AN. And now, last and (possibly) least, we have pride. I wanted to do something like the first one (you know, kinda introspective, but from Videl's POV instead of Gohan's, not in the same scene of course but following the same basic writing style) but no matter how hard I tried it just didn't happen for me. I was very upset, but I'm okay with how it turned out...kinda...

Once again, this is the order they were written in:

Lust - Wrath - Greed - Sloth - Envy - Gluttony - Pride

The ones underlined are the ones I'm surprisingly proud of... Be kind when it comes to the other ones; I'm not totally sold on them yet XD

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"Hi, Videl-san."

Her shoulders drew up defensively as she halted. She turned and forced a smile on her face, lifting her eyes to meet those of the taller boy in the hall behind her.

"Hello, Gohan-kun."

He looked down at her, then frowned. There wasn't any anger in his face, he just looked confused and a little hurt. This sent pain through her, but try as she might she couldn't make her smile more genuine.

"I...I was wondering if you wanted to come over this afternoon," Gohan said. "Goten-kun's been asking after you the past couple of days now; he's wondering why you haven't been over." He hesitated, Videl could see the thought going through his mind before he added, "I've been wondering..."

This also hurt a little, but Videl viciously flung the pain to the back of her mind where it wallowed, sending out thoughts like, How could you be so cruel? and Look at how hurt he is! She ignored it as best she could and kept her eyes guilt-free as she looked up at him.

"I've been busy," she said shortly.

"Oh..." He lowered his eyes, his frown melting away. He wasn't smiling though, and that sent more hurt spiralling through Videl's gut.

It was this more than an actual want to that made her say, "I'll stop by this afternoon. If Goten is really missing me."

"He is." Instantly a wide, luminous smile burst out on Gohan's face, not totally banishing the guilt she felt but diminishing it a fair amount. "You can make it yourself, of course, but if you want I'll fly with you, right?"

She almost grimaced, but reigned the emotion back just in time. Instead she forced her slight smile to widen.

"I'm fine getting there myself. Thanks, Gohan-kun."

Hurt flashed into his eyes once more, but he smiled and shrugged a little.

"Okay, see you there."

He turned and walked away. She watched, her smile falling away, her shoulders slumping. He was hurt by her coldness, she knew it, but she couldn't be warmer to him, not in her current state of mind. She was too confused, too surprised by the depth of the emotion she felt, to think clearly. And that meant that she pushed him away, because he was the cause of her confusion.

She had some serious thinking to do before the afternoon.


The day dragged by. As she flew towards the fields near Son Gohan's house she berated herself harshly for how long she'd been putting this off. It didn't prove she was weak to admit it, she knew that. But at the same time whenever she saw him the words locked up inside her and no amount of willing could make her release them. Procrastination, a girl's best friend.

She touched down in the field and was immediately tackled by a orange blur. She took a step back to steady herself, then put her hand on top of the small boy's head.

"Nee-chan, I missed you!"

"Missed you too, Goten-kun," she said, lifting her eyes. Gohan was standing just a little bit in front of her, smiling widely, relief in his eyes. She saw by that emotion that he hadn't expected her to turn up, and this was solidified by Goten's next statement.

"I didn't know you were coming today. If I'd known I'd've brought my proper training gi."

Videl didn't push the fact that the boy had only one sort of gi on him. He was like any child; he had probably developed an attachment to one particular gi and labelled it his 'proper training' one.

"Hi, Videl-san," Gohan said, almost shyly.

"Hi, Gohan-kun."

"It's...good to see you..."

Goten pulled away from Videl and looked between them, confused. Videl didn't blame him; they were acting very distant to each other, and if even this innocent, overbearing child could tell then it must be painfully obvious.

"I'm gonna go get my gi," Goten said finally. He turned up to Videl, grinning. "Don't go away, nee-chan. Kay?"



She couldn't help the smile that touched her lips. "Promise. Don't be long."

Goten's grin widened, and he turned and sprinted back through the forest towards his house. Videl and Gohan were silent for a moment, then Videl tried to speak.

"I'm...I'm sorry, Gohan-kun..."

"It's alright," he said, and she saw that he really believed it. How could he, when she had been such a bitch?

"It''s just... You know... There's... I..."

She trailed off. She couldn't say it. Her pride wouldn't let her. To admit this vulnerability to him, to show even a hint of the weakness he instilled in her, was unacceptable. She wouldn't do it.

He was looking at her, his wide, innocent eyes sparkling, his mouth curled up in a gentle smile. She lowered her head and shrugged.

"Never mind..."

There was silence for a moment, then Gohan's hands were on her shoulders, drawing her closer. She hadn't even heard him approach, but when she swung her head up he was right there in front of her, still smiling kindly down at her.

"It's okay, Videl-san," he murmured. "I love you too."

And then he kissed her, a gentle, fleeting kiss on her lips that made her entire body warm. There had been no vulnerability in him as he had said those words, no weakness. He had shown her how much she meant to him, and had not lost anything of his own.

And because of that, when he pulled away, Videl looked up at him, her spine straight, her lips curled up, and said, "I love you, Son Gohan."

And, pride be damned, she felt much, much better.

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