Teddy, the Annoying Ghost

Chapter 16- Mission Accomplished

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"Perotta!" Brennan was still wiping tears from her face, even after twenty minutes of straight crying.

"Brennan, I'm sorry but, he's..." It took all of her will power for Brennan to stop the mass amount of tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

"Spare me, I know. I just came over here to tell you that I'm going over to the Jeffersonian to work on the Limbo bones. I can't take this, just being here, Perotta."

Brennan dabbed a tear from her eye. This was so unlike her! Perotta looked the sad woman up and down, watching as she trembled from hearing the words that her partner, or was it more? , had just died.
Perotta leaned forward, much to Brennan's surprise, and gave her a large hug. Brennan clumsily returned the favor, not sure of what was going on, but the sympathy was much needed.

"Thanks, Perotta."

"Look, Temperance, I'm sorry about Booth. I really am, I shouldn't have gotten in the way. I hope that you will get some rest tonight, though.."

"Oh, I won't be up for too much longer. Work helps me relax..."

"Okay then. Good night, Tempe."

"Good night, Peyton."


"Teddy, where could she be?" Booth had covered more miles of pacing on tile in twenty minutes than he had on the treadmill in the past month.

"Patience Sarge. Patience. She'll be here." He sounded like a small child. He had asked that at least a hundred times..

"But, when? ITs been what? Two hours?"

"Twenty minutes! Impatient, are we?"

"I'm just anxious."

"And impatient." Teddy tsked at Booth's behavior. Booth began to tap his foot. He kept going to the railing that overlooked the first floor.

"You know, I should call her.." Booth instinctively reached for his pocket. He patted around, feeling only his leg. The asshole who had kidnapped him stole his cellphone!

"Or not. Dumb Jeffersonians phone lines are turned off after midnight. Shit, shit, shit!"

Booth groaned. Then, it was like magic.

The front door opened. An exhausted but beautiful brunette with blue eyes to kill for walked through the door.

It was her!



Brennan opened the Jeffersonians main door.

It was like a dream. She had thought she heard some talking, but her sleepy brain ignored it completely, Then, as her beloved nickname floated through the air towards her ears, She realised she wasn't alone.

She looked up.

But he was dead? They found the shirt, the blood. He was topless, his nose a bit crooked and bloody around the sides. She didn't care. He was alive!

It was him!

He was okay! He was alive!

She saw her opportunity for a second chance, and she wasn't going to miss it, no matter what logic told her.

She loved him, and that was all that mattered.



She looked up at him when he called to her. She looked confused and sad. She must have realised it was him, because then her entire face lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July. She called back to him. She bolted across the lab to the stairs. He ran down those stairs as fast as he could, and met her in the middle. She threw her arms around his neck and they met in the middle for a deep kiss.

Hiroshima didn't even come close to the explosion of passion that happened when their lips touched. It was surreal.

Brennan let her hands explore his bare neck and back. She felt the old burn marks, and now the new ones. He flinched from the pain, then disregarded it. She touseled his hair, and tried to use as little oxygen as possible. She didn't want to leave the warm haven of his lips.

Booth had his hands on the small of her back. He smiled against her lips.


Not wanting to break the kiss, Brennan mumbled against his lips.


"I love you."

She smiled against his mouth, then pulled back to look into those chocolate eyes she had been missing for the past day.

"I love you, too. A lot."


"Glad to hear it, Bones. I love you a lot too."

He smiled his charm smile, which Brennan quickly ended with a kiss.

"So, what happened.." Kiss. "To your nose?" Kiss.

He turned slightly red.

"I.." Kiss. "Ran Into'..." Kiss. "A mirror." Kiss.

She pulled back and started to giggle.

"You what?"

Long kiss.

"I ran into a mirror. I thought it was a door."

"Why did you run. You would've gotten there eventually.. That wasn't very rational of you." Classic Bones moment. Booth chuckled.

" I was excited to know I was closer to you." He kissed her again. She smiled, then got stern again.

"Why did you leave the funhouse? Why not stay there?"

"I figured you were here. I didn't hear sirens or anything when I left."

"Oh, well, I'm glad you came here. Its a nice 'Welcome Home' gift."

"Glad you like it Bones." And he kissed her again. And again, And again. The world seemed to stand still.

It was magic.


Teddy whooped and hollered.

This time, It was real. The passion was there, the fire burning bright.

He felt something inside him heating up, like butterflies in his stomach. He began to glow.

As he floated up, both partners turned to face him. Booth smiled at him.

"I'm happy for you , Sarge. You too, Miss Brennan."

He waved and vanished, exploding into a big ball of light.

Brennan and Booth waved and smiled, still in a close embrace.

"That was Teddy, wasn't it, Booth?"

"Yes it was. Seems like his mission is accomplished."

"I'm happy for him. I wonder if I'll ever be able to see him again.."

"I don't know, Bones."

But both partners heard the wind whisper to them.


They smiled.


Brennan woke up the next morning with a Booth in the buff by her side. She smiled at last nights memories, and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, kissing him to wake him up.

"Hrumph, uh.. Bones! Its early! I didn't get much sleep last night!"

That was very true. They had made love to the sunrise.

It was now noon.

"Booth, its noon. Lets get dressed and get some lunch. I'm hungry!"

"Alright..." Booth grumbled. His stomach followed. "Lets go. I want some pie."


"Thanks, miss." The waitress giggled at the sight of Booth's charm smile.

Booth hungrily dove into his hamburger, looking more like a famished hyena than a human being. Brennan laughed.

"So, do you know who kidnapped you, Booth?"

"You mean ADULT- napped?"


"No earthly idea."

"They had to have known you personally."

"Where did you get that from?"

"They knew you were scared of clowns."

"I know who it is!"

"You do?"


"Well, who?" Brennan didn't know what was going on in that gut-inspired mind of his.


"Jared? Why him?"

"He was close to Heather, probably had access to all of her supplies, he knew I am terrified of clowns, ,he knew I was dating, well, fake dating, you, and he lives not too far from that funhouse.."

"Does he suck at poetry and riddles?"

"Terrible! Flunked his Writing class in college."

"Jared it is."

"He didn't say he was the black hole, did he?"

"He did. What does that have to do with anything?"

"When we were young, I always wanted to be an agent, and Jared was 'The Black Hole'. My action figures would go missing and would never be seen again. He said what goes in, don't come out. He would make me pay up my allowance and cover up for him when he got in trouble."

"OH, its definitely Jared. But, why nearly kill you?"

"He wants you back. He didn't nearly kill me, either, though. Just frightened me. Just like when we were kids."

"Okay. We have motive, and strong evidence to suggest it was him. Lets arrest him!"

"Easy Bones. I think we should let the other agents figure it out. I want to talk to him later." Booth chuckled.

"Well, invite me along. I want to beat him up for doing this to you! It was irrational!."

"I'll be sure to do that, Miss Rational Bones."

"I have to let the squints know you are okay, though."

Booth looked at her in shock. Did she just say 'squints'?

"Wow, you've smudged off on me!"

"Rubbed off, Bones, rubbed."

"I love you." She said, all stern and serious, unlike last night when she was kissing him senseless.

"Well I love you too, Bones." He smiled.

"No. I'm serious. I can't explain it, but I think I am in love with you. No, that's not enough. I think we should get married, that's about how much I feel that way. Its not something I can put into words.."

"Easy, Bones. Marraige doesn't come after a first date.. It takes time."

"We've known each other for five years. I mean, we've gone out together how many times? And we had sex last night. I'm ready for a commitment."

"Bones. We have to slow down. We have a great thing going. I don't want to spoil it. How about this, If you wait six months, I'll propose. Or, if you get pregnant before that, I'll propose. Deal?"

"Booth, we are going right back to my apartment. Now." She had a look in her eyes that was just so seducing. She really wanted to get married. It was so strange coming from her lips. It was stupid cute. It was weirdly amusing. It was...

Unlike her.

"Bones, do you really want a child?"

"If it means being with you."

"Just wait. If you really love me, you'll wait."

"Okay. I'll wait." She smiled and leaned across the table to plant a sweet kiss on his lips.

"But six months is so far..." She whined

"I know. But you'll enjoy it more in the end."

"Why not get married now?"

"It'll take me six month's paychecks to pay off the bill for that ring...And start a fund for that wedding."

"I love you." She was all smiles.

"You know, going back to the apartment sounds good right about now."

"Lets go, Booth, I mean, Honey." Cheesy grin.

"Really, Bones? Really?." Charm smile.

"Really, Booth. Really."


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