Jane was not expecting herself to be so impatient throughout those three days, but she found herself checking the clock with a sudden obsession throughout the sleepless night before her meeting with Callum.

She didn't tell Carlisle or Esme, instead swearing Alice to secrecy. Although her family were on good terms with the pack, she still didn't think her involvement with one of them would result in tea and crumpets over at the folk's house.

Jane admitted to herself that even she thought the friendship was…well; it wasn't the smartest of things to do. Still, she waited impatiently for what their next meeting would bring.

Out of habit, that morning she pulled back the curtains, and grinned at the lack of fine weather. A heavy drizzle swam down the windowpanes, and thick dark clouds stole any chance of sunshine from the hopes of many human inhabitants of Forks. She dressed in a dark blue long knit dress with leggings, to give the illusion of being affected by the cold.

Speeding out of the door without disturbing anyone left in the house, she grabbed the keys to her electric blue Ferrari and started the engine. Once clear of the house, she pulled over on the side of the road and sprayed herself with as many contrasting perfumes and body spray she had brought with her, to disguise her alien smell that her companion could not stand. Jane hoped that Callum had done the same, as she would not go to such trouble for a regular human friend.

She felt a pang of guilt at sneaking around her family. They had done so much for her, and she hated sneaking around them for such a trivial matter. Well, there'll be a way to make it up to them.

Starting the car again, she drove for twenty minutes until she reached the half deserted diner. Clearly, the locals would rather stay at home on such a horrible day.

She took a table for four, to make it less formal, then wondered why she cared. They were just friends, right? She didn't have to prove that to anyone, much less herself.

Callum disturbed her from her thoughts by opening the door loudly, practically filling the frame. He shook his black hair from his face, and huge droplets landed on the surrounding tables and ran down his tanned, thick neck. Great. Wet dog.

Jane couldn't help but notice the boy's whole face light up as he noticed her delicate hand waving from the corner of the room. He made to lope over to her, but stopped to take a quick glance out of the window before sitting opposite her.

"I guess you didn't tell your pack either." He shook his head, smiling a little ruefully.

"And you didn't tell your clan." Jane mirrored his smile in response, noticing he, too, had tried his best to cover his smell, but her keen senses picked up the disastrous consequences the rain had on his shoulder-length hair.

"How have you been?" He asked genuinely, a little crease in his forehead as he dared to lean closer. They had to masquerade as normal people.

"Well, thank you. Yourself?"

"Not so bad. Had a nice run in the woods before, so am needing something to eat." As though speaking a magic word, the waiter crossed over to them, a young guy of about twenty two, with tattoos all round his neck and hair pulled back in a ponytail.

From first glance, he looked as surly as anything, but when casting his eyes on Jane, his heart sped up, and he blinked several times.

Regaining a little composure and closing his gaping mouth, he approached our table. "What can I get you today, miss?"

Jane opened her mouth to decline, but took a moment to think about Carlisle's warning about their pretence. "Umm, can I please have the…the hamburger? But you'll have to help me, Cal, I'm not that hungry." She reached over to put her hand over Callum's, to try and convey what she was saying, and he nodded once.

The waiter realised Jane was accompanied, and his shoulders slumped. "And you?" He addressed Callum with none of the politeness he had offered Jane, even with viciousness.

Callum raised his eyebrows, and she noticed the waiter's eyes trail down and note her friend's huge biceps and large chest concealed under a drenched grey t-shirt.

"I'll have the hamburger too, with extra fries and extra salad, and a large Pepsi. Please." He gave the waiter a mocking smile, rubbing Jane's hand pointedly. The waiter gulped and averted his eyes, mumbled something and rushed off to the kitchens.

Jane slapped Callum's arm playfully. They bantered all through the meal, while skilfully shaping Jane's food into looking half eaten. She laughed at Callum's idiotic jokes, while he listened intently to little anecdotes of her years back in England.

Jane asked interested questions about pack life, and in turn, Callum asked about the clan. Eventually, Callum's phone rang, and noticing it was the pack-leader, Sam, took the call outside, where it had stopped raining, and unfortunately brightened up a lot.

Jane's phone played This Charming Man, by the Smiths, and she answered the call to a distressed Alice.

"Where the hell are you?" She hissed, and Jane heard the cheering from a televised football game in the background. "Do you know how sunny it is?"

"I know, Alice, I've just noticed."

"Well how are you going to get back? I bet you don't have a coat with a hood, do you?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Exactly. What are you going to do?"

"Calm down, Alice, seriously. I'll sort it."

"You better. Do not glitter in front of anyone, OK?"

"I'm not an idiot, Ali, I'll be back soon."

She hung up, fretting a little as she had most definitely not thought of what to do. At that moment, Callum came in, and noticed Jane biting her lip and being generally distressed.

"Are you OK?"

"Do you realise how sunny it is out there? I can't disguise how glittery I am in that light!"

"Don't panic, Jane. Here." And with that, he had taken his large shirt off, and wrapped it round her shoulders and hair. A few looked at their exchange with odd expressions on their faces. Jane laughed,

"If I go out in that temperature, you don't wanna know what happens to my hair!" OK, it was a weak excuse, but the most stupid women in there lapped it up, pulling combs out of their bags or patting their hair and tucking strands behind their ears.

Callum slapped some notes down on the table and ushered Jane out. Luckily, she had parked close to the door, and Callum not far away. Jane unlocked the door and slid in easily, turning when she was in the shadows to smile at Callum.

"Thanks, Cal, you're my hero!" He grunted, and leant in to kiss her cheek. He lingered close to her, breathing freely despite their closeness, and caught her lips with his own.

The kiss was fleeting, and barely a graze, but it knocked Jane senseless, and she slumped in the car seat. Callum, too, was looking a little dazed.

"Jane, watch out. Your ankle is glittering." Jane laughed a little too hysterically, and pulled her leg into the car.

Callum stepped back so she could shut the door, and he stood motionless as she pulled away. Jane's giggles did not end until she had pulled up back at home.