"Capelli? Are you in here?"

There was silence.

"You can't remember me can you?"

I gasped and in horror I turned around to see him looking at me. What did he mean?

"I was afraid of that…" He said cryptically

"What do you want Capelli?"

"I remember back in New York… We were watching Casablanca…"

"What are you implying?"

"Sarah, you are still the same person. All these years, I thought you died, but there are fates worse than death…"

"I don't understand."

"Ah, the amnesia, you really do have it."

He looked at me with regret, a deep feeling of sorrow and loss. He was implying that I was his partner. I didn't have any memories at all. I thought I was born and raised in Britain. This was all wrong! How could he be my partner? It didn't make sense. I was suspicious of him. He was probably going to use me to his advantage, but how?

"Capelli… You know I find this hard to believe…"

"Yes, I understand. It hasn't been easy for you to rehabilitate was it?"

I hope this won't turn into one of these long conversations. I think that Capelli was jealous of Hale and I decided to play along.

"Yes… It would have been for anyone…"

"You know what? Stay here for a little longer. They won't notice, they are all drunk…"

H e leaned forward. I stayed and didn't move.

"Someday you'll understand the horror…" he whispered

I was bewildered.

"Sorry?" I stammled

"come with me."

With that he went away and left me in his barracks. One half of me wanted to follow him, to understand his words. The other wanted to go away and forget him. What did he want? The first half won.

"Capelli! Wait!"

"Shhh… I hear something!" He whispered " Get LOW!"

"What is the problem?"

Then he shot it. A horrendously deformed human. I stifled a scream.

"Shit! Malikov!"

"Nope, a limb is missing, something damaged it."

"We can never be sure."

He took my hand and we ran to the infirmary. Malikov stood there with his glasses lopsided and broken.

"You have killed it?"

Capelli grunted.

"What was it?"

"A creature that I was working on. A half chimera half Cloven. I managed to get some DNA before coming to the U.S."


"I created them… No time to explain. I see that you have re-acquainted yourselves."

"Yes Doctor."

"Doctor Malikov? You mean you know about it?" I asked

"Yes, but I didn't tell you because it was crucial that you didn't remember anything."

"Well, we can kiss that plan goodbye…" Capelli Said

I slumped against a wall and sat down. I lifted my head and closed my eyes. Capelli sat next to me and embraced me. For some reason I didn't flinch. A single unusually salty tear rolled down my cheek. These one and a half years left a mark on me. If I wasn't in the army, I would have been a shuddering mess now.

"It is getting late and we may have to drag the rest of the people into their barracks. How can they be so foolish? I thought they taught discipline and order! Chyort! " Malikov swore in Russian. "How can they be so damn stupid!?"

"What about the talk with me and Hale?"

"That will be postponed until he recovers. I wanted to ask Hawthorne and Warner, but as you saw they are also drunk."

"AH well, lets get to work then…"