"Nicholas Jonas, I'm very sorry but you have Type 1 Diabetes," Mrs. Juan said to me. I couldn't believe it; diabetes? I didn't even KNOW what that was. So all I could do was ask her, "Am I going to die?" Mrs. Juan smiled slightly and said, "No, thankfully, it's not that serious at the moment. You just have to keep your blood sugar, called glucose, down. You will have to give yourself shots everyday, but that's because you have to give yourself insulin; it keeps your blodd sugar down. We do need you to stay in the hospital for a few days though, okay?" I just nodded and had tears starting to form in my eyes.

Later that night, I was in a hospital bed, stuck to several machines. One for heart rate, another to help breathing normal, and 2 differen IV's to give me insulin and food, because I didn't want to eat anything at the moment, and the doctors said I HAD to get some type of nutrition. Kevin and Joe walked into my room, holding a balloon basket and a teddy bear saying "Feel Better". "Here you go, little brother," Joe said as they put the stuff by my bed. "Thanks guys," I said while slightly smiling. "Where's Mom and Dad and Frankie?" Kevin said, "They're at Grandma Jonas', so they could learn a little more about...you know...and get some comfort." I just looked down, starting to cry again. Kevin sat on the side of my bed while Joe grabbed a chair and sat on the other side. Kevin grabbed my non-IV hand and looked at me, saying, "Look, Nick. I know it's really hard for you right now, but it WILL get better. This will NOT stop us, you hear? As long as you can manage it, of course." Joe came up and hugged me for a minute, making sure not to touch the wires. I started crying because, well, I just felt miserable. "Shh, it's gonna be okay Nick. And if this makes you feel better," he said while going to his chair again, "We want you to meet somebody tomorrow, okay?"

I nodded and started to feel tired...again. "We'll see you tomorrow, okay? Night Nick. Sleep well," Kevin said and ruffled my hair a bit. Joe got up with him and smiled at me before going out of the room with Kevin. I tried to stay awake, but I just sighed and slipped into a peaceful sleep.