Prettyinpinkgal: Love this anime. If there was ever a time I wanted to cry during an anime, it's during NTHT and Air (and Clannad; Fuko's story kinda made me tear up). I had originally typed this as a oneshot, but it grew to be so long that I've decided to post it as several "chapters", if you can call them that. I won't really say "Enjoy" for this story, but I hope that you find it to be an intriguing look into Sara's mind.

Disclaimer: I don't own a thing.


It had been an ordinary day.

She had been walking to pick up her father, as she always did.

The cars behind her had stopped.

A leaf had stopped its descent.

The wind had suddenly halted.

And then came the machines.

The men had called her Lala-Ru. Who is she? Sara had wondered numbly.

It took them exactly twenty seconds to grab a hold of her and transport her. In those jumbled moments, a cold woman said, "I've finally found you, Lala-Ru. You're coming with me."


She did not know.

Her screams hurt her throat.

This world was terrifying. Or was it the same one as her own?

They herded her through a hallway. Finally, she entered a large, darkened room.

They pushed her forward, and she shuffled in a straight line, too numb to do much else.

Her foot came into contact with something; as her eyes adjusted to the light, her profound horror increased tenfold when she identified the object as a dead cat, with its eyes wide and unseeing.

Will that be me?

A man's voice, which was almost hauntingly jolly, greeted her.

"Hello, Lala-Ru! I'm so pleased you've finally arrived! Abelia, turn on the lights!"

"Yes, King Hamdo."

She had heard her voice before--had Abelia been with her the entire time?

The king's face seemed normal enough, not hardened like the other men's. Yet there was something frightening in his countenance. She felt herself back away.

And then the nightmare proceeded to worsen.

First came his stare.

Next came the widening eyes.

Third came the trembling.

Finally, he spoke.

"Not--You--Lala-Ru--No--A--Be--Li--A--" A hysterical sort of laugh bubbled forth from his tightly grinning mouth. "This--isn't--Lala-Ru! This-isn't-Lala-Ru! THIS ISN'T LALA-RU! NOW WHERE IS SHE?!"

"I-I'm sorry, sir. We thought we had the right girl--"

"SHE'S NOT LALA-RU!!" He proceeded to rant and rave, then demanded to know if Abelia had seen a blue pendant on her. His subordinant replied in the negative, saying she had mistaken the purple pendant to be blue from the distance.

Then Hamdo focused in on her.


She opened her mouth tremblingly. "Who-who is that?"

"I need her...I need her very badly. Do you understaaaaaaaaand?" he asked as he walked toward her. Her feet were frozen to the ground.

Then the beatings commenced.

She was scared.

This dark cell she had been given, consisting of only one window, was hollow and darkened, like she was now.

She wondered if time had resumed in her world. She knew she must be in a different world--how else would people know how to stop time? Who else from her world had heard of a place called Hellywood, as the soldiers had addressed it; of a king named Hamdo, whose insanity consisted of frightening violence; of a girl named Lala-Ru, who was so desperately wanted for whatever reason?

She saw the sun set outside. As the rays in her cell grew smaller and smaller, so did her hope of leaving, of escaping this monstrous place. The rays trailed away from her face, and she grew frightened again.

"Wait--come back--" she whispered, gingerly reaching out a hand and attempting to catch the sunlight, her hope. "Come back! Don't GO! Don't LEAVE ME!"

Her screams were for naught, for night came soon after, and there was no moonlight to cling to.

Her world was now entirely dark.