to share it with.

Who knows? Not me for sure.

Anyway, I'm thinking.

Just thinking.

Maybe I should give Coraline Jones something. Like some candy or flowers, 'cause I think chicks like stuff like that.

But Coraline Jones isn't no ordinary chick.

She's brave, bold, spunky and seems to have her intentions set.

Heck, does she even like Valentine's Day? Does she have a romantic bone in her body?

Don't look at me. I've only none her for about three weeks and a half.

The first time I saw her, I thought she was some sort of witch, doing some sort of voodoo ritual rain dance. You know, weird stuff.

And then, she blames me for stalking her. There was no stalking! I was following her. They aren't the same thing, right? Right.

I thought her name was pretty cool. Coraline. Not Caroline. Coraline. One thing we have in common: We both have out-of-the-ordinary names.

In those few minutes, I summed it all up.

And I came up with two answers.

Either we were going to get along great, or end up clawing each other's throat out.

I'm just wonderin'. If Coraline doesn't like Valentine's Day, maybe, just maybe…

It's because she has no one to share it with, either.