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I've always wondered what would have happened if Bella was the vamp and Edward was the human so here ya have it!

Rated NC-17 for later chapters.

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Who knew that Forks Washington would hold such a wonder as this human man?

Okay, so Alice knew, but that was beside the point. She knew everything.

Rosalie and Alice, my sisters, and I, had our individual gifts as vampires. Alice, had visions of the future. Rose was gifted with reading the thoughts of others. And I was given the ability to project thoughts into the minds of others.

Beyond our own individual talents, we had a special gift as well. A group ability if you will. This was something that was very rare and only occurred in the closest of our kind. We had the ability to share our gifts with each other through touch.

When we had physical contact with one another, Rose and I could see Alice's visions and Alice and I could read the thoughts of others through Rosalie. But through me, we were able to project three different thoughts to three different people, if we were concentrating hard enough and had direct skin to skin contact. And we had fun with our talents.

But less than a month ago, we were sent to live in the family home back in Forks, where nothing exciting ever happened. Our vampire parents, in their infinite wisdom, banished us to this godforsaken hole of a place for a decade. An entire decade! Gah!

My sisters and I had resigned ourselves to the years of boredom we'd been sentenced to, knowing that it was futile to try to argue with our father Carlisle and our mother Esme, because it was deal with them, or deal with the Volturi.

And let's face it, no one wanted to deal with the Volturi.

Three weeks into this miserable sentence, we were all about to die of boredom. There was literally nothing to do in this place. Unless you were into hiking or some other kind of outdoor sport, but other than hunting, we weren't exactly outdoorsy. Which was probably the reason we were sent here in the first place, to torture us…slowly.

But then again, if it wasn't for the outdoors, I never would have run across him.

One afternoon, after being trapped in this hell for a couple of months, we had gone out to hunt. Taking a new route deep into the wilderness, we crossed the scent of three human men. Clinging to the tops of the trees, we followed the trail, out of curiosity more than anything else.

Honestly, what else were we going to do here? We were forbidden from going into town or the surrounding big cities because we might actually enjoy that, which left the woods. It wasn't our fault that these men happen to be hiking here, right? No harm in being curious.

My sisters and I were struck by how drawn we were to these humans, the attraction to them so instantaneous. Not just scent or blood attraction, but physical attraction. Sure, we'd been attracted to human men before and had great fun with that, but this was something more. Something deeper. Like the fates had cooked up these men in their cauldron just for us.

So, we continued to watch them for as long as we could, following them through the wilderness, each of us staking a claim on the human we liked best.

"I want the big one, I need a sturdy man," Rose said with a grin.

Alice and I rolled our eyes. Rose always thought very highly of herself.

"I like that blonde one," Alice said with a dreamy sigh. "He seems so peaceful."

That was fine by me, because I had already had my sights set on the tall, bronzed haired man. The one they called Edward. There was something about him that I just couldn't put my finger on, but if I had my way, I was going to find out.

We stalked the three men, as they hiked through the woods, listening to their conversations. They were brothers, could this get anymore perfect?

A light breeze blew up into the trees, flooding my senses with the most intoxicating scent I'd ever smelled. I knew immediately it came from Edward.

I slunk down to a lower level of branches to get a better whiff of that delicious smell. A stronger breeze blew past his body and I could practically see it coming in my direction. I braced myself against the tree as the wonderful smell washed over me. Oh sweet Lord. I took a deep pull of the Edward infused air and filled my lungs to capacity with his erotically delicious scent.

A barely audible moan trickled out of me before I could catch it as I gripped the trunk of the tree, nearly cracking it in half.

Edward stopped in his tracks on the trail and looked up into the trees.

"Did you hear that?" he asked his brothers.

I clamped my hand over my mouth just about the time I heard a melodic giggle to my left.

The blonde one, Jasper, halted his steps and cocked his head in the direction where little Alice was clinging to the top of a fir tree, her lips pressed tightly together to stifle her laughter. Even though she was far too high for his human eyes to see, she scrambled higher just to be safe.

Rose squeaked as she tried to hold in her laughter, shaking the tree she was hiding in.

"Okay, I heard that shit," the big one, Emmett, spun around in circles trying to locate the sound he'd just heard and spotted the tree quaking.

"Maybe we'd better head back to the truck," Jasper said, backing up the trail, his eyes trained on the surrounding wilderness.

Edward nodded. "Yeah, let's head back."

We continued to follow them until they reached their truck and headed back onto the road. Hidden behind the veil of trees we tracked their truck back to their house.

The front of their house faced the town, almost keeping watch over it and, as luck would have it, the back butted up against the lush green of the forest.

My sisters and I watched the men disperse into their house. Jasper headed down the stairs and into a bedroom that was built there. Emmett loped up the stairs and nearly rattled the whole house with the force he used slamming his door shut.

And Edward, my Edward, slipped into one of the other upstairs bedrooms. I watched him sit at a desk and start to scribble in a notebook of some kind, a journal maybe. He stared out the window, directly into tree I was hiding in. Even though I knew better, I could swear he was looking right at me, gazing at me.

I was totally immersed in Edward's stare that I didn't realize I was creeping closer to the house until I felt a tug at my shirt.

"Bella…" Alice's voice pulled me out of my trace like state. I knew that look on her face and knew better than to ask questions.

Without another word, we raced home in silence.

Once back at our house we discussed what our plan of action would be, should we choose to pursue these men.

"Did you hear Emmett's laugh?" Rosalie sighed dreamily.

"I loved the way Jasper couldn't keep that one little piece of hair out of his eyes," Alice giggled.

"And the way Edward smelled..." I took a deep breath, remembering the flavor that hung on his scent.

We continued into the night with endless dreamy sighs, nervous giggles and excited squeals.

One thing was undeniable, we had to pursue these men. Brothers. Three brothers for three sisters.

"They are meant for us you know," Alice said quietly. "That much I saw."

"But what are we supposed to do Alice?" Rose asked. "We aren't allowed to make any contact with humans. You heard what Carlisle said 'No going into town and causing trouble!'" Rose said in her best dad voice.

"Hang on," I said, coming up with a plan. "Carlisle said we couldn't go into town, but he never said anything about having contact with humans specifically," I rationalized. "We can't go seeking them out but, if they just happened to come here…"

Alice's squeal interrupted me. "Yes!" she screeched, waving her hands in the air, a sure sign she was having a vision that she wanted to share with us. Rosalie and I each took a petite hand and closed our eyes, letting the vision wash over us.

And what a wonderful vision it was indeed. I saw the three of us and the three human men, happy and together in this house. There wasn't anymore to it than that, just a glimpse, but for now, that was enough.

Maybe, thanks to Alice and her wonderful visions, life in Forks wasn't going to be so bad after all.

"The timing has to be just right though or it will never work," Alice warned, letting go of my hand.

"How long are we going to have to wait?" Rosalie asked. "I got so excited I let go before I could see."

Alice shook her head. "That part wasn't clear yet, but we need to take some action from here though." She glanced at me and smiled.

Yes, I saw that part of the vision too.

"Tonight," I began, "we start getting inside their heads, through dreams, bury ourselves deep into their subconscious. Do what ever it takes once you're in there. Baby them, screw them, whatever it takes to get good and seated in their minds. Make them want us more than they want air and water. Projection works best on humans when they are in a dream state so that's how we begin."

"We should feed," Rosalie piped up all of a sudden.

Alice nodded. "Yeah, since we kind of got distracted on our earlier hunt," she said with a giggle.

"Good idea," I said. "We are going to need our strength and deep concentration so we are going to have to feed more often than normal." We all agreed and headed out to hunt.

Night after night, for weeks, I sat with my sisters. Our hands joined, we crept into their dreams.

We settled onto the living room floor, side by side in a line. I lead the way. This was my gift so naturally I controlled it best. Rose and Alice would never be able to project this far and this precise on their own. I had to guide them, one at a time, into the proper mind. It took a few tries and immense concentration but we got it right. Once I got them to the house, they could find take over with their own projection.

Closing my eyes I concentrated, projecting my thoughts, narrowing them down to a thread. I wound the thread around the trees, through the sleepy little town to the house shadowed by the forest.

With a nod, I signaled my sisters that it was time. They each took and hand and joined my projection in front of the house.

Once my sisters were safely inside the proper mind, I left them to their work.

I slid my thoughts up the side of the house and up through Edward's window.

Ahhh, there he is, sleeping so soundly.

I crawled inside his head, wrapping the vision of myself around his mind, burying myself deep into his subconscious. I was prepared to take over whatever dream I'd stumbled into, but it wasn't necessary, I was already there.

He was dreaming about me, again.

I smiled at him.

He smiled back and took me by the waist, pulling me close and wrapping his long arms around my entire body. His green eyes were so inviting. He pressed his forehead to mine and was just about to kiss me.

That's when I heard Rosalie giggle to my right and caught glimpses of the thought she was projecting.

"Damn it Rosalie," I hissed, squeezing her hand, "focus."

"Sorry," she giggled again but reigned her control back in.

The three of us sat in the middle of the living room, Rosalie on my right and Alice on my left.

I went back into the head of the beautiful bronze haired man, Edward, and he greeted me with open arms.

"I missed you," he smiled, kissing the top of my head and taking me in his arms.

Flashes of Rosalie and her giant, naked, human man toy rushed through my mind.

"Ugh, that is so disgusting Rose!" I yelled, dropping both their hands and leaping to my feet.

Rosalie cringed, but couldn't stop laughing, "I'm sorry, Bella, I got a little carried away." She laughed louder when she saw my face and a wicked grin spread across hers.

"No kidding," I spat back at her, shaking my head, trying to get the image of their naked debauchery out of my brain. "Just…ew," I shuddered.

I looked down at Alice, my sweet little pixie of a sister. "How much longer Alice?" I asked. I was about at my wits end. "Please tell me we are going to meet them soon, I'm about to claw my own skin off with all this waiting."

She held one tiny finger up at me and closed her eyes, concentrating.

"Oh!" she squealed, flapping her hands at me and Rose.

We quickly grabbed a hand each and saw what Alice saw.

"See," she bounced. "Do you see?"

"A little help here sis," Rosalie growled, she had absolutely no patience.

"Hang on," I said, concentrating on the vision. "About a week right?"

Alice squealed, nodding her head and dropping our hands as she sprang off the floor.

"We finally get to meet them? Is that what you're saying, we get to meet them in about a week?" Rose asked.

"Five, six days tops." Alice said as she jumped up and down and clapped her hands, "I can't wait!"

Rosalie stood and brushed off her backside "Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm going to go watch Emmett sleep, you two coming?"

We nodded eagerly and started for the door after Rosalie.

Alice grabbed my shoulder, stopping me at the door. "Just remember, projection only, no contact, okay?" A vision flashed through my head. One of me standing over Edward's drained body with my eyes blazing, red with his blood.

I cringed at what I saw. I didn't want that to happen at all.

"Got it, thanks Alice," I said quietly, giving her a tight squeeze before we ran out the door to catch up with Rose.

We sprinted through the woods to the house Edward, Emmett and Jasper Swan shared with their father, Charlie. Thank God their house was on the outskirts of town and we could stick to Carlisle's stupid 'no going into town' rule. As long as we stayed on the back side of the house, where their backyard became untamed wilderness, we technically weren't in town. Watching them sleep was such a treat so we rationalized our blurring the lines of the rules. We had to see them.

I caught Rosalie's scent coming from the other side of the house. I assumed she was in place, watching that big human, Emmett, moan and groan in his sleep. He seriously was huge.

"Does this make us awful people?" Alice's melodic voice, tainted faintly by guilt, floated up from the ground floor as she peered Jasper, sleeping in the room in the basement.

I sighed and shimmied up a tree peeking into Edward's bedroom window. I could see him as clear as if I was standing right there next to him, he was so beautiful.

"No, Alice," I said, "we're just…" I tried to think of the right word, "acclimating."

"Yeah right," I heard Rosalie chuckle from the other side of the house. Damn it, I hated that she knew when I was lying to Alice.

"Shhhhh, you're going to wake one of them," I hissed.

I knew that wasn't true, but I was trying to concentrate on the task at hand which was not going into Edward's room, because every ounce of my being wanted to leap through the window and breathe the same air as him. To see him, touch him, feel him. But after seeing Alice's vision I knew I had to wait, the last thing I wanted to do was hurt him.

I held onto the tree trunk and closed my eyes, and projected into his head. He had the warmest mind.

I sat in the back of his dream, just observing what he was seeing. I smiled to myself when I saw he was still dreaming about me still.

We walked, hand in hand, along the banks of a gurgling river. He raised my hand to his lips and placed a soft kiss on the back of it. His long, warm finger swept across my cheek.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered, taking my face in his hands and drawing it closer to his.

I could practically feel his breath on my face and his warmth on my skin.

His lips moved slowly closer to mine as his eyes closed.

"Soon," I said quietly to him, sending just my voice into his head. I retreated immediately from his mind and clung to the tree. I watched him stir in his sleep. I heard him groan in pleasure and curiosity got the better of me, I had to know why.

I closed my eyes again and snuck back into his head. No sooner had I slipped into his dream that I jumped right back out again, effectively falling out of the tree and dang near landing on top of Alice.

"What's wrong with you?" she whispered to me as I lay on my back, looking up at the branch I'd just tumbled from.

"Get out of here Bella," Rosalie said quickly. She could hear my thoughts and knew exactly what was wrong with me. "While you still can."

I nodded in the direction of her voice and raced home. I sat in my room and thought about what I'd seen inside Edward's head that had knocked me for a loop.

He was dreaming of me again, and we were kissing.

And naked.

I was trying to wrap my head around how badly I wanted that to be real. More than I'd ever wanted anything in my two hundred years of existence.

*Five days later*


Sitting in the middle of our tiny kitchen, I took a deep breath, another exciting day in Forks. I watched the rain trickle down the window and contemplated my choices in life. Every drop that made its way down the glass came to the same boring end, the window sill.

Just like the path choices I had in my life. No matter which one I'd chosen, they would all end back at the same, non eventful, conclusion. I was destined for an average, life. A cop's son that, just like his two older brothers, became a cop in the same hick town he grew up in.

My dad, Charlie, clomped down the stairs, "C'mon son, time to head to the station," he called from the front hallway.

"Yep," I responded.

I rinsed my bowl in the sink and then met my dad in the hallway.

"Here ya go," he said, handing me my gun belt.

I pulled in a deep sigh, "Thanks dad."

Life as a cop in a small town was beyond boring, it was downright tedious. There were days when I considered taking all of the bullets out of my gun, just so I wouldn't be tempted to shoot myself in the head out of sheer and utter boredom.

"Meet ya out in the car," Charlie called as he was heading out the door.

"Yep," I replied, pulling my police jacket off of the hook and sliding my arms though the holes. I zipped up and stared at myself in the mirror. My unruly hair going every which way, the off white collar of my fleece lined cop coat, to the 'Forks Police Department' patch stitched to the right side just over my heart.

But my heart wasn't here anymore.

Not since I started having those dreams about a month ago, the ones with her in them. I closed my eyes and remembered with near perfect clarity, her soft chestnut brown hair, perfectly white skin, banging body and golden eyes. Last night I dreamt about her mouth. That sweet, succulent mouth pressed against mine, sliding up and down my naked body. And then my mouth on her. The dream was so vivid that I can almost taste her flesh on my tongue.

I was jerked out of my memory by Charlie laying on the horn of the cruiser. I took a deep breath and headed out the door, making a promise to myself, that one day I would find her.

When we got to the station I saw my brother, Jasper, already sitting at the main desk. He and my other brother Emmett had gotten there an hour or two before me and dad. We rotated staying at the station late and showing up early and twice a month we took the night shift for the weekend, giving the other officers a break.

This was one of those weekends.

"Hey dad, Ed," Jasper said, barely looking up from his computer screen. "Edward," Jasper said, trying not to smile, "why don't you and I go out on patrol, you don't want to be around Emmett right now."

"Why?" I asked, wondering what in the hell I could have done to set Emmett off this time.

Jasper stood and tossed me the keys. "Just trust me."

I did trust Jasper, so I turned on my heal and started for the station doors.

"Ohhhhhhhh Eddie…" I heard Emmett calling from around the corner.

Crap. Now what? What new kind of hell had he conjured up to torture me with now?

As soon as he turned the corner, I saw it. Emmett had my sketch book clutched in his meaty grasp.

Oh hell, not this. Not now.

"You have some interesting pictures in here Eddie," he sang, flipping to one of the pictures in the notepad, one of the girl from my dreams. A half naked one to boot.

He walked over to me and fanned me with the pages. I snatched the book out of his hands before he could yank it away. Emmett may be huge, but he was slow.

"Stay out of my locker Emmett," I grumbled shoving the sketch pad inside my jacket, heading for the door again.

"Leave him alone Em," Jasper said, trying to diffuse the situation.

Emmett grabbed me in a head lock and tried to yank the pad out of my jacket, "I just wanna know who she is man, she's hot."

"Knock…it…off!" I choked, giving him a swift elbow to the gut, making him loose his grip and clipped him in the nose with the side of my other elbow.

I wasn't out of his grasp for long though. He grabbed me in a tackle grip around the waist and hoisted me onto the interrogation table with a resounding, "Oof."

"Boys," dad called, coming around the corner, "what's goin' on in here?"

"Nothing," we all said in unison.

Emmett hefted me off of the table and onto my feet like a rag doll. "You almost got me good that time," he grinned, wiping a trickle of blood out from under his nose.

"Yeah, well, stay out of my stuff," I stretched backward and felt my back crack.

Em laughed and clapped me on the back.

Dad scratched his neck. "Well, what ever you boys were up to, rein it in. Edward, go put your stuff away in your locker, we just got a call about a ruckus over at the old Cullen place by the river and I want you boys to go check it out, all of you. It's probably just a bunch of kids smokin', drinkin' and carryin' on anyway."

"Aren't you coming pop?" Emmett asked, ripping the keys out of Jasper's hand as he passed by.

"No, you boys to take it," he said, sitting down behind the desk. He slung his boots up onto the desk, his hands behind his head and his hat over his eyes, "I'm going to sit this one out."