Chapter Five: Coach Huff?

"Edward, we can't be late!" I yelled from the front door as I grabbed my backpack. I slung it onto the side that wasn't holding Lizzi.

"I'll meet you two in the car," he called back from another part of the house. My eyes rolled on their own accord before waddling to the Volvo. Thirty seconds after I'd buckled Lizzi in and took my own seat, Edward was pulling the car out of the driveway and driving as fast as his conscious would let him.

"So, have you thought about how we're going to pull this off?" I asked casually but Edward saw right through me.

"Nope, we'll just have to wing it."

"Well, now I know I didn't fall in love with your planning and prepared skills," I muttered and I could tell he was smiling slightly. Edward pulled into a parking spot and, as soon as he stopped, leaned over to kiss me softly.

"What did you fall in love with?" he whispered, the ends of his lips curled up.

"I think it was your hair," I said with mock seriousness. I brushed some of his hair off his forehead before hopping out of the car at top speed. Seriously, we were going to get in so much trouble. I had Lizzi out of her car seat and my backpack on my back before Edward had recovered enough to grab his own bag. "Get your ass out of the car," I told him as I started walked towards the school building.

"Love you too," Edward mumbled as he jogged to catch up with us. "Do you want me to take Lizzi?" he asked, returning to his gentlemanly manners.

"I'll take Lizzi if you carry my bag," I compromised, sliding my backpack off my shoulders. We slipped through the classroom door right as the last tardy bell rang.

"Edward and Bella, you're lucky. I was just about to take attendance," Mrs. Brown said without looking up. Lizzi started crying suddenly, the sight of so many people was intimidating her. Well, she's been really good this morning so it was just a matter of time. Every head in the class shot up instantly, zooming in on the baby in my arms.

"We're really sorry about this, Mrs. Brown," Edward apologized not-so-smoothly. I was bouncing Lizzi up and down expertly, handing her the pacifier. She was quiet again by the time Edward and I were in our seats, ready for class to be over. Everyone was staring at us, some even twisting all the way around in their seats.

"Let the gossip began," I joked under my breath. Edward heard it and laughed lightly.

And so the day begins.

The morning was spent trying to comfort a grumpy baby, attempting to ignore stares from students and teachers, AND being expected to learn on top of all that. Honestly, the lunch bell was the most welcome sound I've ever heard. At that moment, it was more beautiful than Edward's voice. Lizzi, ruining my moment, started crying because she was startled by the bell.

"Let's go outside for lunch today," Edward suggested softly.

"No really? Because I was thinking a noisy baby was the perfect thing to bring into a crowded, noisy cafeteria!" I screamed at him, throwing my bag on the nearest lunch table. Edward didn't say anything, but merely sat down beside me and pulled out Lizzi's baby food. He eased her out of my arm and the second she was out of my arms, I let my face fall into my hands.

"I'm sorry Edward, I didn't mean to yell at you. It's not my best day," I muttered into my hands.

"I understand, love. When we get home, it'll be time for Lizzi's nap and we can rest for a couple hours. How does that sound?" he whispered comfortingly. Instead of feeling insulted that he was talking to me like I was four, I felt relaxed and extremely grateful. Edward's free hand started massaging the back of my neck and I sighed again.

"Have I told you how much I love you today?" He laughed gently, finding me amusing.

"Not yet," he said, the smile evident in his voice. A solid five minutes of massaging and silence later, I decided it was time to return to the world of the living.

"I'll take Lizzi," I sighed again.

"Just rest, love. I've got it covered," his voice soothed me.

"I love you more than I love chocolate, music, and life combined right now," I murmured into his shoulder. Lizzi was sandwiched between Edward and me, being surprisingly still.

What do you do with a baby in PE? I don't know, but I'm about to find out. I stepped through the locker room door with a baby on my hip. Everyone glued their eyes to my hip and the baby attached to it. I'd have felt embarrassed about it, but similar things have been happening to me all day long, so it's lost its novelty.

"Oh my God, Bella! When did you have a baby?" Jessica cried loudly. I seriously wanted to give her a high five on her face.

"Lizzi isn't mine, she's Edward's little sister," I explained loudly enough for the whole room to hear. Most of the room looked away but the big gossipers kept their eyes glued to me. I sat Lizzi down on my towel on the floor before grabbing my clothes from my locker. I changed quickly, feeling eyes on my stomach. Probably looking for imaginary stretch lines.

"Lizzi, come back," I muttered as I watched the little girl start rolling off the towel. I bent down to get her but before I could grab her, someone else picked her up.

"I ADORE babies," Jessica cooed, trying to be maternal but ending up looking awkward. "I'll take her back to Edward for you," she said quickly, taking off out the door before I could say anything. I wanted to scream 'You better give me my baby back RIGHT NOW!', but settled for slamming my locker closed loudly and taking off after her.

"Oh no she didn't," I muttered under my breath as I watched the scene before me. Edward was staring at Jessica with an uncomfortable expression on his gorgeous face while Jessica remained comically clueless. She started up the bleaches and, not paying attention to her feet, tripped and fell hard. I started sprinting as fast as I could without tripping myself while Edward jumped up quickly. Edward reached them first and, Jessica being…herself, starts grabbing her ankle.

"I'm OK Edward, don't worry about me. I think I'll need someone strong to carry me to the nurse's office, though," she said dramatically. I had reached them and was too shocked to do anything other than stare in disbelief at the scene before me.

"Lizzi!" Edward cried, not giving Jessica a second glance. Lizzi, having been jostled and startled, had started wailing loudly. "Don't cry sweetie, you're OK," Edward whispered. She wiped her cheeks while she continued to scream. The second her eyes fell on me, Lizzi reached out and I took her. Her head automatically buried itself in my shoulder, still crying pitifully.

"Edward, I'm not sure I can get up by myself!" Jessica whined from the floor. I was the only one who heard his sigh as he bent down to grab her hand. Edward pulled her up quickly, letting her hand go as soon as he could without her toppling back over.

"If you still need the nurse, Mike Newton would love to give you hand," Edward told her over his shoulder as we finally went to find our seats. I bounced Lizzi up and down on my knee, but she was still hiding against my chest.

"If I'd had to file an Amber report, I would tell them to tap the suspect's head and the one that sounded hollow was Jessica," I joked. Edward's laugh echoed against the walls and the ceiling. The few people who weren't already staring at us turned around.

"What the hell is a baby doing in my learning zone?" Coach Huff yelled, finally noticing us. He apparently had no qualms about profanity in his 'learning zone'.

"I'm sorry Coach Huff, but this is my sister, Lizzi, and my mother is out of town because my aunt is having twins," Edward explained politely. Coach Huff's face softened dramatically.

"Well, I guess I understand. My brother's wife, Suzie, just had twins. Too bad my brother is overseas at the moment and missed their birth…" I would've been shocked at the change in him, but I was too preoccupied with how similar his brother's wife is to Suzie.

"Wait, you're the David Uncle Steve talks about?" Edward's face showed nothing but blatant disbelief. Coach Huff's face mirrored Edward's. "He said that you were a professional basketball coach. Why are you teaching here now?" Edward asked, curious now that he was over his shock.

"Well, I was…fired so they could hire my assistant coach," Coach Huff said sheepishly. At least he didn't blush. That would be too weird on top of everything else. "I was going to call tonight to check up on them. How are the twins doing?"

"My mother said they were healthy and the twins are going home in two days at the latest," Edward said, still sounding a little dazed.

"Well, that's good to hear. I guess, since your mother left to help my sister-in-law, I'll allow a baby in my learning zone. Don't make it a regular occurrence though, OK?"

"Of course, Coach Huff," I answered for both of us. He turned around and started back down the bleachers, shaking his head back and forth.

"Wow," Edward breathed.

"Yeah. Whoa."

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