This is my first fan fiction so I hope you like it. And just to add, I do not own the Naked Brothers Band, iCarly, or Moody Faces. You'll understand later. Enjoy.

Chapter One: You're So Random

Rosalina looked down at her black wrist watch and groaned. Great... now I'm fifteen minutes late for band practice. She continued hurrying down the busy street to the Wolff's apartment.

This is what I get for keeping a journal. She thought to herself. Once again she had been pouring her feelings out onto paper, not taking care to check a clock until it was already five minutes after ten.

She probably wouldn't have been so concerned about certain band member's reactions (David, Thomas, and Qaasim) if this had been the first time she had been late this week. Rosalina had already been late on Monday, Thursday, and now Saturday.

One of the many disadvantages to being late, was getting the "it's okay" speech from Nat, while everyone else got a "don't let it happen again" speech. It wasn't that she didn't like the kind words from Nat, she did. It was just that, she hated the annoyed glares she got from the guys when she was late and Nat didn't give her the ticked off frown that he gave everyone else.

As Rosalina approached the front door, she raised her wrist up to her face to check the time again. Shoot! Twenty minutes! Rosalina wasn't sure who she wanted to answer the door. In one part of her brain, she was begging for any Wolff family member other than Nat. But in a part of her heart, she was hoping it was the handsome thirteen year-old.

Rosalina timidly knocked on the door, prepared for the worst. Behind the closed door she heard two voices yell "I'll get it!" and then pounding footsteps. More shouting, a loud thud, and a closet door slamming shut. Finally, after all of the commotion, Alex appeared at the door, grinning as though he'd just won a battle. Or more accurately, a race.

"Hi, Rosalina," said Alex.

Several "you're lates" could be heard from behind Alex. Rosalina blushed slightly. "Hey, Alex," she replied sheepishly.

Suddenly, Nat emerged from the hall closet, looking disheveled.

Gosh, why does he have to look so good even when his hair's all messed up and his shirt is wrinkled? Rosalina thought to herself with an almost undetectable sigh.

After giving Alex a "thanks a lot" glare, Nat looked at Rosalina and smiled. "Hey."

"Hey. Sorry, I'm late… Again." Rosalina said as Alex let her in to the apartment.


"Okay, so what are we working on?" Rosalina cut off Nat. She walked over to her usual place by Nat's piano and started getting settled.

"We've been waiting for you to get here so Cooper can tell us his news," David said, putting his Gameboy away.

Cooper began speaking once he had the whole band's attention. "Okay, so the news is that all of you are going to be competing on this game show for their Valentine's Day special, and-"

"Which game show is it?" Alex interjected.

"You're So Random."

"I am not!"

"No, sorry, the show is called You're So Random, because every week it changes its prizes and how the competition works," Cooper explained.

"Oh yeah, I've seen that show before. Last year's Valentine's Day special was hilarious," added Qaasim. "The two girls competing for the date got into a fist fight! And they showed it all on TV!"

"Sweet," said David, exchanging a devious smile with Thomas.

"Hopefully that doesn't happen this time then since the other players are all other celebrities, and the last thing the band needs is bad publicity," said Cooper.

"How does it work?" asked a previously silent Nat.

Cooper handed each band member a sheet with all of the rules of the challenge.

You're So Random V–Day Special Description & Rules

Fourteen young celebrities will battle it out to the end to win a date. Our seven boy contenders will participate in various challenges against each other and our girl contenders will also participate in challenges but the boys and girls will never be against each other. After each challenge, the female and the male that came in last place will be eliminated. After six rounds, the last female and male left will reveal their identities to each other and win a date to the restaurant of their choosing.


1. All celebrity competitors must wear their disguises at all times during the competition except during interviews.

2. Boy competitors may only reveal their identities to other boy competitors.

3. Girl competitors may only reveal their identities to other girl competitors.

4. The couple that wins will be required to go on the date for our follow up episode.

5. Male and female competitors may not talk to each other between challenges with or without their disguises on.

6. When you're on camera, either look like you're having fun, or look like you're going to kill your other competitors. Nothing in between.

7. No destroying studio property.

8. No arguing with the host.

9. Follow all rules.

Snacks, beverages, gum, and complimentary Moody Faces will be provided.

Female Challengers Male Challengers

- Allisyn Ashley Arm -Jake T. Austin

- Aria Wallace -David Levi

-Savannah Stehlin -Alex Wolff

-Rosalina Dimeco -Nat Wolff

-Miranda Cosgrove -Thomas Batuello

-Selena Gomez -Qaasim Middleton

-Demi Lovato -Nathan Kress

"Okay, I've got a couple of questions. First, what the heck is a Moody Face?" asked Alex.

"I believe it's one of those stress relieving dolls that you can squeeze and basically beat up if you're really stressed out," said Cooper.

"How stressed do they think we're going to get?" asked Nat. He set the rule page down on top of his piano. "It's just a game show."

"Yeah, I mean isn't half of it staged anyway?" Thomas asked while rereading the sheet.

"Actually, no." Cooper wiped a smudge off of his glasses with the gray cleaning cloth that came with his eyeglasses. "The show wants all the raw drama and realness it can get. You know, to boost their ratings."

"Then this should be interesting," observed Rosalina.

"How come?" Nat looked over at Rosalina. It would be so awesome if I could win the date with Rosalina.

"Seven girls being set against each other? Do you realize how competitive girls get when they're trying to win a guy's heart? Yeah, this could get ugly," Rosalina kept her eyes on Nat the entire time she was speaking even though Nat had already shifted his gaze down to his shoes.

"Cat fight!" Thomas and David both shouted at the same time.

Unfortunately, Rosalina was wrong. You're So Random's Valentine's Day Special wasn't about to get ugly. It was about to get hideous.

There's the first chapter. And in case you were curious, Allisyn Ashley Arm is Zora in Disney's new show, Sonny with a Chance, Aria Wallace is from the Roxy Hunter movies and is also Mandy in iCarly in the episode iAm Your Biggest Fan, and Savannah Stehlin plays Patty Dontzig in Bad Moose Rising on Hannah Montana. I had to figure out how to include Alex in the competition with all of the other girls being like five years older than him. So after deciding I couldn't just take him out, I tried to think of shows that had younger girls on them and those were the three that came to mind. Ironically enough, all three of those girls are twelve and in this, Alex is like ten, ten and a half, so I figured that that would make it make more sense as to why Alex was allowed on the show.