After watching Darker Than Black, I couldn't resist writing a fanfic for this series. I don't usually write fanfics and it's been a long while since the last one... I tried to keep it as close to original character as I could, but there are some of my own elements in there... It's mostly based on what I hoped to see between Misaki and Hei – or something like this. There just isn't enough interaction between them in the anime!

This story takes place after the ending of the anime series, so I suggest you don't read it unless you've watched the whole thing. Hope you enjoy it.


After He Was Gone – Chapter One

BK-201. A Messier Code she would never forget.

Li Shengshun. A name she would never forget.

Misaki Kirihara sat at her desk in the shared office for Foreign Affairs, Section 4. It had all started the day the world had changed. Humanity now knew of the existence of the Contractors. Though it was her duty to investigate all matters that concerned Contractors, she was more interested in one specific Contractor. She had so many things to ask him...

Did they choose the same path? Which side was he on? Had he been laughing at her the entire time they had been together? After all, he knew who she was and what her duty had been. Yet he had been friendly as they laughed together – something she hadn't done in a long time. Was he using her or was that actually part of who he was?

She realized that she knew nothing about him at all. But that was why she wanted to see him again. He had disappeared that fateful day; after saving her yet again. He was unlike any other Contractor she had ever come in contact with and she knew a number of them. Why did he even save her to begin with? The rational thing to do would have been to kill Horai and her on that day...


"Hm? What is it?" she asked, snapping out of her daydream.

"Are you okay? You look pale and right now, there isn't much to do. I could finish up for you here if you would like to go home and rest. We need you to be in top condition."

"I... I might just do that. Thank you, Saito. I know I can count on you."

Her officer nodded as she packed up her belongings. He only showed his concern in such a verbal fashion when they were alone. He was a loyal officer and she was grateful to have him on her team. If it weren't for him, she would have been killed in their encounter with Wei Zhijun. Saito had first saved her, before BK-201 had saved them both.

As she quietly let herself out of the office, she sighed softly. It didn't seem to matter what she did. It always led back to one thing – Li-kun. Where did he go? How was he doing? Though he had been labelled as the most dangerous Contractor out there, she had never been frightened by him. On the contrary, he had used his powers to help her.

She sighed again as she made her way to her car. She understood Saito's concern, but it wasn't something she could tell anyone. Kanami might have noticed something the day they met Li-kun shopping. But that was before she realized that he was BK-201. That fact alone changed everything. For someone sworn to protect the weak, she was obsessed with someone – no, a Contractor – who could potentially hurt them all.

When she got home, she did what she always did. First, she would take a shower. Then, she would pull out her special files that contained all the data she could get from Kanami regarding BK-201. She had inquired about it once, but he was inactive and they didn't know anything more at the Astronomy division.

All they could tell her was that his star was still there. She supposed that it gave her some satisfaction; to know that he was still alive and safe, assumed by the fact that he didn't use his powers. But it wasn't enough for her. She wanted to see it with her own two eyes that he was alright.

Standing under the steady stream of hot water, Misaki sighed again. This was getting nowhere. A shower usually the only time that she could relax, he was even taking over this part of her life. She was frustrated! And she had every right to be. She had never felt this powerless before. Though she could do everything in her power to help those victimized by criminal Contractors, who was going to help her?

As if it weren't enough that he haunted her waking moments, he tormented her in her sleep. She couldn't forget the day they had spent together, in hopes for a glimpse of the real stars. She had laughed so much that day, until her sides had hurt. And the peaceful calm there had been as they sat together under the blanket of darkness, until she had been called away for duty...

Squatting on the floor of her shower, she let the water beat down on her as she tried to calm her jittery nerves. She was sent home early to rest, not have a mental breakdown. Forcefully pushing thoughts of him to the back of her mind, she slowly took in deep breaths of air. November 11 had told her to trust her instincts and her instincts told her that they would meet again someday. Until then, she needed to remain cool and collected, just like she always had been.

When she finally felt more stable than she had been all week, she turned off the water and grabbed her towel. Thinking of November 11, she missed him, surprisingly. She had been hurt by the fact that he had gone and got himself killed; he had been a good person. After all, he had been the one to give her guidance during their investigation.

Instead of tormenting herself more, she decided to forgo the usual perusal of data on BK-201. Part of the problem was that she was putting herself through this. She was unable to let go. As a result, she had combed through the data on a daily basis, hoping for a clue of where he might be – not that she ever came up with anything useful. It was all old data.

Since Saito was covering for her, it was better to put this extra time to good use like he suggested. After her hair was dry, she would go straight to bed and sleep. If she wasn't refreshed and ready for the new day ahead of her, Saito was going to want to know why. That was something she rather keep to herself; not that he would question her if she could come up with something valid. He wasn't the smartest, but she depended on his loyalty – a redeeming quality.


"Wait. Where are you?" she muttered.

Hei stood watching from the corner of the room as she tossed in her sleep. She was having a nightmare and he was curious to know what it was about. Even so, despite his Contractor powers, that was not a skill he possessed. The only thing he had been able to do was keep an eye on her from afar.

He had left Yin by herself, but she knew how to reach him if he was needed. For now, he would indulge himself by staying to watch as Misaki rested. He should stay away. He knew that. His Contractor side knew that. But he was both human and Contractor. When it came to her, it seemed that his human heart outweighed his Contractor mind.

Cautiously, he made his way closer to her side. The blinds were open just enough to let him see her. But he didn't want to wake her. Dressed as BK-201, it would be difficult for her to see him dressed from head to toe in black. Not to mention, she would need her glasses.

"Where are you?" she asked again.

As he glanced down at her, it was to see that she was frowning in her sleep. She was going to get wrinkles if she kept that up. Very slowly, he reached out his hand and gently placed it on her forehead. Her features relaxed from the touch, but she didn't awaken. Ever so slightly, he touched the back of his fingers to her cheek.

"Mm... Li... kun..."

Hei stiffened as he heard her call out his name – his alias he had been using when he was pretending to be a foreign exchange student from China. She was dreaming about him? How was he supposed to leave her now? But the Contractor side of him won out. He had been a Contractor for much longer. Not to mention, the rationale behind staying away was much stronger than any reason to stay. He had to protect her.

It was too dangerous to do this again. Yin would be suspicious if he disappeared too often – not that they were on missions. But he knew; it would be a long while before he saw her again and even then, it would be from afar. Though he knew he had to leave, his humanness rebelled against the thought, refusing unless he did something memorable.

Kneeling by her bedside, he braced himself with a hand on her headboard. He leaned in and gently pressed his lips against hers. His heart was beating madly when he pulled away, terrified that her eyes would be open, staring at him. They weren't. Instead, she was smiling ever so slightly and snuggled deeper underneath the covers.

"Good-bye Misaki..." he whispered before he left with this memory to keep him moving forward.