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Kazam was now one month old. Abelia, who had slowly become integrated with the Zaribars, called for Sara. "Kazam's crying again. I'll watch the other children for you."

Sara nodded, and paused only to watch a small smile appear on Abelia's face as the kids tackled her and begged her to play. Sara grinned as she watched the scene.

She glanced at her stomach and sighed. "One month since his birth, and I'm still fat." One more good thing about staying in this world: She didn't have to worry as much about her appearance.

She walked into the nursury, where her baby reached into the air, sobbing. She scooped him up expertly and bounced him a little. "There, there, hush your crying. Everything's going to be fine."

She sat in a rocking chair, which one of the men had made for her. "Hush Little Baby" was one of Kazam's favorites, but Sara thought she'd try something new.

"Mommy made a new lullaby for you, Kazam," Sara whispered in an excited tone. "Do you want to hear it?"

The baby's tears subsided just a bit when he heard Sara begin to sing.

"Always, all the time,

I will be watching over you.

Sleep peacefully


We have gotten used

To getting hurt

In this world you were born

And I gave birth..."

Sara stopped singing, gazing down at the infant who had fallen asleep. Yes, it was a sad song, slightly containing her pain that she had experienced almost a year ago. Yet it wasn't too much of a sad song, she felt. Its tune contained some hope.

She laid the baby down, rubbing his head gently. She turned to the window then, gazing up at the sky.

For a moment, she thought she could see Lala-Ru smiling.

However, just like that, the image faded. Shu had said that she might come back, and Sara decided she would treat the not-quite-human girl differently should they meet again.


She had visited him a couple times before Kazam had been born. He had been ecstatic to see her, in typical Shu fashion. However, his optomistic eyes held a bit of hurt, no doubt due to the memories Sara reminded him of. Still, he welcomed her with open arms. Though she had only seen him a few times, the two were very close friends now.

She had visited America as well. Her parents needed to know she was alive. They deserved to know. Once Zaribars had been repaired to some degree and the dead had been buried, once their lives had started anew, Sara had gone to see her parents using the machine in Hellywood. Of course, they had been thrilled and relieved to see their daughter, but it was obvious they did not believe her story. It was not until a couple of hours had passed when they saw the new maturity in their daughter. She had always acted older than her age, more like a big sister to her classmates than anything, but this was far different.

Despite her age, she had truly grown up.

Her mother began crying when she found out Sara was pregnant. Her father looked ready to kill the man who did it. It was not until Sara told him, "He's already dead" in a quiet voice that the two truly believed her tale of kidnappings and murder, of rebellions and of a young boy, a girl of water, and a large woman who had risked everything to save others, and managed to save the world.

Sara hadn't been to see her parents in quite some time. She felt uncomfortable everytime she visited the United States. Such naivety, such innocence did it possess. Countries in Africa were experiencing what her new world had faced, and yet many civilians knew not or ignored such events.

Sara sighed as she continued to gaze out the window. The kids were playing with Abelia, trying to get her to be their horse. The once proud, noble head of Helywood's army conceded defeat and got on her hands and knees while kids piled on top of her, telling her to "giddy-up". Abelia managed to laugh, even.

Sometimes, she thought of Kazam. What had his story been? Was he happy now? She had met him briefly only a handful of times, yet she knew that he had truly cared about him.

If only they had met under different circumstances.


She was called out of her daydreams when one of the kids called for her. "Come play with us!"

She glanced back at her sleeping baby, kissed him one the head, and went out.

She would look back. She would always pause and remember the horrors and goodness she had faced. But she would not drown in memories of the past. Not when she had a present to love and a future to look forward to.