El Tigre

No more Miracles.

Alright, so this is my first Story about something that ISN'T about Naruto. Haha and that is a slight challenge for me! And also, it is in third person! So there won't be any P.O.V's, and my grammar will be greatly improved! So no short cuts! At least not much... Eheheh. I swear I love this El' Tigre pairing! Alright, so this is 'No More Miracles', an El Tigre Fan fiction. Pairing I am using is Frida Suarez and Manny Rivera, (who is also El' Tigre.) You know, if you've never seen this show, you should really watch it, to really get my fan fic. Eheh.

Disclaimer: I do not own El Tigre. (I never said this with the Naruto ones. I'm sorry. I don't own Naruto either. xD) All the Characters I will be using For this Story are owned by Sandra Equihua & Jorge R. Gutierrez.

This means thinking

This means inner feelings

This means sounds. (Ex. Clack! Tick!)

This just adds intense to the word. (Ex. All she wanted was him.)

This is me talking. :D

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No More Miracles.



Damn it!

The clock wasn't going any faster, not matter how much she tried to rush it. It was making her mad.

Very Mad.

She kept frantically wondering when she was going to finally get out of this hell hole of a place. She couldn't stand it-she wanted to get out now. The ticking was practically ramming her ear drums. She chewed on the end of her pencil, and clicked her nails against the desk. She needed to think of something other than the time. Something, ANYTHING, distract her from the ticking. What was happening later? Oh, Yes. The Party. Her Party. She still needed to go shopping. Yes, and Manny offered to help her.


Her thoughts were now altered to the curly haired male, who was also known as 'El Tigre', the son of 'White Pantera', and grandson of 'Puma Loco'. She sighed as she thought about him and her hanging out that afternoon, yet again, like any other day. She thought about his cute smile, and that scar that he was branded with after the first time he turned into El Tigre, which brought out his amazing, dark brown eyes…


She couldn't think about him that way, he was her best friend. Oh, how she has wanted to tell him, but couldn't face rejection. And besides, he has made it perfectly clear that they were just close friends…

A soft sigh escaped her mouth, as she dreaded the thought of being 'Just Friends'. Is that all they would be?

Riiing! Riiiing!

Like heaven calls…

Throwing up the usually rock-and-roll- sign, Frida Suarez let out a "Yes! School is FINALLY OVER!" Yell. The teacher folded her arms, and tapped her foot with one if those annoyed looks on her face.

"Oops…lo siento, Ms. Ramirez!"

Frida smiled sheepishly and quickly slipped out of her Algebra classroom, stuffing her papers in her binder, and began making her way down the hall. She wanted to get to her locker, and meet Manny as soon as possible. She hasn't seen him all day, and she was getting quite frustrated with herself about rushing to see him. Was she becoming obsessive? She knows they spend every, waking moment with each other, but now, she was becoming unsatisfied. Practically every, moment was quickly becoming not enough… but the only thing keeping her sane are those few words that ring in the back of her head…

Just close friends…

Frida shook her head. She couldn't worry about this; not here, not now. Her pace started to slow as she approached her tan colored locker. Was she becoming abit disappointed?


Why would she be? So she can't have what she wants, but to hell with that, she couldn't wait to see him again, and in only a matter of minutes. Frida crouched down, turning the dial right, to the left, and right again, waiting for it to lock.

It didn't.

She groaned, starting to become angry, and retried her combination once more.

"12, 26, 32?"

No Click.

That's it, she couldn't take it anymore. Having just about enough she violently kicked the locker door 3 to 4 times, cursing loudly. A few students quickly walked passed as she breathed in and out, furiously. She gave it one more, last, good, solid kick. The locker door slowly creaked open, looking old, and sorry like it was about to fall off at any moment.

Ah…That's more like it.

Oh, how she loathed those stupid, useless lockers. They were old and worn out, but the principal was a cheapskate, and didn't want to pay a fortune to have the lockers replaced. After fixing her purple mirror, Frida pulled out her portable black and red brush and brushed out her sky blue hair, which was originally in a ponytail before. She then rummaged around for her bright red aviator goggles, and her spiky wrist cuffs… (Since they weren't allowed in high school for safety reasons…)

Placing her goggles on top of her head, and tightened the straps on her suspenders, she stuffed the rest of her papers and school work into her punk'd out backpack, and slammed her locker shut.

Adios, crappy lockers! I'll deal with you in three months!


Leon High School poured students out like a fountain that was filled up to the brim, overflowing with water, with a lot of screaming and yelling shouts of joy. He waited at the bottom of the stairway, staring at the doors longingly. Where was she? What was taking so long?


He groaned, closing his eyes tightly. Though it was like Frida to be late, (which he has gotten used to) he had promised her he would help her shop for a few things for her big summer vacation fiesta, and he wanted to get started before things got crowded.

Most importantly, he just wanted to be with her.

He, being Manny Rivera.

He hoped against all hope that there won't be any crime that afternoon. He didn't want to be El Tigre today; he just wanted to be with the gorgeous blue haired female. Was that too much to ask?

I don't want to leave her all alone! He thought to himself.

I would be a horrible friend if I did that to her, after I promised to help!

He smirked.

And besides! It wouldn't be a party without me!

He smiled to himself proudly, lifting his chin into the air. He clenched his fist, holding it to his chest.

I will not leave Frida to fight any crime today! He thought proudly. If anyone calls 'El Tigre' for help, then I will just ignore it! It's 'El Tigre's' turn to have a little fun!

This, I swear!

"Hey! Hey, Manny!"

He turned his head, smiling at the sky blue haired female, who was waving happily, while jumping down the school stairs, with loud 'clacks' of her big, leather boots. Manny waved back, as she arrived.

"Dude!" She smirked, slurring the word. "¿Qué pasa?"

"Nada de lo mucho, estoy fresco!" He replied. "Hey, are you ready to go shopping for your fiesta tonight!?"

"Yeah, totally!" It's gonna be so cool!"

"No, it's gonna be awesome!"

Manny offered to carry Frida's books, and started their walk home. They both decided to drop off their belongings, so they won't be slowed down by the extra weight.

"So, your parents are still going out tonight, right?" Manny reassured.

"Yeah, Yeah! Turns out Nikita and Anita will also be attending the stupid Police force seminar. That means I'm gonna be home all night!"

"Are you sure? I mean, I just…"

Frida playfully punched Manny's arm.

"Oh, Relájese, dude! You know how my family is really into all the police crap! They probably won't be back 'till tomorrow! Reeelaaaax!"

Though abit unsure, Manny soon replaced his worried frown into another bright grin, chuckling softly.

"Yeah Frida, you're probably right, haha! Why am I always thinking about the negative?! This is gonna be the greatest party in the history of parties!"

After their laughter died down, an awkward silence fell between the two. It was uncomfortable, since it never really did go awkward between them. Frida shyly rubbed her left arm and Manny stuffed his hands in his dark blue jean pockets.

Maybe… Frida thought, looking over at Manny whose eyes were watching the ground. Maybe I should tell him now…

A small blush started to spread across her cheeks.

"H-Hey Manny?"

He looked up, straight into her hazel brown eyes, and replied with a soft, "Hm?"

Frida gulped, clenching her fists.

"Manny, I-I…I kind of…"

She didn't know what to say, or how to say it. All she wanted to say was. Manny, I love you, but she was choking on her own words.

Manny blinked, raising his eyebrow in worry again, as Frida continued babbling her words. Then sighing heavily, she looked up, back into the dark brown eyes of the male, biting her bottom lip.

"Manny…" She closed her eyes, and then opened them once more.

"Manny…I…I want…some churros."

Blinking a couple of times, his lips curved into a warm smile.

"I have some money saved up. I'll get us both some churros. Okay?"

Frida smiled gently, but she cursed herself for not just spilling out her feelings while she had the perfect opportunity.

Was she actually afraid of telling him how she felt?



Que pasa- What's up?

Lo siento!- Sorry!

Nada de lo mucho, estoy fresco!- Nothing much, Im cool!

Relájese!- Relax!


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