Farewell Beautiful

One Shot Story

Amy's POV

"My darling, I have to leave," my boyfriend said. I thought he just had to leave tonight. But I was wrong. "OK, see ya tomorrow my love," I replied. But Michael just took my hands, took a deep breath, and looked at me. "No, sweet, I have to leave. I'm moving." I just looked at him in shock. A tear rolled down my face in the glittering moonlight. Michael caught my tear as I asked, "When?" He took another breath before he whispered, "Tomorrow, first thing in the morning. I will not EVER be able to come back again. I'm so sorry, Amy. This is the last time I will ever get to see you." He pulled me into a warm and comforting hug as I cried. Why now? I wondered.

"I'll leave with you. I will run away. With you." I barely made out. Michael just stroked my hair. "Shh, Amy. I am forbidden to see you again. I had to run away for the night just to see you. They will find me if I don't get back to my house for the night," He whispered to me. He slowly pulled out of the hug. Funny, I thought. After being together for a year, we have never kissed. Oh, sure, on the cheek, but never on the lips. Maybe he'll accept my last parting wish. I asked, "Michael? Would you do 1 thing for me before you leave?" "Anything, my beautiful," he replied. "Kiss me, so I will remember you by something." His gray-green eyes held my blue eyes for a moment before he took my waist and pulled my lips to his.

It was very tender, something that is hard to put into words. He was so gentle, with every caress, every move. I pulled my arms to his neck and deepened this kiss. I pulled my weight towards him, and sighed with delight. We broke for a moment as he whispered "once more, and i must go." I pulled him towards me, asking my tongue for entrance into his mouth. He allowed it, then slowing pulled out of our embrace. "Farewell beautiful," Michael said to me. "I will never forget you." He grabbed my hand, held me for a moment, then stood up and left me sitting in the meadow, watching him leave. I didn't see he left me with a gift in my hand. I opened my hand and inside was.........a necklace in the shape of a heart, a locket. I opened it and it had a picture of him, with the engraving "You have my heart, my love, and my life. Yours, Michael." I cried myself to sleep before waking up to a beautiful morning. Farewell beatiful...