Teddy, the Annoying Ghost.

Description- Teddy's back, and this time with a NEW purpose in mind, and hes not leaving till the job is entirely done. Spoilers for 'The Hero in the Hold.'

Disclaimer. I dont own Bones, and if i did, Brennan and Booth would be, like, married, right about now, lol. I only own my plotlines and charecters.



Booth's alarm clock rang in his ear at 6 A.M on Saturaday, and he was sure as hell not ready to get up. He tossed over, slammed his fist on his alarm clock, and tossed back over.

"You know, Sarge, you really should wake up. Early bird catches the worm.."

At that statement, Booth's eyes shot open, and he jumped right out of his bed. He landed with a thud, and a slight 'Dammit!' under his breath.

"Good God, Teddy! Why the hell are you on my bed at 6 in the morning? You are supposed to be dead, remember? You are supposed to be resting in peace"
Booth massaged the hip he had fallen on and glared at the 20 year old ghost.

"Sorry, Sarge. Didn't mean to scare you, its just, the Big Guy in the sky won't let me in until I fufill my life on Earth." Booth glared at him again and crawled back in his bed.

"What the hell are you talking about 'fufill your life on Earth?' Your dead. Your time is up!" Teddy shook his head.

"No Sarge, my time wasn't up. I wasn't supposed to die." Booth raised an eyebrow at him.

"What? You weren't supposed to die?" Teddy shook his head.

"No. I was supposed to die of Lymphatic Cancer in 2037."

"How would you know that?" Booth raised an eyebrow at him.

"I've been to heaven. I'm a Catholic too, remember? I talked to the Big Guy, but he said I had to 'Fufill Life on Earth.' Easy task, complicated to understand. So thats why I'm here, on your bed, at 6 in the morning."

Booth began to think he was hallucinating, so he lay down again.

"Alright Teddy, you do that, but I think your a hallucination. I was up late last night and am lacking sleep, so I am going to catch some more Z's."

"Who were you up late with Sarge? That lady-partner you mentioned on the ship?"

"Yes, I was up with.." But before he could finish, Teddy grinned.

"Way to go, Sarge!" Teddy punched him in the shoulder. Booth rolled his eyes.

"No, not like that, Teddy. We were working on a case."

"Of love??" Teddy raised an eyebrow at him.

"Teddy! That's enough Bones and I are just partners!"

"You call your lady-partner 'Bones'? How come?" Teddy looked at Booth funny.

"She's a forensic anthropologist, so I respectively call her Bones." Booth glaced at his alarm clock. 6:15. Damn. He needed his sleep.


"Yes, Sir?"

"I'm going back to sleep. I need my rest, and then you can bother me some more. Kay?"

"Yes, Sarge. Night. Uh? Mornin'." Teddy flicked his hand and walked out of the room Booth lay down and pulled the covers over his body and drifted into sleep.


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