Draco had been withdrawn and quiet since that conversation with Harry. He had written to his mother asking about Lernaean Alphard Malfoy. She had written back denying everything, but Draco wasn't stupid and could tell from the smudged scripture, tear marks and unusually un-tidy writing that his mother was crying as she wrote the letter. His mind was in turmoil, his father had never been a very family orientated person, only showing any sign of affection when it portrayed him in a good light to the public, but he would never guess his father would willingly sentence his own child to death just for being a squib. If that's what being a pureblood was, turning your back on your own flesh and blood, Draco wasn't sure he really wanted to be one.

Sitting on his bed with the curtains drawn around him Draco cursed many names, Harry's, his mothers, his fathers, his own, but most of all he curse the name Voldemort. If it hadn't been for him Draco would have grown up with a big brother and friends. Draco had never had friends before, just people his father though it would be beneficial for him to know. But he could have been friends with Harry, his thoughts drifted to what he knew of Harry, his dark but not evil attitude and tendency not to judge unlike so many other wizards.

Harry could read people well Draco realized. For years he had been having doubts about his family's standing and views, and since second year he had had some amount of non-malicious feeling towards- no it was one thing to admit Harry was okay, but to admit it about her. How did Harry know though?

"What you thinking about, Malfoy?" Draco looked up to see the First Muggle born ever to be accepted into Slytherin in the process of sitting down and spreading out her homework across one of the tables. Draco groaned. Why did it have to be her? Why did it have to be Granger?

"None of your business, Granger." Draco spat bitterly, even he was surprised at the venom in his voice.

Hermione's eyebrow arched dramatically. Draco was stunned, though having been in Slytherin for such a short time all of Potter's little band had adapted brilliantly, from the scathing comments to the unimpressed facial expressions. "Now, now, Draco. I was only asking. Thought I might be able to help."

Draco's eye's narrowed. "And why would you want to help me?" he asked suspicious.

"Because you have potential. If only you stopped with this pureblood crap." she walked towards him. "I'm going to give you a chance though. You're going to the ball with me, understand?" Draco nodded his eyes wide in shock. Granger was telling him what to do? "You are going to be civil and polite, you will not embarrass me and you will be the gentleman we all know you can be." Draco was looking at her his mouth wide. "The words you are now looking for are 'yes ma'am."

"Yes Ma'am." Draco said, unable to say anything else. He watched as Hermione tossed her hair back and walked out of the Common Room. The blonde blinked. 'What the hell had just happened?'

Harry smirked as Hermione exited and he took off the mild Compulsion Charm he had placed on her. He smirked as she looked amused, horrified and ecstatic all at once. She rounded on him. "HARRY JAMES POTTER. HOW DARE YOU! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?"

Harry smiled. "Simple, for starters you fancy the hell outta the Ferret, you needed a kick in the right direction to take control of him if you were to have any chance of a lasting relationship and did you see his face-" and with that he dissolved into laughter.

Hermione's mouth twitched. "Thank you Harry, I can't believe you did that, though you'll have to show me how to behave like that with him."

"I didn't tell you to behave like that; I just put a compulsion charm on you to ask him to the ball, the way you did it was all you, 'Mione."

"Julie, about the ball. I was wondering, since Harry's going with Tonks and Hermione's going with Draco, would you like- that is-" Neville stuttered. He looked up across the room where Julie was talking with some of her year mates. "Bollocks."

"You know, Nev you and Julie are practically dating anyway," Neville looked up to see Harry lounging on a sofa, Neville was sure he hadn't been there a minute ago. "There's no way she'd say no to you."

Neville looked at his friend. "You think so?"

Harry smirked. "I know so."

"You're really getting into this whole matchmaking thing you're doing aren't you?" Neville chuckled. "First Hermione and Draco and now you're aiming me at Julie. Why?"

"Dunno." Harry shrugged. "You're all my friends; you deserve happiness as much as I do. Now I just need to find someone for Fred, George and Remus."

Neville rolled his eyes. He then looked up at his friend. "Have you looked at the egg yet?"

"Nope. Can't be assed at the moment. I think I'l wait till after Christmas, give the others a chance." he smiled. "I'm nice like that."

"Aren't you being a little over confident with these tasks, Harry?" Neville asked. "I mean I know you're powerful but aren't you being a little cocky?"

"Well," Harry offered a smirk that Snape would have been proud of. "I am a Slytherin now."

"You were a cocky wanker beforehand." Neville informed him, grinning at the mock hurt expression on Harry's face. "What are you doing for Christmas? Going home? Staying at the castle?"

Harry snorted. "There's no way in hell I'm staying in the castle. Going to stay at the cottage in Hogsmeade with Paddy, Moony, the twins and Tonks. Depending how things go at the Yule Ball Tonks wants me to go meet her parents on Boxing Day."

Neville's eyes widened. "You're meeting the parents? You and Tonks that serious then?"

Harry sighed. "Yeah, part of me feels like I'm betraying June, but another part of me tells me this is what June would have wanted."

The two feel silent. Suddenly the Common Room door opened and Draco walked through, Pansy Parkinson behind him.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOURE NOT GOING WITH ME?" the dog faced girl screamed at the blonde boy, who just smirked back.

"Sorry, Parkinson, I've found someone better than you." his eyes briefly met with Harry's who winked at the Slytherin Prince.


Draco stood up to his full height and walked over to the girl. "Listen and listen good Parkinson. You are nothing but an ass licking slave. You think your father or mine cares about your happiness? As long as it makes them a cute little sum of money they don't care about who they whore you out to." he took a breath then spoke again this time his voice a harsh hiss. "I don't care what your father thinks; I don't care what mine thinks. He's a shame to the House of Malfoy. There is more to life than Blood. Like family, friends, loyalty and magic."

Malfoy walked over to Harry and Neville. He offered his hand to Harry and the two clasped hands, Harry stood up and gave Draco a brotherly embrace, Draco then stood to Neville and did the same. Draco turned to Pansy. "My father is nothing but a slave, a bitch to Voldemort. I spit on him and those who serve the self-proclaimed Dark Lord. I've chosen my side Parkinson." Draco then cast his eyes around the Slytherin Common room and at the other occupants. "I would suggest the rest of you do the same. At this moment Voldemort is a decrepit cripple and Dumbledore has twenty years left, if that. Harry Potter and the Grey is our future, think about that as your so called master tortures you into submission to lick his boots."

Draco turned and smiled at Harry, just as Parkinson raised her wand. "Cru-"

"Impactum!" a voice roared from behind her.

Parkinson was smashed from behind with such force she flew forwards and smashed through the glass table of the Slytherin Common Room. Standing behind her was Hermione, her wand smoking slightly. She smirked at Pansy, as the girl looked dizzily around.

"Don't you touch him, Bitch." Hermione hissed. "I need him fit and healthy for the Ball." she marched forwards, grabbed the front of Draco's robes and brought his lips to hers. Oblivious to the stares of a Malfoy, the epitome of the Pure blood stereo-type kissing Hermione Granger the first Muggle Born Slytherin brought home what had just happened. Behind them Harry Potter hid behind his book a smirk playing on his face as the revolution begun.

"Welcome officially to the Grey side Draco," Harry grinned at the blonde. "We have cookies."

Draco looked confused as the others chuckled; Hermione squeezed her new boyfriend's hand and smiled at him.

"Draco, we look after our own, it's fairly obvious that your father will have heard about what just happened, if not already then very soon. He will in all likeliness come up to the school yell, attempt to punish you and probably disown you." Harry told Malfoy. "That is where we come in. You're one of us now. We will be right there with you when you see your father, we'll stop him from punishing you and if Sirius and Remus are doing their jobs right now there is no way in hell he can disown you and kick you from the Malfoy family." Harry smirked at Draco's stunned face.

"H- How? Father is the Head of the Malfoy family." Draco told them.

Harry smiled slyly. "Yeah, but we can change that. You can change that. What do you know about the Malfoy family?"

"We originated from France, immigrated to England during the French revolution, Two Generations after that the Head of House, Gradius Malfoy fell in with the fanatical Purebloods of the time, and since then the Malfoy name has been a name for Purebloods to fall behind. We've had four Dark Lords in the Family and one Light Lord." Draco recited from memory.

Harry clapped. "Not bad, but after some research, after I called the life debt in my third year, I found out more. Did you know that to enter the Purebloods elite back then you had to sign a contract entitling you to your name and estates?" Harry pulled out a ragged piece of Parchment. "Basically it says you lose all rights if you follow or become servant to a member of the lesser bloods. In other words Muggle-borns, Creature blood or Half Bloods-"

"Like Voldemort." Neville smirked. "I like it."

Draco smirked. "I think I'm getting you, Potter. But continue just so I know we're on the right page."

Harry grinned. "As you know if a member of the family breaks a contract they are technically disowned and all money, titles and possessions goes to the heir. You." He cackled. "Tomorrow before your father gets here you will have the contracts to call your father out on the broken oaths, effectively kicking him out of the family and then before he knows what's happening you sign another contract withdrawing the Malfoys from the elite Purebloods, getting you out of the same deal by you following me or dating 'Mione. And in two strokes of a pen, your father is a nameless shumck with nothing and you are Head of the Malfoy house and own everything your father presently owns."

Draco's mouth had dropped. "You're evil, Cane. I can see now why people follow you; your plans are so crazy they work, one thing's bothering me though."


"You've been planning this since Third Year?"

Harry grinned and nodded. "Yep. Dumbledore isn't the only master Manipulator, but at least I'm doing it for your good as well. Think about what you get. Money," ticking off his fingers. "Fame, power. And you get the girl." he ended pointing at Hermione.

Draco couldn't control himself he burst into laughter. He was just starting to see what he had let himself in for by signing up with Potter.

Lucius Malfoy was not happy. He had been enjoying an old Goblin made wine when Patrick Parkinson made an appearance through the Floo, his old friend, business associate and second cousin was in a state of towering rage, clutching at a piece of parchment.

"Patrick? What's wrong with you, man?" Lucius asked, standing to greet the man. "You look like someone just tore away your magic?"

"Nearly as bad, someone just made it clear they were intending on breaking an oath to my family." Patrick thrust the letter at the blonde. "Read."

Lucius took the paper.


Draco has done the unthinkable; he has left me, making it perfectly clear what he thought of me, he then found solace in the arms of the mudblood Granger, a friend of Potter's. Draco seems overly friendly with Potter, Longbottom and their crowd of mudbloods and blood traitors. Please do something, I love him.

Your beloved Daughter


Lucius looked up blinking. "Are you sure this is serious and not some lovers tiff?" Lucius asked. At Parkinson's deathly glare he swallowed. "We, along with our wives will go to Hogwarts tomorrow morning, it is within in our rites as parents to demand to see our children, and something must be done."

"Agreed." The two shook hands.

At nine o clock the next morning the Malfoys and Parkinsons appeared in the fire place at the Hog's Head pub in Hogmeade, and marched up to Hogwarts in silence. Having sent word ahead the Headmaster and Severus Snape were waiting for them on the front steps.

"Lucius, pleasure to see you." Dumbledore greeted jovially. "Haven't seen you in a few years. Might you tell me just why you are here, and with the Parkinsons?"

"Headmaster, the reason we are here is between my son, his betrothed and our families, it has nothing to do with you or your staff." Lucius bit back scathingly. "Now if you please where is my son?"

Harry, Draco, Neville, Hermione, Julia and the twins were lounged about the Slytherin Common room. Harry looked down at his watch. "Any minute. Now!" he pointed at the door and as if on cue the procession of Dumbledore, Snape, the elder Malfoys and the elder Parkinsons walked in.

Pansy who had been sulking in a corner brightened as she saw them and ran towards her parents. "Mother, Father." The two hugged their daughter while the rest looked over towards Harry's group, all of whom had vicious smiles of their faces.

"Draconic Malfoy, what do you think you're doing with those Blood traitors and Mud-bloods." His father spat. "Come here now."

Draco smirked. "I don't think so. You see Father, my new friends have pointed something out to me, something that had you bothered to check would have helped you prevent what is about to happen."

"And what do you think is about to happen? Because I'll tell your disownment from the family Malfoy." Lucius sneered.

"Oh there's going to be a disowning, but not mine. You see my friend Harry, is quite the strategist and master planner. He worked it all out even before he and his friends were in the Noble house of Slytherin." Draco smiled, "He was raised by the Marauders you see, a group I'm sure you remember from your days at Hogwarts. He was also taught by Vampires, Goblins and some of the dodgiest immoral politicians in the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. Harry, if you may?"

Harry stood. "Of course Draco old boy. Lord Malfoy. On behalf of the New Lord Malfoy and by default the Malfoy line I hereby banish you from the family name. The charge is the direct violation of the second law of the group known as the Pureblood Elite. By bowing down and following an illegitimate master you had forfeited all rights to call yourself Malfoy." Harry grinned at Lucius's bafflement. "In other words by bowing down to the half-blood monster known as Tom Riddle AKA Lord Voldemort you've lost your family name, your properties, your estates and your monies, all of which go to your heir once he has proved he is not following your example, which he has. In short, he turned to Draco, ALL HAIL LORD MALFOY."

"Y-You can't do this, my Goblin solicitor won't allow it. Not without the proper documentation." Lucius pointed out.

"Which," Harry smiled, "I've sent to my dear friend Goblin Master Kill Joy, along with the proof that your Solicitor has been paid under the table from you for years. When you get home, and I use that term lightly you should find various documents. Expelling you from the family, giving you a set time you vacate the property taking with you only personal belongs that don't belong to the family oh and notification of your divorce." Harry turned to Narcissa. "You should find a certification of your Divorce and a once in the life time opportunity to re-join the Black by seeking out the Head of the Family Black, do this by means of Gringotts."

Harry clapped his hands together. "I will of course be happy to help Lord Malfoy if you wish to take this to court as I am sure I can walk rings around any second rate lawyer, which is all you can afford right now."

"In otherworlds, Father," Draco spat the word. "I don't wish to see you again unless you're serving me in a shop or bar or begging for money in the street." He then turned to the Parkinsons. "I wish to terminate all contracts, marriage or otherwise with the House of Parkinsons, if your daughter persists in perusing me I will press charges for harassment and you've seen how cruel my lawyer can be."

Lucius sneered. "Well played Draco, well played. The Dark Lord will make you pay for your betrayal and-"

"You really are stupid aren't you Lucius No-Name." Harry chuckled. "Not only did you pretty much openly declare your allegiance with Voldemort in front of Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter, you won't be able to buy your way out of Azkaban this time." He lowered his voice to a whisper. "You have no money."

"And," he started again after a pause. "Do you really thing that Voldemort will go out of his way to break a penniless wandless hobo from Azkaban? I don't think so; he's more likely to kill you."

"I'm not wandless, and –" Lucius pulled his wand.

Harry pulled his wand waved it, promptly disarming the blonde. Harry caught the wand and snapped if over his knee. "Now you are. Oh and add assault of a minor to the list of charges against you. Isn't it fortunate I know several Aurors and asked them to be here this morning?"

Tonks pulled her invisibility cloak off, followed by two other low level Aurors. "And you're helping three low level Law enforcement officers make a name for themselves. I think the term you're looking for is, you're fucked." He turned to Draco. "And you're going to be bloody famous, I see the Prophet headline now LORD MALFOY REPLACED BY SON WITH HELP OF HARRY POTTER. Not only are you uber powerful you're now associated with me, a known light, well light-ish wizard."

They watched Lucius be led out by the Aurors and Tonks, who threw a grin and an air kiss his way, and then Dumbledore lead the Parkinsons out with a crying Pansy. Snape stayed behind.

"Well played, Potter." Snape told Harry as the others took Draco aside to celebrate." Well played."

"Thanks, Professor. Not bad for my first few weeks in Slytherin"

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