This is my first fanfic ever! this story is based the end of Sonic aventure 2, or for those of you who don't know Sonic adventure 2 this is when shadow falls to earth supposedly dead.

I do not own the characters in this or any of the setting.

The planet below looked so blue and mysterious from the windows of the ark, where a deadly silence loomed over all, it was a mourning silence. Inside its murky depths a mysterious hybrid looked upon the earth from the biggest window of the space colony with his eyes a sea green colour which surrounded by a sea of fur and quills in a shade of blue. A dark crumpled mass that looked like sonic slowly moving towards the nearby planet on the other side of the window were all Sonic's eyes were set upon. There was nothing he could do. The ARK's master would never return. "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog." He breathed. He paused and realised something, The deceased hedgehog that was falling was no natural hedgehog like himself; A Robotnik created this faker. He raised his head up and looked down upon the crumpled body and grew a cruel smile clarifying his victory…

No matter how hard Eggman can try I will always be the real hedgehog.

His face fell and he turned to face another hedgehog that loomed behind him. This other hedgehog stared at him in complete awe for a couple of minutes and then spoke in a low, quiet voice.

"Is he… dead?" she asked

Instead of answering her question he handed her a gold bracelet, Shadow's bracelet. Her face fell to a distressing cry when she realised what had happened.

"Amy…" he started. But she didn't listen; she just looked at Shadow's bracelet.

Tails the fox and Knuckles the echidna entered the room, they had been running for for what felt like ages down the creepy passages of the ARK.

"Eggman and Rouge have just left," Tails said, "We must get back to earth."

After a slight pause, Sonic faced his friends and stepped in front of still deeply shocked Amy Rose

"You're right," replied Sonic and took Amy Rose by the hand to the spaceship that waited for them upstairs.

On board the spacecraft all was quiet. Tails silently controlled to space ship back to their home planet while Knuckles just stared out the window in deep thought. Amy wasn't acting her usual self and being all over Sonic, instead she was crouching down with tears in her eyes, gazing at the mystic bracelet and thinking about it's doomed master.

He fought for me, he died for me. He was nothing like Sonic. Sonic just smirks at me but Shadow didn't, he kept looking weirdly at me. I don't know why.

Sonic himself wasn't smiling. He knew that there might not be a warm welcome for him when he got back to earth.

Suddenly there was a big BANG and the floor shook throwing everyone to the ground and causing Tails to lose control of the ship. The spaceship halted in its tracks, everyone stayed still. There were bangs and shouts as several G.U.N officers burst into the room brandishing guns. Sonic held Amy in his arms while tails and knuckles looked away in despair. The officers crowded around them, pointing their guns at their heads and one of them pulled the trigger…