AN. The first of my seven one-shots for GhVi week. Theme: Lust. This is for the Videl-Gohan club on DA, but I hope they'll accept it being posted on here. Enjoy!! XD


Kami, he wanted her.

Watching her train in the late afternoon sun, her short hair matted down with sweat, her loose shirt clinging to every intimate curve of her body, the lithe movements of her limbs. She was stunning, a beauty no human had ever known, and he could watch at his leisure.

Reclining back on the soft grass, his eyes slowly tracing the lines of her muscles, filled with a feeling so deep and primal he barely recognised it as his own. He was usually gentle, kind, considerate, but when he saw her like this all of that was swept away and he wanted to clutch her to him, to crush his mouth to hers, to tear off her clothes and...and...

He shook his head sharply, a flush rising on his cheeks as he sat up and drew his knees up to his chest. Typical human reaction, he knew, but his Saiyan genes probably didn't help. Looking at her was like looking at the full moon, and he felt his body change and his reason shrink to a tiny, tinny voice in the back of his mind that was drowned out by the roar of his instinct.

He could feel his tail (a strange occurrence, not unlike phantom limb syndrome, which all Saiyans who had had their tails amputated suffered through) twisting through the grass behind him, coiling around in agitation. If it had been there it would have looked like a snake having a seizure, but as it was it was an uncomfortable tingling almost deepening to itching that didn't help his state of mind at all.

"Gohan-kun, come spar with me!"

Son Gohan looked at her, her eyes flashing with determination, the fierce set of her face, then glanced down at his lap. When he spoke his voice was a little choked, but his smile and wave felt natural enough.

"Give me a minute, Videl-san. I just...need to rest. You keep training though...if you want..."

She stared at him, frowning a little, then shrugged and returned to sparring with air, moving her body through a routine of attacks, twisting her torso and snapping her fists and feet out. Gohan watched her, willing his body to settle down and eagerly devouring her with his eyes at the same time, his tongue running over the sharp ridge of his teeth, his phantom tail alternating between lashing at the grass and twining around his waist.

Oh Kami, she would be his one day.

AN. There! It's not very long...please forgive me. I hope you enjoyed it :D