What really happened that detention when Harry and Draco went of into the woods with fang and "found a dead Unicorn"

They walked along the path, Draco holding the lamp high enough to see a couple of paces away. Harry's hand kept on brushing over the back of Draco's. They had been walking a fair good while now, following the splatters of unicorn blood.

"Do you want a break?" asked Draco leaning against a tree that was free from sparkling blue liquid.

"What sort of 'break' did you have in mind?" asked Harry, putting a hand on the tree so that he had cornered Draco against it. Draco's hands suddenly wrapped themselves around Harry's waist. The hand that had been on the tree trunk now fell to Draco's cheek.

"Well, now we're alone," Harry's other hand snaked round Draco's back, "and we do not have to fight 'because I'm in Slytherine and you're in Gryffindor,'" Harry pulled Draco a little closer. "I was hoping," almost touching, "We," Draco was pressed against the tree trunk, Harry kept him there. The lamp had rolled away forgotten about. "Could,"

"Hurry up Draco, I'm getting bored."

"Sorry" Their lips were just about to meet, "Harry?"


"Can I tell you something?"

"Yeah" pulling a little closer again.

"I'm not gay."