Sunday 29th July 1984

Sirius Black sat in his cool dark, dank cell at Azkaban, he had been in for three years so far…or was it four, he could never remember, outside was always dark and overcast so time was a un-existing concept out on the island, it wasn't helped by the fact that the Dementors sucked all positive outlooks on life, so one couldn't count down how many days to either their death or their parole date. Dementors just seemed to suck the good things in life out of you. Not Sirius Black though. Famous Marauder, lustful heart breaker and all through rebel.

He was saner than most of the prisoners who had been in there for just a week, let alone the ones that had been in there as long as he had. This wasn't because he was something special, but it was because he wasn't sitting in his cell as Sirius Black, he was sitting in his cell as Padfoot, the name his school friends had christened his dog animagus.

Dementors affected humans drastically; this is because of their superior brain functions and their ability to know the difference between thoughts and feeling. Dogs couldn't do this. The Dementors effected them, but to a lesser degree that they did humans. Dogs could also live on less than Humans.

Apart from not being in his own body, Sirius also kept sane by remembering that he was innocent. The crime he was in here for had not been committed by him, he almost wished it had.

The Dementors sucked on every happy thought in someone's head, erasing them gradually, that is why people go crazy, because they always think of the strongest thought they can, which is almost always a happy one. One of family or friends. Not Sirius though, he latched onto the knowledge that he was innocent, it was no happy thought, but it was one that gave him hope, that limited his output towards the Dementors.

The other thought that kept him sane was one that he only brought to the surface when he was either a dog or the Dementors weren't near. One of his now four year old Godson. Harry James Potter. Sirius could remember the promise he had once made to James and Lily, his mind often drifted back to that day, it was three days before the Halloween that they died.

"Sirius, I want you to promise us something." James said, sounding serious (no pun intended).

"James, you know that I'd do anything for you." Sirius smiled as he lay a hand on James's shoulder and then took Harry out of his best friend's arms. "Just asked, and I'll do it."

"If anything happens to us," James indicated to himself and Lily, "I want you to take care of Harry, do whatever you can for him, and listen to me Sirius, Harry's special."

"We all know that, Prongs." Sirius told the man who was more like a brother to him than a friend.

"I mean it, Sirius." James took a deep breath. "He's the only one who can end this. Dumbledore heard a Prophecy, a real one. Harry's the only one who can stop Voldemort, no matter what, help him, train him, and help him do this if we aren't here."

Sirius took in what James had just told him about the small boy he held in his arms. Looking down at the baby Sirius spoke. "This bundle of joy is meant to get rid of You-Know-Who? How?"

"Either him or the Longbottom's kid." James said. "If something happens to us, that would mean it was Harry, take care of him Sirius. Promise me this. Train him, teach him how to fight, teach him how to be sneaky, but most importantly teach him how to be a Marauder." James clapped his friend on the shoulder.

"You know I'd teach him how to be sneaky and how to be a Marauder." Sirius grinned. "But I'll make sure he's ready when the time comes."

"Thank you, Sirius." James hugged his friend, Harry squashed in between them.

Sirius looked down at the baby. "I'll take care of you kiddo, I promise."

"I'll take care of you kiddo, I promise." Sirius whispered the words to himself, the words coming out throaty. He wasn't aware he had even become human again. He looked round at his ten by ten cell. "I need to get outta here."

Monday 30th 1984

"Remus?" the old man appeared in the small shack in Canada. The shack was dark and messy. There was a large cage in the corner, welded together badly, with a variety of locks and bolts. There was a small flickering black and white television and a ripped and patched sofa. The man wrinkled his nose at the smell, one of alcohol and fast food. "Remus are you here?"

"Ugh? Whos'at?" a moan came from the sofa. The large pile of what Dumbledore had assumed were rags and clothes moved. A man appeared, his bare chest showing numerous scars and scratches, the largest being what looked like teeth marks around his left shoulder. "Professor? What you doin' here?" he rolled of the sofa, showing he was wearing ripped jeans and large lumberjack boots.

"Remus, I have disturbing news." Dumbledore said grimly, as the man selected a dirty chequered shirt from the floor, which Dumbledore now saw was wood, but had a thick layer of dust and stains dotted around.

"What's going on?" Remus asked, worried at the old Professor's tone.

"Sirius has escaped, early this morning. I'm sorry, but no one knows Black as well as you do, can you come back and help us find him." Dumbledore watched as the man's remaining colour drained. "When was the last full moon, Remus?"

"Two nights ago." Remus said, waving his hand in the vague direction of a calendar pinned next to the cage. "I'm still recovering."

"Can you come or not?" Dumbledore asked.

"I can." Remus said.

"Good, pack and then Floo to my office, the close Order members are meeting to deal with this."

* * * *

Sirius felt like barking for joy, but he didn't. He was in the baggage compartment of a train heading for London, he had been to Godric's Hollow and broken into the Hall of Records, which was the first thing he had done after swimming from Azkaban to the main land.

He had found out that his Godson now lived in Surrey. Sirius shuddered as he remembered who he was living with. Lily's sister, Petunia Dursley was a total bitch, and not the type that were normally attracted to Padfoot. Sirius had met her three times and her husband twice. She was an organisation freak and liked everything normal, tidy and hated Lily, He was a controlling, so egotistic it put both James and Sirius to shame, and as a result of Petunia hating Lily, Vernon hated Lily. It was a result of both of them hating Lily, and loving things being normal that they both hated magic. Sirius could only imagine what life was like for his Godson.

Sirius had no idea how far he had to go, he curled up in a corner and fell asleep.

* * * *

Remus sat in a chair in the Headmaster's Office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was a chair he was very familiar with. It was a chair he had often sat in when he was with his friends on one of their 'visits' to the headmaster during their school years. He could tell it was his by the loose thread he had developed a habit of picking at school, he picked at it now.

Dumbledore sat behind his desk, Professor McGonagall next to him, Severus Snape on the other side. Around Remus was assembled the Order of the Phoenix, an organisation started by Dumbledore to combat Voldemort and his followers during the war. The reason they were here, to track a follower who was almost as dangerous as Voldemort himself.

"Remus, do you have any idea where Sirius would go?" Dumbledore asked.

"I have various idea's, some based on how well I know Sirius, and some on what he told me the only time I visited him in Azkaban.

Christmas Eve 1981

Remus was led into the interrogation room by two guards, the room was basic, and a large stone room with a table, a chair on either side, chained into the chair on the far side was Sirius Black, a man whom Remus used to think he could trust. The man's face burst into a smile. "Moony, come to get me out have you?" seeing Remus's solemn face Sirius's face fell. "You believe them, don't you?"

"Why did you do it, Sirius?" Remus asked quietly, sitting down opposite Sirius.

"Mooney, you gotta believe me, I never betrayed James and Lily. I would rather die than-"

"LIAR!" Remus growled. "You gave my two best friends to Voldemort. Bastard."

"Remus, please listen. It was Peter, he was the keeper. I got them to change." Sirius begged with the werewolf. "I loved James, Lily and Harry. They were my family, you know that."

"Stop lying, Sirius." Remus said in a dead voice. "You betrayed them, you were their secret keeper, you betrayed them, and then you killed Peter."

Sirius let out a bark like laugh. "I wish." He scowled. "I wish I had killed the bastard. I didn't though. The scabby rat blew the street up and turned into Wormtail, you know how much he liked to sneak around."

"Stop it, Sirius." Remus looked away from his old friend. "I came to tell you, Harry is safe, Voldemort is gone for good, and you're stuck in here, have an un-happy Christmas, Sirius and many more."

"Fine, leave." Sirius snapped. "I thought you knew me, Remus. But do me a favour, do Prongs a favour. Take care of Harry. I made a promise to James I'd look after Harry, train him if Voldemort ever came back, teach him how to be a Marauder. Since I'm in here, it's your job. Please Moony, look after the Pronglet." Sirius watched as Remus walked from the room. "Merry Christmas, Moony."

"Harry." Remus said. "I think he's going after Harry. I can't be sure."

"What would he want Harry for?" Dumbledore asked.

"He said he promised James, he said he'd look after Harry; teach how to be a Marauder." Remus's eyes fell. "Or he could just want Harry dead, I don't know."

"Alastor, get a team and keep watch at Privet Drive, if Sirius comes do whatever it takes to stop him from reaching the house."

Tuesday 31st July 1984

Harry was four, he looked forwards to his birthday, if for nothing except that it was one year closer to when he would be an adult, if he lived that long. After the day before he doubted he would. It had started off ok, he had made breakfast, just as he had been learning to for the last three months, watched TV as they ate the food he had made and he had nothing but a dry slice of bread with a smear of butter. There was something about an escaped convict, but that was all.

He was then tired so he had turned to go back into his cupboard to lie down, until his Uncle Vernon had caught him. Dudley had watched with glee as Vernon had yelled at Harry for being an arrogant, ungrateful worm, or words to those effects. It was then Harry had felt ill, he had thrown up, rather violently as well. His dry bread and butter, a glass of fruit juice and a lot of stomach acid had come up.

Uncle Vernon had then yelled at him, pushed Harry down to make him clean it up, which Harry did, the entire time crying, he had then been thrown into the cupboard, still crying. This was how it was, Harry wasn't cuddled when sick, or taken care of, and he was thrown into his cupboard to get over it. He had learnt to accept this when he had had chicken pox six months ago; he was thrown a bowl, a tub of cream, told not to scratch them, and then locked in his cupboard to be kept away from Dudley.

Harry sighed as he leant against the wall by his bed, a comic he had stolen off of Dudley in his hands, he flicked through the pages. Smiling as he read about the superhero of the book, he kept his identity secret; he used his powers for the good of mankind, saved people, beat up the villain and always got the girl. Harry often wished that was how his life could be. He supposed in a way it was, he kept a brave face in public and in front of the Dursleys, but in the confinement of his cupboard he let all his defences down and cried.

It was as he was thinking about what he'd do if he had powers when he heard Petunia scream.

* * * *

Sirius had managed to sneak past the Aurors guarding the road. He had transformed into a dog and jumped over the fences until he reached the back garden of Number Four. He peered through the corner of the windows; he knew at once he was at the right house. He recognised Petunia and her husband, he immediately transformed back into his human form.

Pulling a long woollen trench coat he had stolen from a washing line around himself he knocked on the door. Petunia opened it. He marched in. he grinned at the horse faced woman. Petunia screamed as he pulled his hood down, while Vernon gasped. "It's that escaped prisoner!" Vernon yelled.

"Where?" Sirius asked mockingly. Then he became business like. "Where is he?"

"Who?" Petunia gasped, as Sirius drew something from his pocket.

"Where's my Godson?" he asked waving it in her face. "You know who I am, I'm Sirius Black, best friend of James Potter, and Godfather to Harry James Potter, tell me where he is or I'll…"

"I'M IN HERE!" there was a pounding from somewhere in the hallway. "HELP!"

Sirius stopped and listened. "Harry?" he rounded on Petunia, his wand levelled at her throat. "Where is he?" he growled.

"C…cupboard." she stammered.

"Why is he in a cupboard?" Sirius growled his voice becoming lower and lower.

"He likes it in there." Vernon came to his wife's rescue.

Sirius rounded on him now. "You are a lying Wanker. I will keep your wife at wand point, you go and get my Godson, if you don't I will flay her." he then grinned menacingly. "I'm a wanted mass murderer, remember?"

Vernon near ran from the kitchen.

* * * *

Harry heard his name mentioned several times. When he heard the stranger ask where he was Harry saw his chance. He hammered his fists against the cupboard door. "I'M IN HERE! HELP!"

There was silence and someone shouting, then the locks and bolt of his door unlocked and the door opened. Harry looked up to see Uncle Vernon looking down at him.

"Boy, there's someone here to see you. Come with me!" Harry followed as hid Uncle turned and led him into the kitchen.

As Harry walked in he saw a man, not just any man, it was the convict off of TV the previous morning. Harry stopped dead. His eyes fixed to the man, who was looking at him, like all his dreams had come true. His eyes were sunken into his face, giving him a skeletal look, his skin was drawn and tight against the bone, making his face look even more like a skull, hw was white and pale, as if he hadn't seen the sun for many years.

"H…Harry?" the man asked, his voice harsh and raspy. "Oh god, you look so much like James." The man fell to his knees sobbing. "God, James, I'm sorry." The man looked at Harry again. "You have everything of your Dad's, except your eyes, your eyes are all Lily. God, Harry I am so sorry."

Even though this man was an escaped convict Harry felt sympathy for him, he was crying as if he had just met a long dead son or something. "Er…Who are you?" Harry asked his voice small.

"Sirius Black." the man looked up at Harry. "I was your Dad's best mate at school, we were near brothers, Harry I'm your Godfather. After you were born your dad told me to look after you if anything happened to him and Lily. Sorry I was a bit late." he grinned. "I was locked up for a while."

"Y…you were meant to look after me?" Harry asked. He glanced at the Dursleys. "Is that why you're here? To take me away?" Harry didn't know what it was but he liked this man, there was a radiance of good coming off of him, making Harry want to trust him.

"If you want me to." Sirius grinned. "But you need to know a few things." Sirius watched as Harry nodded. "I'm a wanted man, Harry, if you come with me; we'll be moving a lot, maybe even to different countries. You won't go to school; I'll teach you all you need to know. And then we'll see abut Hogwarts if you get your letter." Sirius grinned, and then stopped at Harry's puzzled face. "You have heard of Hogwarts haven't you?"

Harry shook his head. Sirius rounded on the Dursleys. "You haven't told him? You haven't told him about Hogwarts? You haven't told him what he is? Or about his parents? You wankers." Sirius turned to Harry. "Harry you're a wizard."

* * * *

"Remus, I'm afraid Harry's missing." Dumbledore looked at the werewolf. "He was found to be missing this afternoon, when questioned Petunia Dursley said Sirius had collected Harry and told him everything. He then took him, we don't know where."

"Harry's gone?" Remus said blankly. "As in Sirius has him? He'll kill him Professor, Sirius is crazy."

"We don't know, Remus. These aren't the actions of a mad or desperate man, only someone who, if what you tell us is correct, wants to fulfil a promise to his best friend and brother.

Thursday 31st July 1986

"Happy Birthday, Pronglet." Sirius bound into Harry's room, pleased as Harry's instant reaction was to sit up, his wand in hand, whipped, Sirius knew from under his pillow. "Reactions good as ever, I see."

"Hey, Paddy." Six year old Harry Potter grinned. "Did you have to wake me up like that on my birthday? Couldn't let me sleep in?"

"Nope, sorry Kiddo." Sirius grinned. "Present, cake, and then I think today you might actually get you transformation down."

Harry grinned. With Sirius's help Harry had been learning how to transform his body into that of an animal, like Sirius could, but whilst Sirius's was a large black shaggy dog, Harry's was a large Timber Wolf. Harry had transformed all his body parts into that of his wolf, but today he was ready to try to turn his whole body.

"Great. Let me get dressed." Harry smiled as Sirius turned to leave the room, seeing his opportunity Harry waved his wand. A bucket of icy cold water appeared above Sirius's head, another wave and the bucket had vanished, leaving the water to fall down onto Sirius, who screamed as Harry's door slammed shut of it's own accord, leaving a cold wet Sirius out in the hall way and a dry, warm Harry on the other.

Harry listened as Sirius stomped down stairs swearing loudly, he smiled as he pulled on jeans and a long sleeves shirt, ever since he had left the Dursleys he had found a new joy of wearing tight clothes, ones he felt actually fit him. He slipped his wand into his pocket and opened the door, walking down to the kitchen he knew Sirius would try to pay him back for the prank he had just pulled.

As Harry entered the kitchen he wasn't disappointed, he whipped out his wand as a large jet of water launched itself at him. A shield was conjured and the water splashed straight back to its source, Sirius holding a large Muggle water gun. He looked at Harry reproachfully, having been soaked for the second time in an hour.

He then grinned and nodded approvingly. "You're getting good, Pronglet. By the time you start Hogwarts you'll be ready to take up where we left off."

Harry smiled at his Godfather. "You'll have to find me another name soon, if I get my Wolf transfiguration down."

Sirius nodded in agreement. "True, now let's get this party started. He pulled out a cake and set it on the table."

Sunday 7th January 1990

Harry pushed his wand into his holster and pulled his scarf around his face. Sirius had finally found who they were looking for. The small cabin in the Canadian woods had been a hit; Sirius knew that his old friend was living there, due to the cage, discarded wrappers and still warm kettle.

Harry waited for Sirius as he came out of his room, pulling a coat on. "Ready, Canis?" Sirius asked.

"As always." Harry grinned.

"Be prepared, Remus still thinks I'm bad, he could attack, we'll have to be careful. Know where to go?"

"Yes, Sirius." Harry said, sounding more like an eighteen year old than a ten year old.

The two turned and disappeared. Appearing in a clearing in some woods, with a cabin in the centre. The two battled their way through the wind to the cabin. Harry went first and knocked. There was no reply, he knocked again."

"Mr Lupin?" Harry yelled, there was the sound of shuffling, something breaking and cursing, soon the door opened.

The man who looked out was roughly shaven, had large bags under his eyes, and looked worse than Sirius had before he had broken out. "Yes? Who are you?"

"Could we come in, Sir, its a little cold out here?" Harry asked.

"Oh sorry, yes, yes come on in." Remus Lupin beckoned them inside. Once the door was closed he looked at them. "How can I help you?"

Sirius spoke. "Well actually, Mr Lupin, we wanted to arrest you for harbouring a wanted criminal." he said this in his best official voice.

"I…I'm not!" Remus said confused.

"You are now." Sirius said pulling his scarf off. "Well a wanted criminal and his apprentice."

"If I'm you apprentice, Paddy, my animagus form is a poodle." the other figure snapped.

"Fine, introduce yourself then." Sirius glared at the smallest figure, who was watching Lupin, whose eyes were darting around looking for his wand.

"Please don't attack us, Mr Lupin." Harry said as he pulled his scarf and hat off. "I'm Harry Potter; we've been looking for you for about two years now. You're a difficult man to find.

"H…Harry?" Remus asked, looking at the boy. His gazed turned to Sirius. "You didn't…I mean I though…" he trailed off pulled Harry into a hug.

"You thought I had killed him because I'm a Death Eater." Sirius stated. "Nope, I was fulfilling a promise to James." Sirius grinned.

"What, w…where have you been?" Remus asked.

"Here and there. Harry can fill you in; do you have any Fire Whisky?" Sirius wondered to the fridge and pulled it open.

"We lived in England for a bit," Harry told Remus, "Then in America for about a year, then into Australia. Sirius liked playing with the dingoes. Then we went into Romania, we live there now. Lucky, I really enjoy it there; I play with the wolf pack up there."

"Y…you play with a Wolf pack?" Remus asked confused.

"Yeah, they love him." Sirius said coming back a bottle in his hand. "We live in a forest, one village about ten miles away, but apart from that, we grow our own stuff and Harry and the pack bring back venison and whatever else they feel like hunting." Sirius grinned as Remus looked astonished.

"Harry and the pack?" Remus asked. "You let him play with wild wolves."

"Oh yeah, they love him, he can take care of himself."

"You let him play with wolves, on his own."

"Oh, I get it now." Sirius grinned as the truth dawned on him. "You think I let human Harry play with the pack." he let out a bark like laugh that Remus had been accustomed to hearing. "No, no, no. how daft and irresponsible do you think I am?"

"Very." Harry cut in. earning a clip round the head form Sirius and a small smile from Remus.

"Harry is an animagus, he's a wolf. Got it in about six months. Since he's been trying to get it we've been trying to find you, in short about two years." Sirius explained. "I'm trying to teach Harry all I know, but as you can guess I'm not the best teacher ever. So I was thinking would you like to come live with us?" Sirius grinned at Remus's gob smacked expression. "With Me, Harry and the pack, we'll be able to keep you under control at your time of the month."

"Are you serious?" Remus asked.

"Yeah, who else would I be? The Easter bunny?" Sirius let out another bark of laughter.

"Fine. I'll come." Remus said grinning.

"But first under you Marauders oath you must swear not to tell Dumbledore, the Ministry or any little girlfriends you have hidden around here." Sirius said, peering round the house expecting to see someone appear.

"I promise." Remus said.

"Good." Harry grinned. "Now listen, Sirius Black and Harry Potter, the Marauder's of the roundish table reside at Castle Prankalot." He grinned. "Think of that as we Apparate. The name was Sirius's idea."

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