Author's Note: This is my attempt at a Kingdom Hearts/World Ends With You crossover. Please review.

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Week 1, Day 0

"Slow down would ya?"

"Why don't you keep up?"

"It's always go, go, go with you, Uzuki, don't you ever stop?"

"You already know the answer to that, Kariya." Nevertheless, Uzuki Yashiro stopped to let her partner catch up. Koki Kariya. Most would call him lazy, or a slacker, but Yashiro knew better. He simply was relaxed and likes to take his time. As far as she knew, he had never failed a mission.

Eventually he caught up, moving at the same, lax style he was known for. Yashiro caught a glimpse of the lollipop he always had in his hand. Bean paste flavored, disgusting.

"You really need to learn to chill, Uzuki." He brought the bean-flavored lollipop to hi mouth. "It would do wonders for your complexion."

Yashiro brushed the comment aside; he was hoping she would get angry. "Aren't you even a little worried?"

"About what?"

"The new Game Master!"

"No, not really."

Yashiro was constantly amazed and his inability to care about anything. "Not even a little?"

"Nope." He looked around thoughtfully. "Though I don't much care for the change of scenery. Why couldn't we have stayed in Shibuya?"

"Yeah." The Dark City made both of them uneasy. "There's no one here, not even live people. Its…. unsettling."

"Yeah well, what the Game Master says goes."

"I didn't even know he was allowed to change the location of the Game."

"Me either."

A week they had been in the Dark City, and not once had even the tiniest speck of natural light shown itself. The city was well lit, but no one lived there to maintain it. What was this place?

A sudden ringing broke the silence. Uzuki Yashiro answered. "Yashiro…uh-huh…yes, sir." She hung up and looked over at Koki Koriya.

"It's starting tomorrow."

A serious looked crossed Kariya's face, one she had never seen before. He turned from her and looked out over the Dark City. A fitting place for those who came to die, he decided. It would make the Players uneasy, they would make more mistakes.

For the first time, he felt sorry for the Players.