As Takuya pushed his way through a crowd of students, he had a sudden 'deep thought' which came out of nowhere.

For some reason, he just hadn't felt his usual jocular self lately. He had no idea why because nothing in his life had changed lately.

He was just... bored. Apathetic. Jaded.

But what could he do about it?

He continued to ponder this question as he walked to the lake that was next to his school. He ate his lunch here with his friends. Today, he was alone.

He was going to skip rocks across the lake until there were no rocks left on the ground... the ground was all gravel.

"Would anybody miss me if I stayed here all day?" He asked himself. He plopped himself down when--"Shit!"

He sat on something that wasn't the ground. He picked up whatever had made his butt hurt to look at it.

It was a worn, light brown leather book that was tied with a ribbon. In golden calligraphy letters, the words Diary were etched onto the cover.

Takuya wondered whether or not he should open it--just to identify the owner of the book--but then thought that it might be an invasion of privacy.

So he decided to read only as much of the diary as it took to figure out whom it belonged to.

He carefully untied the purple ribbon that kept the book in place and looked at the delicate handwriting that filled up the pages.

"Woah." The diary smelled ashy and woodsy like autumn leaves. It smelled nice. "It smells strange."

I am a nice person.

No, really, I am…

It's just that I have to be perfect, and it's not easy to be perfect.

"Perfect? Whoever owns this is weird," Takuya muttered, but his curiosity was piqued. He was about to turn the page to see the second entry, when a voice called his name.

"Takuya!" Zoe ran up to him, her cheeks looking rather pink.

"Hey, Zoe," he greeted. Zoe took a few seconds to catch her breath. She had probably been running.

She looked at him with apprehension in her eyes. "What iz zat you 'ave got zhere?"

"This? I don't know. Somebody's diary, I think."

"A diary?" She asked, worriedly.

"That's what I just said. Do you know who this belongs to?"

"Si," she said, still looking mortified. "It belongz zoo my friend. Zhe told me zoo look for it."

"I'll return it to her 'cause she's probably really mad it got lost. So was it Kari or Yolei?"

"Oh no, I zhall give zee diary back zoo her. I zee her in zee next clazz anyway," Zoe explained, taking the book out of Takuya's hands.

"Zoe, our next class is English. I have that with you, too. I can give it to her there!"

"Don't worry about it Takuya!" Zoe exclaimed, keeping a vice grip on the diary. "Did you zee anyzhing?" she asked, edgily.

"I only read the first entry. Wait a minute. Isn't that your ribbon on the book?" Takuya asked, slowly.


"It looks exactly like the one in your hair."

"No it doezn't."

"Yes it does."

"No it doezn't."

"Yes it does."

"No it doezn't."

"Yes it does."

"Okay!" Zoe snapped. "Forget it. Juzt let me give zee book zoo her."

"Okay," Takuya said, shrugging.

"Grazie, Takuya," Zoe said, smiling widely. "Later!" The blonde practically ran away from him.

Takuya watched her run away with a warm and mushy, but not unpleasant, feeling. Then, he felt something soft in his hand. He looked down and realized that Zoe hadn't taken back the purple ribbon that Takuya took out to open the diary. I need to see her again. And life wasn't that boring anymore.

a/n: the title translation: Flawless: Ribbon on a Diary. this is part of another bigger story called "The Zoe Diaries". its on if you wanna read it. its my favorite story ive written!

disclaimer: digimon frontier is not mine.