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Somewhere between throwing Agent Simmons into the grandfather clock and relieving the man of his second finger, Sylar realized he hadn't slept in days. And how could he, with her haunting his dreams for three months?

Every time he shut his lids he could smell her perfume and feel her cold skin beneath his fingertips. Every night he would wake in a cold sweat, her laughter echoing in his ears.

Now she was starting to appear when he was awake. The first time Simmons passed out Sylar swore he saw a flash of blonde hair in the dying sunlight. He wanted to follow her, to demand that she leave him the hell alone but the man sent to capture him groaned and he had to return to business.

Mary Campbell's scared eyes looked so much like hers that final night they were together that Sylar could hear the crashing waves. Thankfully he boy distracted him for a while and he could forget about her once more.

Later as Luke slept peacefully (he was far too trusting) in the dingy hotel bed next to his own, Sylar struggled to keep his eyes open. He never wanted to see her again, so if this was the only way to do it, he had no other choice.

Suddenly he could feel her body pressed against his, her fingers threaded with his and he realized he had shut his eyes. He snapped them open but he could still feel her beside him.

"Only a little longer, Gabriel."

"Go away" he whispered below the hum of the motel heater. "I don't need you here."

She laughed, hr breath puffed against the wetness on his cheek and in the back of his mind it registered he was crying. "But you want me here, I should be here. But I'm not. And you only have yourself to blame for that, Gabriel."

Electricity pooled in his hand, the blue-green glow filling the room but not waking the sleeping teenager. It was the closest he would ever get to having her alive again, so he used her power as much as possible and held it in his hands like this, pretending he was holding her again. Before she broke him.

Tears streamed silently from his eyes and he prayed that when he closed them this time she would forgive him so he could forget her.

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