El Tigre

No more Miracles.

Alright, so this is my first Story about something that ISN'T about Naruto. Haha and that is a slight challenge for me! And also, it is in third person! So there won't be any P.O.V's, and my grammar will be greatly improved! So no short cuts! At least not much... Eheheh. I swear I love this El' Tigre pairing! Alright, so this is 'No More Miracles', an El Tigre Fan fiction. Pairing I am using is Frida Suarez and Manny Rivera, (who is also El' Tigre.) You know, if you've never seen this show, you should really watch it, to really get my fan fic. Eheh.

Disclaimer: I do not own El Tigre. (I never said this with the Naruto ones. I'm sorry. I don't own Naruto either. XD) All the Characters I will be using for this Story are owned by Sandra Equihua & Jorge R. Gutierrez.

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Please Enjoy the Final Chapter of No More Miracles!


"You let him LIVE?"

"Calm down, Django! I couldn't just kill him! It was—"

His hand struck her face, leaving a print on her cheek. It stung, it really stung, but Ember gently rubbed it and tried to shrug it off. Ember had confessed after Django intimidating her with his questions. It pissed him off—he was absolutely furious, and she was in the middle of it. Zoe Aves, who is attending the meeting, had helped Django hammer her down with questions. She was leaning against the wall, watching in amusement.

"I gave you specific orders to kill Manny Rivera. You were almost there! You almost had him in your grasp—"He swung out his arm, trying to hit her again, but this time, Ember dodged. "—and you suddenly you had a stroke of love and compassion, and then you suddenly can't do what I ordered you to?"

Finally done with being treated like trash, Ember fought back, lashing at Django with, "I'm done with being treated like a bitch! If you want Manny dead, fine! But I flippin' refuse to have his blood on my hands. That is something I could never wash off. I'm sick of you beating me if I don't do anything right! Im sick of you raping me and sexually harassing me just because you can! I don't care anymore; let them know I am a ghost! I don't want to be one as much as I thought I did. I was perfectly fine being a normal human until you waltzed into my life acting like a fucking prince charming, but deep down you're a jerk! How could Frida ever love someone like that? Let alone, someone like you!"

"ENOUGH!" Django snapped, slapping Ember across the face once more. He did it with so much force she flew across the room, sliding on the concrete floor. Now, that really hurt Ember—her skin was scratched and in some places, she was bleeding. Her whole body was aching so there was no way for her to stand up without collapsing all over again. Django stood over her with his glaring red soulless eyes.

"Worthless piece of trash," he spat. "How dare you even think to talk back to me, after I let you into my home, and gave you shelter, food, and decent clothes…unlike those embarrassing rags you had on before,"

Don't forget you also abused me. She thought angrily.

"…and after I simple tell you what to do all of a sudden you grow a damned back backbone and you can step up to me like some bitch? I don't think so."

Ember didn't respond. She rolled on her side, l etting Django talk to her back. She did not want to hear his "I'm a man, you're a woman," rant.

"Calm down Django, don't waste your time on that thing and lets really get down to business." Ember shot her head up, glaring at the amethyst-eyed female.

"Who the hell do you think you're talking to, Aves?" She appeared in front of her. Zoe rolled her eyes, simply not impressed. "You're just mad at the fact that Manny will never love you! Not when he loves Frida!—"

Django grabbed Ember by the neck; his grip was tight.

"Stop talking out of turn!" he hissed. "You will only speak when spoken to, understand?"

She stayed silent. That didn't satisfy Django, so he tightened his grip. Ember began gasping for air.

"Do. You. Understand!"

She coughed. "Yes!"

"Good." He threw her down. Zoe smirked.

"Are you quite done playing with your pet now, Django? For one I'd like to get something done. I knew you shouldn't have let her do a real woman's job. I knew she couldn't do it. She's too soft."

"I don't understand," Django rubbed his temples. "In her other realm…she murdered hundreds of people…this would have been just another easy kill. Why? Why have you become a softy, Ember McClain? You were a murderer! A murderer!"

"STOP SAYING THAT!" She screamed, placing her hands over her ears. "Just because I was a killer, doesn't mean I liked what I did. You don't even know…you'll never understand."

Zoe yawned. "You're probably right. We probably will never understand the rate your going," She glance at Django. "Can we please fucking go now?"

He nodded turning his back to Ember. Her eyes shut.

"Let us depart."


"So, my grandson…it has been some time since you have called upon me for help…ever since you turned good and everything…but besides that, what can I do for you?" Sartana smirked, resting her head in her arms. It was Django's turn to smile.

"Now, now, Grandma, what if I just came by to say hi?"

"Cut the crap, Django!" Zoe plunged her elbow into his ribs. "You know exactly why we're here."

"I agree with your little girlfriend over there; Ms. Cuervo—"

"She is not my girlfriend!" Django spat. His voice then softened. "…you know who I long for."

Sartana rolled her glowing ruby red eyes, sarcastically replying, "Ah, yes. The trouble-making blue-haired brat who was sidekick to Puma Loco's grandson…" she growled. "El Tigre…"

"Pfft, yeah, don't forget she flat out dumped him, too! Ahaha!"

"Zoe! Do not talk unless you are spoken to!"

"Well excuse me for preaching the truth."

Django sighed, clearly annoyed. "Alright grandma, let me just get straight to the point—I need your help."

Sartana smiled once more, tuning her old Mystic Guitar. She knew exactly what he wanted; she just wanted to hear him say it.

"…Go on."

"Zoe and I…we sort of have a problem."

"Oh for God's sake, Django!" Zoe shoved him out of the way, appearing before Sartana's presence. She didn't care who she was talking to, she was tired of playing games and staying on the side lines while Django attempted to take full court.

"Stop trying to sugar-coat this!" she turned back to Sartana. "Look, you bag of bones, that stupid blue haired brat that your dork-of-a-grandson is deeply in love with is with my man! We need your help to break them up so I can get what I deserve, and Django can get his 'property' back, understand? It's not fair that Frida-fricking-Suarez was able to become 'one' with my Manny Rivera BEFORE I could! I deserve it more than her! Me, me, ME!"

"Speak for yourself, Aves!" Django cut in. "My Frida became one with that pig you're so infatuated with! If anything, I deserve it more than you! I mean, I became 'good' for her! I'd do anything for her, and HE always gets in the way. He always is getting in the way of everything that involves my Frida!"

"At least I wasn't dumped."

"Don't make me come over there—"

"Like you'd ever think of laying your hands on me—"

"SILENCE!" Sartana's booming voice echoed throughout the underworld. "Look at you two! Arguing over who deserves or doesn't deserve who…stop bickering like a bunch of five year olds! Do you want my help, or not!"

Django glanced at Zoe, who glanced back. They both nodded in unison.

"Alright then. Now that I have your attention, this is the only advice I have to offer; have you thought about killing th—"

Before she could finish, Django sighed in frustration as Zoe did a face palm. "We already hired a trained assassin—"

"Hush! Don't be rude, boy! Let me finish!"

The two teens settled down. Sartana cleared her voice, continuing. "…have you ever thought to kill the blue haired girl?"

Zoe folded her arms. "Pfft, what good would that do?"

"Think about it, if you kill Suarez, she'd become like Django and I. Django could comfort her about dying, while you, Zoe, comfort Manny for his loss. I am not saying it'll come quickly, or easily, but in given time, the two will either forget about each other, and/or just move."

This caught both of the teens' attention.

"I must say, grandma…that is an extraordinary plan. It is also so simple…I don't know why I didn't think of it myself!"

"Yeah…but how are we gonna kill Frida? I mean we hired an assassin from a different world, but after meeting with the two, she's grown close to them and has turned soft on us. We can't risk (or afford) something like that again."

"I see," Sartana sighed. "This is why you never hire others from another world to do a job only you can do, Django!...You two are smart, devious, and conniving enough. I'm sure you two can figure out a decent plan to kill Frida Suarez."


I have to tell them…I have to tell them!

Ember paced outside of the Suarez manor debating on whether or not to tell him and Frida the truth. She kept hesitating to ring the doorbell. Her heart would increase its rate every time she tried to connect her finger to the button.

"Oh screw it; I'll just invite myself in!"

She became transparent and walked right through the door. She knew it was rude to just invite herself in like that but she didn't think anyone was home, (the cars were gone) or awake, (it was still early morning,) and it gave her a quieter entrance.

She hovered over the ground, her eyes wandering throughout the quiet house. She spotted the three dogs cuddled together, sleeping to their hearts content. She dreaded the fact that she had to face the one person that she trusted—and she sure as hell didn't want to see the reaction of what she had to say.

As she headed upstairs, her breathing would get faster with every step. She felt as if she was going to throw up—she was so nervous. As she stood in front of Frida's bedroom door her hand trebled as she reached for the doorknob. She gulped; not standing anymore pressure, she threw open the door, crying out, "Frida! I need to talk to…" her bright blue eyes widened at the sight of a naked Manny Rivera who just so happened to be slinking out of Frida's bed.

She could tell Frida had been talking to the Rivera, because as soon as the door swung open, her mouth had stayed open. Ember's eyes darted from Manny, to Frida, to Manny once more, her eyes slipped, catching sight of Manny's now erect member. There was a hush of silence between the three teens. Ember blushed madly, bowing her head, apologizing over and over. "I-I'm sorry! Im so sorry! I-I'll leave! This is awkward!" she began to back up, not letting her eyes off of Manny's lower region.

"W-whoa, wait, Ember!"

Ember quickly shut the door, leaning against the wall. Her face was still pink. "I-I'll just wait downstairs!"

She ran down the stairs as fast as she could, setting herself on the living room couch. She hid her face into her hands, completely embarrassed.

Why does this always happen to me!


"I can't stress how sorry I am about that!" Frida blushed. When Manny didn't speak up on his behalf, she tried to urge him on.

"Why are you lookin' at me like that? She shouldn't have been sneaking around!"

She elbowed him roughly in the ribs.

"Ow! Okay, okay, Im sorry!"


"For being naked? I don't know, whatever!"

The blue haired female shook her head and groaned in annoyance to Manny's lack of maturity. She tried to wave off the subject. "S-so anyway, it's been so long…what brings you over, Em?"

Still in shock, Ember blurted out: "You…you and Manny had sex! You could have told me!"

Frida cringed; her face turning a darker shade. "Well…yeah…" her embarrassment was quickly covered with pride, "You aren't the easiest person to contact you know. Where the hell have you been for like, the past few months!"

"Actually…" Ember sighed, rubbing her arm. "That's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about."

Frida's eyebrows furrowed. "What are you talking about?..."

Ember laughed nervously. "Either you won't believe me, or you'll hate me forever when I tell you this but…I am a trained assassin that was hired by Django to kill Manuel Rivera."

For a while, no one said anything.

"…please, you have got to be kidding me."

Ember shook her head slowly, reaching into her pocket and pulling a small card that possessed all of her information. "As much as I hate to admit it…I'm being totally serious with you…" she stood up letting herself transform into her ghost form. She looked ashamed, avoiding Manny's glare.

"That punk rock ghost was YOU, Ember? You almost killed me! You were trying to kill me!"

"It started out that way, but…"

Frida hushed Manny before urging Ember to continue explaining.

"Okay, look. I'm not from this realm. In my other realm I was punished and was put into a human body. Django stumbled upon me during a realm search and did research on me and my background. As soon as he found out all about my checkered past, he asked me to join and help annihilate you. Of course at first I declined because I knew good and well who El Tigre was, and I wanted to leave my violent past behind. But then he suckered me in when he said he could change me back into my true (ghost) form. It was almost as if he seduced me, because as soon as he brought it to my attention that he could do that, I became so selfish that I was willing to even go as far as sleep with Django as a part of my assigned job…" Ember clutched her shirt beginning to rock back and forth, choking back tears. "But…but when I first met you, Frida…after even a few days here…I just automatically fell in love with everything here…the people…the food…I knew I was beginning to become attached, but…y-you where my…first real friend…and I knew that I couldn't do my job, because I became a better person…" At this point she was sobbing now---"T-then, I tried to just get it over with and go back to where I belong…so I came to get you, Manny, and end everything once and for all…I was fully capable of killing you, I had you right where I wanted you, and I know all of your strengths and weaknesses… but I just couldn't bring myself to kill my best friends potential lover and her own best friend just for my own selfish self, and I'm so sorry…"

Frida and Manny watched the young chocolate-skinned female shed her tears, admitting her sins.

As she calmed down, Ember noticed the silence; she stood up, wiping her jeans. "I…I should get going…"

"Wait," Frida stood up also. "Ember…don't go. At least don't go thinking that I hate you."


"I mean, I totally understand where you're coming from. People in this world, often face tough situations such as yours. Sometimes they are scared of what might happen and what they have to do to fix the problem or make it bearable. I can tell that you desperately tried to refrain yourself on being an assassin once more, and it's sometimes hard to turn down something that means more to you than anything ever could…" her thoughts wandered to the night that Django broke up with her. "…but Ember, you showed true friendship by not just being there when I needed you, but for knowing to make the right choice and taking the risk of Django's wrath, rather than killing Manny and living with the guilt. You showed that you are loyal to your friends, no matter what the circumstances are, and for that, I respect and praise you!"

Ember embraced the young Suarez daughter into a warm hug, thanking her repeatedly. Frida giggled, patting the poor girls' back, responding that she didn't have to continue thanking her like so.

As Ember opened her mouth to respond, she quickly closed it, feeling a pulse of energy surge through her body. Her head began to throb, and flashes of scenes came before her eyes.

"Oh, shit!" She pulled away from Frida, covering her mouth in disdain. "No…he can't…not now!"


"What is it, Ember?" Manny stood up, deeply concerned. He could feel something was wrong as well.

"It's…it's Django…" she looked at Manny straight in the eye. Her expression was troubling. "I saw it…he has an army and everything."


"They're coming…they're coming to finish you off, Manny!"


"Manny! Wait up!"

Manny was racing down the street, to the heart of Miracle City. Ember flew behind him, while Frida was lagging behind. "Wait up!" She called out again. "I said, WAIT UP!"

"We can't slow down now, Frida! Who knows what kind of havoc Django is causing!"

"Well SORRY I don't have ANY powers like you and Ember!"

Manny came to stop, throwing his head over his shoulder to look at Frida. Glad that the running stopped, Frida hunched over, gasping for air.

"This is why I told you to stay! You can't fight like Ember and I can! Just turn around and go home!"

"Excuse me? I am just as important to this three-man-team as any of you! I may not have supernatural powers, or do very much, but I can't just stand on the sidelines and just watch!"

"Damn it Frida! I just don't want you to get hurt. If even a scratch lands on you, I could never forgive myself, understand! So just go back now!"

"QUIET!" Frida and Manny were surprised by the annoyance in Ember's voice. "We're all in possible BIG danger and you two choose NOW to have an argument! No, we are not doing this right now. So both of you just suck it up and keep moving!"

A long silence rose between them. Frida blushed, looking to the ground. "Manny…" her voice was soft. "…I know you want to protect me but…you can't protect me forever."

Manny now felt bad for blowing up at the young blue-haired teen. Different scenarios played through his head. He couldn't bear the thought of losing what mattered most. "Frida…"

"OH isn't this CUTE?"

Manny turned his attention to the voice that seemed to be insulting him. He snarled at the sight. "Django…"

Django smiled with his arms crossed, sitting n a bright red throne, which was held up by his zombie minions. His guitar sat on his lap. Zoe, with a pouted face, stood on the far left. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Manny Rivera. I thought that little traitor over there got rid of you ages ago."

"Don't talk to me like that!" Ember fumed.

"I will talk to you anyway I please. You need to learn your place, you unimportant little—"


Django was interrupted by Frida, who was now enraged with his behavior. "What the hell s wrong with you, Django! You're acting like a complete asshole!"

"Oh, but don't you see? I'm doing this because I love you, my sweet Frida." A sick smile appeared on his emotionless face. His eyes were dark. "I knew you still love that worthless fool. That pathetic excuse of a man… You don't need him, Frida. You need me. I am all you will ever need. But Manny is in the way. I have to get rid of him, so I can win you back."

"That's not how to do it! If you loved me, you'd let me be with the person I love…even if it isn't you! You're so selfish, Django!"

"Selfish! ME!" Django snapped. "I only want what is best for you, and that would be ME, not some stupid screw up!" He picked up his guitar, bursting with rage. "Skeleton Army…I want the Rivera dead, and the little ghost girl too. But bring me the blue-haired one; alive and fresh."

Manny gained his fighting position, smirking. "You're going to have to go through me if you want her!"

"Going through you would be like slicing butter! ATTACK!"

The ground began to shake, murmuring, almost growling. All three teens looked around, trying to be aware of their surroundings. Frida felt her stomach lurch. She got a bad feeling. A really bad one.

The ground split in two; murky green smoke polluted the air, causing the three to cough. A large group of heavily armed skeletons appeared among them. Manny's eyes widened. He wasn't so sure if he could beat them now. It was only him and the other two against…thousands of Django's army. What was he going to do? He had to fight, there was no other choice. He wasn't going to back down, not now. "Alright, let's do this!"

He sped off, throwing his fists in every which way; skeleton arm flew over there, skull flew in the other direction. "Manny, Be careful!" Frida's voice was drowned out by the screeching and squealing of panicking citizens, and bones being crushed.

What do I do? She looked around, frantic of how she could help. Manny was right..I should have turned around while I still could…Im no use here!

"Waugh!" She jumped back as a blue ball hurled towards her, ramming into the building behind her. She placed her arms over her head to shield her from the falling rubble. As the smoke cleared, she realized it was Ember. Her face was smug.

"Whoa, are you okay?" Frida extended her arm to help her friend up. Ember accepted, wiping the dirt from her skin-tight outfit. "Almost had me worried there."

"Yeah, I'll be alright." She wiped a trace of blood from her bottom lip. "You shouldn't be worrying about me, you need to get out of here, as fast as you can. It isn't safe."

"Well duh, I know it's not safe, but whenever I'm with Manny, nothing is safe. I always stick around. I'm just trying to find a way to help, too."

"Hmm…Well If you don't want to become a freaking zombie I suggest you use those firearms you carry in those boots of yours, love."

"These?" Frida reached down, pulling out her semi-automatic hand guns. "Regular bullets cant destroy a skeleton zombie! They'll just laugh and then eat my brains!"

Ember tapped her chin. "Oh!" She then leaned down and kissed both of the guns. "That ought to do it."

"Ember! I can't really do this alone—"

"Oops, gotta go, love. He needs my help! Be careful with the guns, there's a lot of power in them!" She disappeared into a blue streak across the sky as quickly as she had crashed into the wall.

"Wait! What did you do to them—"

"Aww, look at this," Frida jerked around, seeing two skeleton soldiers approaching towards her. They both had smirks on their faces."Her little friend left her here with a pair of guns. What a friend, leaving you all alone like this!"

Frida stepped back, holding up both of her weapons nervously. "Y-you better back off, or I'll blow your heads off with no mercy!"

"Oh shut up. Your pleading eyes can't save you. You're useless boyfriend can't save you, and that stupid ghost can't save you either. Right now, you're done—"

Frida pushed the trigger. A green plasma-like ray shot out, disintegrating the skele-soldier that was harassing her. All that was left was a pile of ashes. She looked at the gun. Nothing changed, it still looked the same. But Ember was right, there was a lot of power in them now.

Thanks, Ember…Whatever you did.

When she was done admiring her brand new guns, her gaze shot back to the cowering skele-soldier that stood next to his friend. She aimed at him, closing one eye for extra focus, and for a bad-ass look. "You wanna be next?"


"Argh!" Manny growled, slashing one of the skele-soldiers with his long, sharp, steel claws, then using his other fist to punch out another. "There's so many…Damn it, I don't know how long I can keep this up!" He was beginning to become very tired. His arms were hurting from swinging, his hands where hurting from punching, his legs hurt from kicking…

"We can't give up now, Manny!" Ember shot blue energy from her guitar. "Not now…!"

"Oh yes, She's right, Manny. Don't give up now!" Django's voice was laced with mockery and sarcasm. "All you do is bitch and moan, you know that? When you're fighting, and in bed—"

"Oh shut your mouth, you bastard! I don't need to hear this from you!" Not thinking, Ember charged for Django, raising her fist. She was sick of Django harassing her. She could hear Manny in the background saying "No Ember, it's a trap. It's a trap!" But she didn't want to listen. She was too blinded by the rage the surged throughout her body. I…wont…take…this…any...more!

She gave him a good punch to his right cheek, cracking the cheek bones in his fake human face, knocking his hat off of his head. She proceeded to throw more punches, tackling him off his thrown and breaking the pavement; breaking his nose, ribs, anything her fists would touch. Django didn't even flinch. Manny stood there, wondering what he should do.

Ember stopped punching and sat over top of him, panting heavily. Her hands glowing with blue plasma.

"Are you quite done?"

She gasped, as his face began to heal itself. Soon, it seemed like she didn't even lay a scratch on him in the first place. "Are you done letting all your anger out, sweetheart?" He clutched her fist, bending it downward. Ember cried out in pain, feeling her wrist crack. "That's good, because I was getting quite bored!" He pulled her forward, the threw her across the city, letting her slam into the building.

Seeing her body being flung through the air, Frida stopped her shooting rampage and screamed, "Ember! Damn it!" She looked fiercely at Django, who was in the process of standing up, and laughing. She ran towards him, until Manny held out his arm to stop her.

"Don't get any closer," he hissed. "Don't, she'll be fine, but don't put yourself in danger."

"But he flung her like a little rag doll!" She shouted, pushing his arm away. "I don't care who the hell he thinks he is, but I won't let him get away with it! Not ever!"


"Now, now, Rivera. Let the poor girl talk. You can't make all of her decisions for her, you know." He stuck his tongue out, teasingly. "That is what can get you dumped."

"Shut up!" Frida growled. "I don't know why you're doing this, Django. You and I were so close, and all because I didn't have feelings for you, you decided that you can just go and kill Manny just because you're jealous! You're such a selfish pig, you disgust me! I'd tell you to rot in hell, if you weren't already!"

"Ouch," Django pointed to his non-existent heart. "That hurt me right here, Frida!" Her smiled. "Aves! Move Frida out of the way. I have unfinished business to take care of."

Zoe stood there, with her arms folded. When she didn't mood, Django called out to her again, but his voice sounded annoyed. "Zoe, I was speaking to you. Did you hear me?"

"Yeah, I heard you. I'm not slow."

"Well if you heard me…do what I tell you and stop standing there like you're stupid!"

"Shut your fucking mouth, Django! I'm sick of you!" Zoe spat, her face was pink. "I didn't sign up for this shit. I didn't sign up for any of this. I didn't know it would go this far, I just didn't want to let Frida win! You're crazy man, you're so full of it! Though I hate to admit it, Blue-Hair is right. If you love someone, and they love someone else, just let 'em be. If that means I can't have Manny, then so be it, but Im not gonna let you keep bossing me around and treat me like I'm some dog! You can do this by yourself!" And with that, she turned around and stomped away.

"Zoe! Zoe come back here right now!"


Manny's jaw almost dropped. He didn't see that coming. But he focused his attention back to Django, who was now fuming.

"Do I have to do EVERYTHING by myself! For ONCE can things go my way!"

"Let her be, Django. She has nothing to do with this now. It's just me and you. Man to man."

Django clenched his fists. "Well then, if it's a fight you want, then a fight you'll get."

He dashed forward, aiming his fists towards Manny. He blocked his move, pushing him backwards, though Django was pushing him forward.

He's strong.

"Ngh…a couple of punches won't do anything to me! You'll need to try harder!"

They both let go, jumping backwards, panting. Their eyes were narrowed dangerously.

Frida stood in the back, watching them go at it; Manny would make his move, and Django would block, and then Django would do the exact opposite.

"It's no use!" She murmured. "They're both evenly matched…this fight will take forever…If I don't step in!"

She ran past Manny with her guns raised. "Wait, Frida, Don't!"

"Come on Django! Don't tell me you're afraid to fight a girl!"

"The hell I am!"

"Well then see if you can handle this!" She shot both of her guns, green flashes blinding the city. She thought she had ended the fight but she was wrong. Django inhaled the plasma bullets and swallowed them as if they were nothing.

"Hmm…nice try Frida, but I'm stronger than my army. I can endure anything." He appeared behind her, holding both of her wrists in a tight grip. Frida squirmed, trying to break free. "Oh come now, don't fight me on this. Just come with me back to the underworld and we can pretend none of this ever happened. What do you say?"

"No! N-No!" Django slid his tongue down her neck, causing Frida to shriek. "S-stop! Stop that, please!"

That enraged Manny. He curled his fist. He was putting all of the rest of his energy to end this fight once and for all. "Django…" He growled, as he placed more power into his fists. "I'll break you so hard I'll make sure you'll never assemble yourself ever again!"

He lunged forward, aiming for Django.

This is for you, Frida. This is for you.



His eyes closed as he felt his fist penetrate what he thought was Django's chest. Everything was dark. Time seemed to have stopped. All of a sudden, he didn't feel right. Why would Frida try to stop his final smash?

Django laughed. Manny's eyes shot open, only to face his one nightmare. His fist was deeply lodged into Frida's chest. He didn't know that Django didn't move Frida out of the way. He quickly pulled out his fist. It was drenched in blood. Her blood. He should have stopped. He should have listened. He shouldn't have lost control. He covered his mouth, as tears stung his eyes. Django smirked in satisfaction, letting go of her wrists, letting her drop to the ground.

"I hope this teaches you a lesson, Rivera." A black mist circled Django. "I hope this teaches you that you can't always have what you want. You lost, and I have won."

He disappeared.

Manny quickly grabbed Frida into his arms. Blood poured onto his Tigre clothes. The life in her eyes was fading.

I…I did this.

"DAMN IT!" He screamed to the top of his lungs. "DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!" He cradled her. "Everything will be alright. Everything will be okay. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!"

I'm so sorry!

"M-Manny…" She shook her head. "Things won't be okay…"

Manny's eyes stung as he held his bloody lover in his arms. She was coughing harshly, as blood poured from her mouth.

"Manny…" her voice was soft. He had to strain just to hear her. "D-don't cry…please…"

"I can't help it…" he brought her lifeless arm and rubbed his stained cheek in her hand.

Frida smiled faintly, looking towards the sky. "You see that beautiful sunset?"

"Yes, Frida…I see it…"

"Promise me something."

His tears were brimming his eyes. "Yes…anything."

"When I leave this earth…everyday, no matter what, I want you to watch the sunset to remember me by, got it?" She closed her eyes. "Heh…give my guitar to Ember…I've seen that chica play…"

He couldn't take it anymore. Tears poured from his eyes, plopping on Frida's chest. "Don't say that, Freeds. Just…st-stay with me…"

"Manny…this is realty, sweetie…" Frida's voice cracked, as her own tears began to flow down her blood drenched cheeks. "I know it doesn't seem fair…but everything happens for a reason…But you just remember that I'll always be with you. I love you, forever and always, got it?"


She smiled once more, before it vanished. The life in her eyes died. Manny gasped, clutching her hand tightly, as more tears formed.

From a distance, Ember turned her head away wiping her eyes with her glove.

"Forever and always, Frida. Forever and Always…" Manny crushed her frame against his, sobbing heavily in the middle of the street as the surroundings were in ruins. He didn't know what else he could do but cry. He lost the one person that was closer to him than anyone else, the one person he knew ever since he was little; the one person who he loved and cared deeply for, and returned the affection. But now, Frida Suarez, was gone, and there was no possible way to get her back.

"This is my fault," he cried. "I did this…I should have done more, I should have tried harder…"

His eyes widened as a hand touched his left shoulder. He looked up slowly only to find that it was the hand of his father, Rodolfo, and his grandfather wasn't standing for behind.

"Son…" Rodolfo cleared his throat. "This was Frida's decision…she wanted to go. I know it's hard to cope with but…"

"No!" Manny snapped. "W-we can still help her! We need to get her help, dad! We need to help her! We need to—"

"Manny! My son…we can't…she's gone now, Manny. We can't do anything else."

Manny didn't respond. He didn't want to believe his father, but he knew deep in his heart it was true. He scooped up her lifeless corpse, almost cradling her as if she was a small child.

"…It's time to take her home."


"We gather here today to mourn the death of FriDaniella Lorena Castrano Suarez…"

The sky was grey, and the clouds were ominous. Rain poured from the dark sky, drenching the group of people below; those people were attending the funeral of Frida Suarez.

"Frida was a young, spontaneous child, who was slowly blooming into a beautiful young woman. But yet, it was too soon for her to leave us…"

Manny was sitting in the far right of the front row. His head was bent and his eyes were closed as the sermon went on with his speech. He wanted to be up there; after all, he knew Frida more than anybody.

As the preacher droned on, he slightly opened his eyes, looking to his left, seeing his family all dressed in black. The three Rivera men whore slick black tuxedos while Maria wore a plain black dress with a veil. She was one of the few who had an umbrella.

Next to the Rivera's were the Suarez's; all in the same concept of clothing. Anita and Nikita shared an umbrella (as well as outfits), wiping their tears and smearing their eye makeup. Carmella held her husbands' hand tightly, as he, Emiliano, kept a stone serious face. It still looked the same from the day Manny brought his deceased daughter to his household; Stone, cold, and emotionless.

Behind the Rivera's were the Atomic Sombrero's Carmen and Jazzy, Chipotle's, Sergio, Davi, El Oso, a few kids that she was friends with, and the Aves's. Manny grew a new level of respect for Zoe for actually showing up. And he was also surprised that El Oso, showed up. Turns out he did turn himself around for the good, cleaned himself up, and chose to come to the funeral, stating that if he didn't, he'd feel guilty for the rest of his life.

Though no one could see her, Ember sat in the very back, hiding herself in a huge black umbrella. Her eyes were watering every time she'd wipe them away, no matter how many times she tried not to cry.

Manny refocused on the preacher, when he said, "Would anyone want to say any last goodbyes, or any parting words?"

Carmella was crying loudly now, not wanted to say her goodbyes to her youngest daughter. Emiliano was the first to step up.

"Frida…my little Frida…" he looked down into the casket as if he was having a conversation with her again. "I hope you are happy when you get to the promise land of peace and prosperity…" he sniffled. Manny had never really seen a grown man, other than his father crying over his mother. "I always knew you'd be a special little girl…my youngest mijah…you always did take after me. You made me proud."

His face stood stone, cold, and emotionless as he placed his flowers down and walked back to his seat. There was a silence. The preacher gazed throughout the small crowd

"Anyone else?"

One by one, every single person stood up and said their goodbyes and spoke good words of the blue-haired teen. It seemed like days had past until it was finally Manny's turn. He cleared his throat as he stood up, taking cautious steps towards the large black box. He looked down; tears immediately spilled from his dark brown orbs as he saw Frida in a beautiful pink and white dress. Her blue hair was perfectly untouched. He opened his mouth; the words he spoke were strong and proud:

Frida," he began. "Ever since I met you, ever since the beginning, I knew there was just something between us. Some call it good chemistry, but we both didn't know what it was until now. I knew we had this chemistry because we were so alike in so many ways. And as we grew up together, we grew close enough to call each other 'best friends'. But it wasn't until we started our second year of high school together when we started developing strong attractions to each other. Your feelings and understanding of them came earlier than it did to me, which made me a blind idiot. But I knew deep down in my heart that maybe, I had those same feelings for you. I know that I have not always been a best friend to you, but I am sure as hell thankful for you putting up with me and for not totally giving up on me, even when it seemed like sometimes I put you through hell. I wish that I tried harder to protect you, because if I did, we all wouldn't be here right now, and you and I would be treating ourselves to churros, huh?" he smiled weakly, letting his tears free fall. "I'm sorry for everything I put you through, but I also want to thank you for always being there for me, and making me the better man that I am today, because without you, I'd be lost, still lost like I am now. He leaned down and kissed her cold l lips, savoring the last sweet moment. "I love you, Frida. And I just wish I had more time with you so we could have actually dated…so I could prove myself to you…but this'll have to do, alright? We'll be together soon…this, I swear."

He placed his flowers down, while he tried not to shed anymore tears. He didn't know how he could still be able to cry. He said everything he could—he spoke directly to his heart, and now it was all over. When he sat back down in his chair, and covered his face with his hands.

"E-excuse me, everyone?"

He peeked though his fingers, slightly shocked that Ember stood before them all, with her guitar strapped around her. Jazzy and Carmen stood behind her. "You may not know me very well, but Frida was a dear friend to me. She was the only friend I ever really had. As I'd like to play a song for her, with The Atomic Sombrero's playing with me." She grabbed her guitar, swinging it around her. "Heh…they told me this was her favorite song…This is for you, Frida."

Manny clenched his fist as he heard them strum their chords.

Her…favorite song…

"Oh yeah…All right…" Ember let her voice fill her lungs with song. "Somebody's Heine is crowding my icebox. Somebody's cold one is giving me chills. Guess I'll just close my eyes. Oh yeah...All right…feels good…inside…"

He couldn't take it; Manny just let his emotions go. He cried for Frida, he cried for his family, he cried for the Suarez's…

"Flip on the tele…wrestle with Jimmy. Somethin' is bubblin', behind my back. The bottle is ready to blow…

He cried for everyone who attended the funeral…

"…Say it ain't so, whoa-a-whoa! Your drug is a heart breaker…"

He cried for Ember, and he cried for himself.

"Say it ain't so, whoa-a-whoa! My love, is a life taker."

He cried in pain and agony, he cried in angst and sorrow. He cried until his eyes were practically burning.

"I can't confront you, I never could do… that which might hurt you, just try and be cool, when I say: This way is-a-waterslide-away-from-me-that-takes-you-farther-everyday! Hey! So be cool."

As Ember sang the chorus and went on through the fourth verse, He could hear sniffling throughout the crowd. Ember kept herself strong, though she was crying herself now. Manny also cried with some joy, knowing that Frida's soul could no long suffer.

"…This son is drowning in the flood…"

She could now be free.


Manny sat in front of Frida's grave stone, hold her goggles in his hands. He taped the elastic back together to show respect to her.

How could you leave me like this…on this earth all alone…I don't know what to do…now that you're gone, I feel so lost…it's not fair that it was you who had to go.

The rain had stopped, and it had been a few hours since Frida's casket was buried. Manny had been sitting there, gazing at her gravestone, and asking himself questions and wallowing in his misery for quite some time. He was deeply depressed.

"Manny…?" He looked over his shoulder, seeing Ember and Davi standing over him. Both of their hands were locked together. All Manny could think was, "Frida was right."

"Manny…we know you're hurting on the inside…more than any of us….but…we don't want you all depress and ranting to her gravestone…"

"Well, I have no one else to talk to. This is the next best thing."

Davi and Ember shared looks. Davi nodded; Ember pulled out an envelope.

"Here," she handed it to Manny. He accepted the letter slowly.

"What's this?"

"It's a letter from Frida—"

Manny quickly ripped opened and proceeded to read the small note. His eyes widened. He looked back to Davi and Ember, who were smiling. This letter explained why they were acting happier than they should have been. This note changed everything. His depression vanished and was replaced with hope.

"We want to help."

Manny read and re-read the note three times before standing up and stuffing the letter in his back pocket. He wrapped Frida's signature goggles around her headstone.

"We're up for anything!"

"Then what the hell are we doing just standing around!" He ran ahead of the couple, and they quickly ran after him. They needed answers, and they weren't going to let anything get in their way of finding them and maybe, just maybe…

Dear Manny,

I'm not alive, yet I am not fully dead. There's a chance that I can be brought back, but I may not have much time…

I need your help.



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