A/N: This is my first Home Improvement fic. So go easy on me.

Randy Taylor rubbed his eyes sleepily as he rose from his bed. God, he loved his new room. His dad, Tim "The Tool man" Taylor had built Randy's own room in the basement recently. He was sick and tired of sharing a room with his younger brother Mark. Anyway, he did his usual morning routine and headed up to the kitchen, there he saw his mother Jillian "Jill" Taylor cooking breakfast. Mark was helping her, thank god, or the food would've been worse. Randy's little brother was actually a very good chef.

"Good morning, Randy," Jill greeted her son.

"How do you want your eggs?" Mark asked as he closed the fridge and walked over to the island.

"Uh… scrambled," Randy replied.

In that moment Tim walked down. "Good morning, everyone." He kissed his wife on the cheek.

Shortly after, Brad, the eldest of the sons walked downstairs and sat at the table. "Hello family!" he said with a smile.

"There's my college boy," Jill said proudly.

Randy commented, "Hey, I go to college too."

"Yeah, but we never thought Brad would be going," Mark said jokingly.

Randy smiled in amusement.

"Be nice," Jill swatted Mark with the spatula she was using to flip the pancakes. "Your father and I are very proud of you, Brad. Right Tim?"

The Tool man looked up from the paper he was reading with a blank look. "What? Oh yeah, of course."

As soon as the family ate breakfast they were off their separate ways. Jill went to work as a psychiatrist, Tim was off to work at the studio, Brad was off to take care of some college admissions business, Randy dropped Mark off at high school and he himself went to Marygrove college nearby.

He was working on getting his Masters in English. He loved writing, but he also wanted to travel, so he was probably going to pack his bags up once he graduated with his Masters. Yep… That was the plan.

Randy's last class had been cancelled so he was the first person home. As he exited his 2001 Honda Accord, which his dad continuously gives him a hard time about, he couldn't help but notice a young girl who looked about eighteen years old at Wilsons house. She was getting her luggage out of the taxi and after paying the driver, she glanced at Randy blankly before walking into the house.

What the hell? Wilson has a daughter? He thought as he unlocked the door to his home and walked in. He couldn't stop thinking about how she looked. Auburn brown hair, light brown complexion. Athletic petite body. Who is she? Randy wondered as he threw out the garbage. Just then he heard some ruckus coming from Wilson's yard.

"Hey, Wilson, do you have someone living with you?" the eighteen year old young man said walking over to the wooden fence.

It was silent.

"I don't mean to be nosy, I mean…"

Before he could finish his sentence that lovely young woman from earlier peered over the fence. She smiled at him softly and introduced herself. Randy noted that she did have a bit of a British accent. "Hello, I'm Nira Clough, Wilson's niece."

"Randy Taylor," he said absent-mindedly. "Where's Wilson?"

"He's inside," she replied.

"I didn't know he had a niece," Randy stated.

"Yeah, he didn't either until a month ago." She grinned. "I'm from London."

"Ah, that would explain the accent," he added.

She nodded. "What about you?" Nira asked curiously.

"Just your average college student," he replied.

"Where do you go to school?"

"Marygrove," he answered.

"Really? I'm to start there tomorrow," she said tucking a strand of her long wavy hair behind her ear.

"What time are your classes, maybe we can carpool," he said.

"I start at 8 in the morning," she replied.

He ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair. "Me too," he said a bit shyly. "So would you… consider…"

She interrupted, "I'd love to."

"Cool… Meet me at my car at 7:30," he stated before he started to walk back into the house.

"Wait, that dark blue Honda is yours, right?" Nira asked.

He turned to face her once again. "Yeah, why?"

She snickered and replied, "No reason." Then she got down from the fence and walked inside.

Randy wasn't sure whether to be insulted or not. Smiling, he walked inside and saw Mark standing by the fridge eating some left over's.

"Hey, who were you talking to?" the younger brother asked as he closed the fridge.

"Wilson's niece, Nira," Randy replied.

Mark grinned. "Nira? That's a rare name. Sounds hot."

"Who's hot?" Brad walked in and interrupted abruptly.

"Wilson's niece," Mark replied plopping down on the living room couch.

"Wilson has a niece?" Brad inquired.

"Apparently, I just met her," Randy replied.

The brothers conversation was interrupted by the ring of the doorbell. Randy walked over to answer it. He opened the door and saw a blonde haired girl standing there with a smile on her lovely features.

"Lauren, what're you doing here?" He asked in bewilderment.

"You were going to help me study for my Journalist class remember, Randy?" She said letting herself in. "You don't usually forget about our study date," she said before putting her hand to his head. "Are you feeling okay?"

He nodded. "Yeah, come on we'll study in my room."

The couple headed down to the basement. Lauren sat down on his bed, placed her book bag down and fiddled with her fingers for a moment. "Listen, we need to talk…"

"What's wrong?" he sat beside her.

"There's no easy way to say this," she began. "I might be pregnant, Randy."

He just stared at her for a moment in complete shock. "What?" he stood up gradually and began pacing. "How? We never did anything…" He looked at the guilt on her countenance and figured it out.

"It was one night… I was drunk," she stood up and attempted to hold his hand, he pulled away.

"Who do you think the father is?" he asked sternly.

"Aaron Lawford," she answered.

"Okay? Who the hell Is that?" Randy crossed his arms.

"A minor league baseball player," she replied.

He breathed deeply. "I can't even look at you right now."

"I'm sorry, Randy." Tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Yeah, me too…"

She grabbed her book bag, took one last look at Randy and walked up the steps and out of his room.

Randy sighed and unclasped his arms. How could she do this to me? What did I do wrong? He sat down on his bed and cupped his face in his hands.